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Rods on Rivers Review

Have you ever thought about fishing a different river than your local fishery? I know I have and in fact I did and have fished a few rivers in the UK, Ireland and was lucky enough to get to fish the Yokanga river in Russia and maybe I will write another post on that adventure at a later time.

Well if you have thought about it what is your next step? How do you find fishing, do you go to the travel agency, do you check with your local tackle shop? You could in fact do both but I have another solution. All you have to do is logon and register an account with Rods on Rivers and search through there large listings of rivers to fish.

Rods on Rivers Review

After logging in your account go to the Find Fishing tab and this will open up a search form to search the data base for fishing. You can choose by country, rivers, species, dates fishing type and any combination of these. This gives you a great way to choose a new destination.

When you have hit the search button the results will be shown below in a list with a small description of what to expect. Just click on the image or species required to get a new page with detailed information on the river you have chosen There are also more tabs with information on recent weather, prices, availability, catch data, and testimonials.

There is also a gallery tab which shows recent fish caught on that river. All this information is geared to give you great detail so you can make an informed choice when deciding on which river to try. You can also search a map of the world which will pop up icons of fisheries from your search and clicking on them will give more details as before. This is a good way to judge distances, for instance if you don’t want to travel too far you can search your local or national map.

There is also a favourite tab so you can store searches that looked good or you have fished before and save them to come back to easily at a later time.

The site also has the option to sign up and Sell Fishing so if you are the owner or worker on a particular fishery and have dates available to sell you can open an account and sell your fishing. There you need to build a page for selling your beats from and there are tools to do this on the site. There is also a FAQ section and a help section for anyone having difficulties.

Other items on the site are a classified section where items wanted and for sale are shown including second hand tackle. The site also has its own blog were a collection in informative and interesting articles have been posted for your reading. A good place to visit during the winter months when dreaming of future adventures.

I found the site really helpful when looking for fishing and has loads of information on rivers I had not even heard of. If you are looking for an adventure next season then I would check out Rods on River website for an interesting change.


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