Fly Fishing Unleashed Review

Years of research before writing

Fly Fishing Unleashed is the work of William Carter, a full-time fly fisherman with many years’ experience. Currently residing in the UK, William learned all his techniques while living and fishing in the United States. William wrote this book after years of gathering information while fishing alongside his mentor, John.

Although now unable to fly fish, John still sparks excitement in William as they discuss new tactics and fly fishing equipment. Benefit from their experience in these easy-to-read in e-books.

Full of simple tips

The main e-book is divided into several sections and has an easy to understand everyday language that all fly fishing anglers can understand. There are many insightful tips from knowledge gained and a lot of secrets that will help you catch more fish during the time you spend on the water.

These tips are so simple you will wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. The techniques are not difficult and any beginner can learn them in no time and be catching trout and fish like the professionals.

This e-book is divided into sub sections on water types, strategies, casting, gear, etiquette, and secrets. This book is full of pages with good advice and all anglers will find something of interest.

Seven bonus e-books

But that’s not all, as there are SEVEN BONUS e-books that come with the package. With these you are getting topics on fly fishing for trout, bass, panfish, nymphing techniques, knot tying, reel maintenance and emergency tactics.

Within these you will find out how to fish different types of water, what gear to purchase, how to cast in difficult places, how to examine the natural food source and decide if the water is fish-able. One of the things beginners often do is fish areas that do not hold fish and waste hours catching nothing.

With these tips you will know when to move on and not waste your time and so improve your catch rate and your fun factor.

Whats in the Pack

Fly Fishing Unleashed RRP $47.95

7 FREE Bonus e-books

  1. Fly Fishing Knots Made Easy RRP $24.95
  2. Nymphing From Novice to Expert RRP $29.95
  3. Better Fly Fishing For Bass RRP $24.95
  4. Better Fly Fishing for Panfish RRP $24.95
  5. Better Fly Fishing for Trout RRP $24.95
  6. Emergency Fly Fishing Tactics RRP $25.75
  7. Fly Fishing Reel Repair RRP $21.95

Total RRP = $225.40


Learn to fly fish like an expert.




years of experience from professional anglers

useful tips and advice

thinking outside of the box

“special secrets section


The books are aimed at beginner to intermediate anglers if you are further advanced you may not get the full benefit of this series. Although I would say for the price tag there are still some great nuggets of info for experienced anglers too. I learn’t quite a bit myself.

Get more from your fishing


There is a full 60 day money back guarantee on these e-books.

Value for money? The estimated value of this entire e-book package is around $200, which to me seems a bit steep.

However, if you consider the bonanza of tips and good practices you will learn, the value is readily apparent.

Amazingly, the package is offered, not for $200,

but only for $29.95.

“That makes this deal a genuine steal“.

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