The Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing Review – Best Beginners Resource

TITLE: The Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing Secrets from the Orvis Experts
AUTHOR NAME: Orvis team (Edited by Tom Rosenbauer)
SCORE: 4.5 out of 5

INTRODUCTION: The Orvis Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fly fishing.

It provides easy-to-follow advice of things such as knot tying, cast performing, habitat, watercraft.

It also covers trout feeding and techniques on fly fishing for other species (like steelhead, largemouth bass, bluefish, stripped bass, permit, bonefish and more) both in freshwater and salt.

AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR?  Although targeted at newbies just learning the craft of fly fishing, every angler will find something useful in this book.

The information on different locations and species will make a great addition to any library.

The book assumes that the beginner has already purchased a fly rod, reel and fly line and starts with casting techniques.


Although written by a group of fishermen with limited writing backgrounds, they do possess keen fly fishing instincts and a love for instructing and sharing tips and advice. (more…)

Trout From a Boat Review

Dennis Moss has many years of experience in the tackle trade when he co-founded Wychwood Tackle with Bruce Vaughan. He is also a well-established writer for Trout and Salmon magazine and brings forth many years of experience onto the page. Dennis decided to write a book after many discussions with his fishing buddy Vaughan Lewis who goaded him into putting pen to paper and we are grateful to Vaughan for that. So to find out more please continue to read this trout from a boat review.

Trout From a Boat Review

Trout from a boat is divided into four parts;

  • The Practicalities of Boat fishing
  • Reservoir Trout Fishing
  • Wild Fishing
  • Outstanding Days Boat Fishing

Part one describes the basics of boating including types of boat and how to handle them, how to drift correctly, using the anchor, using the drogue and boat safety. Also included in this part is information on fly lines and leaders, using the correct hooks and choosing the right fly for the job which is all good advice for any angler never mind a beginner. (more…)

Henry Gilbey Ultimate Fishing Adventures

100 Extraordinary Fishing Experiences From Around the World

Henry Gilbey fishing adventurer, self-confessed fishaholic has been a TV presenter on shows like “Fishing with Henry” and DVD’s like “Bass Fishing“. He also is an accomplished photographer and writer for many fishing magazines like Catch Magazine and Sea Angler. Henry is now also a published author and his latest work Ultimate Fishing Adventures has recently hit the shelves.

Ultimate Fishing Adventures

I received my copy a couple of weeks ago and have spent many an evening since reading through the pages and looking at the lively action photos. This book really catches the imagination of any angler be it from sea to freshwater from fly fishing to lure or bait fishing the book has something for everyone.

As you flick through the pages and read about far off destinations you can imagine yourself standing in that fishery hooking into the fish that are described. My only problem is getting the time and money to go and fish these marvelous destinations.  We can all dream though can’t we.

As the title states the book is divided into 100 destinations with two pages for each one which are arranged with text and photos. On the left page there is a small map and some information on the best times to go, fishing methods, getting there and tips and tricks.


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