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What to Know When Buying a Fly Fishing Reel

A fly fishing reel is a vital part of your fly combo and tackle. Different manufacturers have developed various types and styles of fly reels to offer the best experiences on the water. When purchasing one, you need to choose the correct reel for your fly fishing needs. Knowing your angling needs is the first

To Start Fly Fishing What Gear Do You Need?

A novice angler will require a fly fishing rod and fly reel, a fly line and a set of flies as the basic tackle to get started in fly angling. Of course, there are other necessities, but you can’t do anything without the vitals. Unlike sports like Equestrian and Formula 1 which can cost you

Is Fly Fishing Better than Normal Fishing?

Are you a regular fisherman/woman or a fly angler? One of the most heated debates in sport fishing is fly fishing versus regular fishing. There are a lot of discussions surrounding the two, and if you have been in the fishing community for a while, you have gotten caught up in one of them. Most

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