Best Fly Fishing Combos 2018 – Beginners Buying Guide

Fly fishing kits in the world of fly fishing are a great addition for those who want to take up the sport. There are many ways of getting gear throughout your lifetime as an angler one of the easiest ways as a beginner is to buy a fly fishing outfit.

These combos usually come with your fly fishing rod, a fly reel fully loaded with backing, fly line and leader. Some outfits come with extras like fly boxes, a selection of flies, possibly sunglasses and maybe a few tools like nippers, forceps and attachments for your vest.

As a beginner working out what fly rod to buy what weight of fly reel and what fly line to use and then match all these together so you have a balanced outfit can prove to be very daunting. It is much easier that you buy from our list of best fly fishing combos.


How to Choose a Fly Fishing Reel -Tips for the Beginner

With all aspects of fly fishing there are many options and fly fishing reels are no different.

First of all when deciding on a fly fishing reel it’s first good to look at what type of fishing you are planning to do.

Most of all we want a fly reel to match a rod setup and if we were fishing on a small river using an 8 foot 4 weight or 9 foot 5 weight rods then we need a fly fishing line to match and when we need the line to match we need the reel to match also this means we get a nice balanced outfit.

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Best Fly Fishing Reels 2018 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Introduction to Fly Fishing Reels

Many people out there assume that when purchasing their first fly fishing rod, they should go all out and buy top of the range and then pinch pennies on other fly fishing gear. Many of them think the fly reel to be the least critical factor of their fly fishing gear and I for one would agree to a point.

They’ll sing the praises of a high – quality fly rod with great features or argue with no end in sight about the great fly for a given day, while simultaneously arguing that “any old fly reel will do”.

Even though getting a good quality fly rod is critical, buying the proper fly reel to match the robustness, toughness, strength and flexibility of your fly rod is equally as important as the fly rod, if you have the desire to catch anything.

best fly fishing reels


12 Best Flies for Winter Stillwater Fly Fishing

As mentioned in a previous article stillwater winter fly fishing can prove to be challenging. To help assist us in getting more takes from trout that are feeding we need to incorporate some flies that are better suited to winter fly fishing. In this post we find out about those patterns that prove to be better during the winter months.

Winter stillwater flies how to present them.

In winter fly fishing trout will normally be swimming very slowly and not inclined to chase after lures or flies very well. In this instance we have to slow down the retrieve and how we present the flies to the fish. If you can see trout feeding or cruising try to cast in front of them and draw the fly past their path. This way you will induce more takes. Half the battle is getting the fly within a close distance to a cruising trout. Next we look at the best patterns to use. (more…)

Installing a Fish Finder on a Kayak

Fishing from a kayak brings many advantages over traditional boats. Kayaks are small, very maneuverable, and can float in even the shallowest waters. Additionally, collapsing kayaks can be separated and carried by hand or even in a backpack, enabling fishermen to easily travel overland in quest for the best fishing spot. In any case, kayaks are not known for having the capacity to accommodate a great deal of extras. The restricted on board space, not to mention the single body and closeness to the water, mean that attaching any accessories is somewhere close to difficult and unimaginable. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean that a fisherman should abandon utilizing a fish finder to enhance his fishing knowledge, only that he should pick a fish finder suitable for the job.

benefit from any of its more advanced features.

Mounting a fish finder permanently, or even semi-permanently, on a kayak is difficult at best. While the absolute modern kayaks do incorporate a mounting point, most don’t. Additionally, most fish finders require an external power source, usually a 12V battery – something that doesn’t exist on a kayak. Along these lines, before considering the installation of a fish finder, it is important to discover one that is suitable for mounting on a kayak. (more…)

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