Redington First Run Fly Fishing Vest Review

The best fly fishing vests are easy to come by if you are knowledgeable on the available designs, types, and most importantly your special features to consider before making an order.

We have done in-depth research on this Redington First Run Fishing Vest since it falls on our best list. Redington is an all-round tackle company that manufactures equipment, gear, and apparel for fishing.

The company has a passion for the outdoors which is the steering force for designing apparel with very practical features so that you can also enjoy it too.

Mesh vests are superb when the temperatures begin to rise steadily. With all the agility, perspiration is something you can’t avoid. It gets worse if you are dripping with sweat all over yet you still have a few hours left before you wade out.

The First Run Fly Vest is the right gear for such days. Available in ochre colour and in a variety of sizes, you will love how well it fits especially if you select the right size.

Unlike the adjustable designs that often run too small or large, the manufacturer allows you to compare your measurements alongside those on the sizing chart to be sure of what you are buying.


Redington First Run Fly Fishing Vest

NRS Chinook Fly Fishing Vest PFD Review 2019 – A Blend of Safety and Storage

‘’Drowning.’’ The thought of it makes many tremble in fear. What if you drown and there is nothing or no one to your rescue? Death. Advancement in technology has seen a few manufacturers producing safety jackets, life jackets, and PFDs like the NRS Chinook Fishing PFD. This personal flotation device is the single most vital piece of outdoor safety gear.

Especially when fly fishing or kayaking. As this one plays a major role in safety gear, with anglers in mind it doubles as a great fishing vest. Honing in on a good fly fishing PFD that is a blend of safety and storage can be daunting with the wide variety available in the market to choose from.

It is easy to get away with any PFD of your choice as long as it fits well and has certification by the US Coast Guard. You need to know that most of the personal flotation devices are majorly for recreational boating. Their downside is that their inactiveness and limit of freedom of movement. You know you need flexibility and maneuverability to cast a rod or paddle a kayak.

Investing in the right fly fishing PFD is well worth it, it doesn’t matter if you are a serious angler or not. Usually, there are five categories of PFDs and the Chinook falls under the ‘TYPE III PFD’. This means that the wearer gets a full range of motion when casting or paddling.



Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Vest Review 2019 – Classic Look, Upgraded

You are all psyched for your next fly fishing trip. You have a fully functional fishing outfit, a pair of the latest fancy glasses, a high-end carrying case, and maybe the best boots that money can buy. Do you think you are set? Certainly not. There is so much you are missing.

A storage system that will carry all your gear and equipment is as important as that expensive wader, a pair of sloggers or waterproof pants in tow. Something good like the Orvis Clearwater Vest is what you need. Though many anglers may look at it as a silly purchase that your old uncle or grandpa has, it remains as useful as ever.

The best news is that nowadays, these fly vests aren’t your grandpa’s style anymore. They are more performing, fully functional and better than ever. If you doubt if they can take your angling experience to the next level, please try this one from the award-winning Orvis. Orvis scooped about three awards in the 2017 IFTD.

Among them are best men’s wading boots, best women’s waders, and best women’s outerwear. The company has been doing exceptionally well since its launch. Some of their other quick selling fly vests are Ultralight Vest and Orvis PRO Vest.



Lixada Fly Fishing Vest Review 2019 – Practical Flotation Solution

Whether you are by the shore, kayaking or battling the rougher waters, you will be needing a good life vest that will couple up as a storage option you can count on. One like the Lixada Fly Fishing Vest is an excellent choice that you need not ignore.

Obviously, the most important thing when picking a fly vest is to consider the fit and storage system. Other features like safety to protect you when you go overboard are a few to take a keen interest in. For life vests, there are those designed for casual or extreme kayaking. The likes of the NRS Chinook and Lixada will do well in extreme kayaking and for avid anglers.

Like Nike and Adidas, Lixada is a company that is scaling the heights in the outdoor sporting industry. This manufacturer’s dedication to offering the solution to discomfort and performance when hunting, running, fly fishing, cycling or swimming is incomparable.

The young team of professionals is on the front line to provide premium quality products to their consumers. They are open to customer feedback to help grow and improve their products. As you enjoy sports in any Lixada product, you get to maximize convenience, comfort, and style.



Autumn Ridge Traders Fly Fishing Vest Review 2019 – Traditional Favorite

‘’Most of the current fly fishing vests are ugly, bulky, and boring to wear. I rather do without them.’’ Complained Louis looking frustrated. ‘’Give the Autumn Ridge Traders Fly Fishing Vest a try and get back to me after the first session. If you regret this, you’ll have a tot of the oldest whiskey on me.’’

Said Brandon. This is soothing enough and for sure it was the greatest savior for that fly fishing session. Louis had to buy the tots though. What do you expect of a bet that he lost? Straight to it. This Autumn Ridge Fly Vest is the real deal when you are looking to balance aesthetics, class, and functionality.

Many anglers ask why it is important to purchase products like the fly vest from Autumn Ridge Traders. Any angler regardless of the skill level must have a fly vest on when on water. It might seem like an ordinary outfit for angling but it does more than the ordinary.

As it protects you from a few incidents that could occur whilst fishing, it is another layer for warmth when the weather gets dull, and keeps all your items closer. This fly vest is designed with an abundance of pockets. You will need quick access to your tools, gear, and accessory.

It takes a lot of time to wade out of the water and get what you need. The disturbance to the water during such movements will chase easily spooked fish away. Better to have your tools, flies and tippet with you. 



Adjustable Mesh Fly Fishing Vest by AnglaTech Review

Product Features


The Adjustable mesh fly vest is a fly vest you can trust, rip stop materials, 2 waterproof pockets, and adjustable side straps for comfort.

Build Quality

Materials are of a strong quality to aid the lifetime of the vest, well thought out construction with anglers in mind.


There are many vests on the market for twice the price and not nearly as good or comfortable.


Overall, we have to say this vest is worth more than the actual price that we see it on sale for.


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