6 of the Best Fly Fishing Rods on the Market today

Selecting the best fly fishing rod is among the crucial tasks an angler has whenever they want to buy angling gear. It can be overwhelming because of the terminologies, styles, designs, and variety today. I have been fly fishing for decades and sampled countless fly fishing rods, but I will pocket my expertise today. Today’s

How to Stay Warm while Winter Fly Fishing for Trout

Winters in most states are brutal as temperatures drop to the negatives. While others are huddling next to fires inside because of mercury-bottomed thermo readings, some anglers take this chance to get the best the season offers in their favorite spots. Adventure in the cold is rewarding, and knowing how to stay warm winter fly

How to Store Fly Fishing Rods Between Sessions

Everyone is reviewing these rods, but you will hardly find detailed information on how to store fly fishing rods on the internet. Unfortunately, if you all were to do your own, fly fishing rods would never serve you beyond a month. Good quality and high-performing rods aren’t cheap, and properly storing them ensures they are

16 of the Best Winter US Fly Fishing Destinations

Do you need a breather from winter activities like skiing and all that coach potato madness? It is time to challenge your tolerance and fun levels by going on an adventure to your favorite winter fly fishing destination. It can be impromptu and cheap if near you, but planning earlier will do you good if

What is a Fly Fishing Rod?

Fly fishing rods are fishing poles specifically built for anglers who fish using flies; they are like any other fishing rod in most ways but also quite different. Its broad manufacturing principle is similar to those of other fishing rods; however, some aspects and features make it unique to its fishing style, techniques and methods.

Where are the Best Fly Fishing Areas in Delaware

If you have devoured blue claw crabs before, then you know that they are delish. This is what Delaware is popular for. It also means that fishing is nothing less than fun and worth it for a fervent angler who can go out to the best spots. The pristine lakes are beautiful and rich in

Frequently Asked Questions on Tippets and Leaders

The fly fishing setup requires a fly rod, reel, line, and flies. These are considered primary pieces of gear but you need a leader and tippet material to connect the trout flies to the fly line before casting. In fly fishing, leaders and tippets offer almost invisible transitions from the anglers’ lines to their flies.

Loon UV Fly Tying Kit Review – Fly Tyers Dream

It is no doubt or secret that fly-tying resins have revolutionized fly-tying. For instance, the Loon UV Fly Tying Kit which primarily consists of three different resins has been getting immense attention on the internet and among anglers at their tying clubs. Over the past few years since its launch, the kit’s popularity has grown.

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