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Fly Fishing Lines Explained – A Guide for the Beginner

The Fly Fishing Line is a lot thicker than traditional monofilament fishing line. To get your fly out into the water in an attractive gentle method takes practice and some skill. These can be learned but the fly fishing line is critical to the cast, get it wrong and...

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How to Choose a Fly Line – Some advice for beginners

There are many fly fishing lines on the market today made by many different manufacturers. If you do a search on Google you will come up with hundreds if not thousands of lines. For a beginner, this is an overload of information and can lead to an incorrect purchase....

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Fishing with a Fly Fishing Rod – A Beginners Guide

When I was a young lad aged ten years old I was given my first fly rod for my birthday. I was so excited I had always wanted to learn to fly fish and now I had the chance. I took out all the pieces and put them together in the back garden very carefully and loaded the...

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How to Set up your Fly Line – Beginners Instruction

How to Spool a Fly Reel in Steps. Now that you have hopefully bought your rod, reel and line you will need to know how to set up your fly line and put it all together so you can go fly fishing. [button link=""...

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How to Choose a Fly Fishing Reel -Tips for the Beginner

With all aspects of fly fishing there are many options and fly fishing reels are no different. First of all when deciding on a fly fishing reel it's first good to look at what type of fishing you are planning to do. Most of all we want a fly reel to match a rod setup...

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Fly Fishing Kits for Beginners

So you are new to fly fishing or thinking about taking up fly fishing. You have looked at magazines and seen the mountain of gear available and are completely baffled by what you should get. After all you don't want to spent a lot of money on equipment only to find...

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Beginner Fly Fishing Tips

Can Stock Photo As a beginner there are loads of things you need to learn to become a better fly angler. Apart from the initial setting up of your fly rod there are a list of things to consider to make your learning a bit smoother. After all what we want to do is...

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How to Trout Fish with a Fly Rod – Part two, the rod.

So in the last post we talked in general about trout fishing and what equipment is required to start off as a beginner. Now we shall go into more depth in each area so you can better understand the sport. In this post we shall discuss the differences in makes and...

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How to Trout Fish with a Fly Rod, the Basics!

Trout fishing is a great pass time and I find even better when using a fly fishing rod. Fly fishing is the sport of casting a fly using a fly rod out onto the water. This is different than fishing with a spinning rod, bait rod or jerk rod as flies are tied using fur...

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