The sport of fly fishing has increased dramatically over the last 10 or 20 years. Materials used in the manufacturing of fly fishing equipment has become lighter, stronger and more durable and flexible.

With the introduction of these new materials fly fishing manufacturers have been able to incorporate them into their products making for a long list of the best fly fishing rods available on the market.

In the old days fly fishing rods were made originally from split cane which was very heavy very sally and quite difficult to cast. With introduction of fiberglass in the 1940s these rods became a bit lighter and more flexible and now with the introduction of carbon fibers again the progress for lighter and stronger materials better fly rods are being produced.

Apart from strength of the actual rod other aspects of the rod worth looking at are the reel seat which holds reel, the handle type, how the sections are joined together and the overall finish of the fly fishing rod.

When looking for a new fly fishing rod it is first beneficial to decide what kind of fly fishing you’re going to be doing.

There are so many types of fly fishing and not one rod will do all, there are some that will do a few but will go into that detail later.

For instance if you’re thinking of fishing saltwater for tarpon or striped bass etc or large sport fish then you will need fly rod that is weighted between 8 and 10 preferably.

If fishing for stillwater rainbow trout maybe a 7 weight would do and on a river you would go down to maybe a 4 or 5 weight as the river gets smaller.

It is imperative therefore that you try to decide on which of these areas you’re going to do the most fly fishing.

You can get a rod for instance for saltwater fly fishing what you could use on a river with a lighter line but that rod will not be properly balanced and will hinder your progress. It would be better that you purchased a second rod for the river with the correct weight.

As most people start out their fly fishing experience on a river we will work this post on a 9 foot 5 weight which will be ideally setup for fishing for trout in the range of 1-2 pounds in weight.

So for our 9ft 5 weight fly fishing rod what characteristics or features do we expect to see?

Most fly rods nowadays come as a 4 piece set up. That means the road is divided into 4 equal length pieces it makes it easier for traveling and that you can break the rod down easily to put into the boot of a car or take on an airplane. There are also some examples of rods out there called frequent flyers which come in 6 or 7 pieces again breaking the rod down even smaller for easy portability.

One thing I would say the more sections a rod has the more it affects the action because each join will affect the flex from the butt to the tip of the rod.

Saying that materials have got so much better nowadays that this is minimal and a beginner will not really notice a difference. It has been said that a 1 piece rod has the best action as it is made in one continuous piece but this is not practical in any sense.

I would say a 4 piece fly rod would be perfect for our example however you can get some two pieces on the market today and these are good because there’s only one joining section but I wouldn’t make the decision between a 2 or a 4 on price either would do perfectly well.

Next you’ll have the guides these are the little eyelets that hold the fly line up the rod typically you may have two at the bottom close to the butt which will have a ceramic disc which are called the stripping guides and take the most pressure while your stripping line in the retrieve. After that you will have several wire guides, these can be made from different materials with the top end products being very smooth which aid in casting speed of the line.

Not totally imperative but the guides can make a difference in casting distance.

Some manufacturers especially as you go up the quality will have a nice little line and dot setup at the joint so you can make the rod align nice and straight.

While lining up your sections and guides correctly will make the line move a lot quicker through the rod as you fish. However, your rod will be induced to torque from your casting and your guides may slightly move offline so it’s important therefore that you check this from time to time to keep them straight.

Next we have the reel seat. These come in a mixture of different materials the better ones would be of an aluminum based so they are slow to corrode and very lightweight. The reel seat would be incorporated into the cork part of the handle this cork will come in different grades the better. The grade triple AAA are the smoothest in your hand and will hold up to weathering better.

There are different types of handles mainly half wells and full wells this is more to do with the grip that your hand will have placed on it and it can be a personal choice I myself like the full wells.

It seems the smaller rods will have the half wells while anything over 6-7 weight will have full wells which also goes up further into double handed rods which we are not thinking of here.

The last part of the fly fishing rod would be the tube that it comes in, some manufacturers provide only a cloth bag while others will give you a cordura tube or an aluminum tube which is stronger again.

These are used to protect your rod while traveling to and from your fishing destination.

A rod left in the boot of a car just in a cloth bag can get broken very easily when other gear moves when traveling.

Although the carbon-fiber is particularly strong when flexing and casting fly lines and handling trout or other fish, however to get it knocked with something hard can cause slight damage that will then cause the rod to break while fishing.

Even dropping your rod accidentally on the bank side or in the bottom of a boat can cause a slight weakness that you may not see at the time but will damage the rod when it is next flexed.

It’s important therefore to be wary of the warranty setups with the different manufacturers some allow one year some five-year some have a lifetime.

Although some of these will say there’s a Lifetime on a particular rod they will still charge you carriage costs to get it replaced typically $30 to $40 to send the piece to you. That can be a lot cheaper than having to pay for a new rod though so worth checking out beforehand.

Warranty can make the difference between having a good product for a lifetime or maybe only a few years but if you can learn to look after your fly rod correctly keep it well protected while traveling to and from your fishing venues and also protecting it while you’re fishing.

Protecting while fishing just means watching where you cast and always being wary of bank side vegetation in your way or overhead wires etc always be in the lookout for hazards while you make the forward and back stroke.

If you learn to look after your rod well from the start it will stay with you during your lifetime of fly fishing I have broken many rods some through my own fault some through fishing. It’s not nice when it does but its not the end of the world either when it does as most manufacturers will have spare sections, you may be out a few dollars to get one but it’s cheaper than buying a new rod. The only downside to this if the rod is older sometimes spares are no longer available and you will have to go get another.

Best Fly Fishing Rods over $350 top range materials, power and flex highly finished blanks

So to our first section rods over $350. In this section we would expect to find good quality materials, lightweight rods with good accurate action. The rods will also have top grade cork on the handle and the reel seat will be light and string. Additional highlights are section alignment dots and the types of guides used. Also, the addition of a good rod tube will be provided.

1) G Loomis NRX Trout Fly Fishing Rods

  • Rod Spec – 9 Feet 3-12 weight 2.9 oz
  • Rod Action – Moderate stiff
  • Materials – High modulus graphite and resin combo
  • Guides – Aluminum titanium carbonitride coating super zip.
  • Number of Sections – 4
  • Handle – 6.75 inches, half wells high density cork
  • Reel Seat –
  • Tube – Aluminum
  • Warranty – Case by case but will do best to get a replacement to you

The G Loomis NRX series rods are what you want when you need perfect accuracy, line control and maximum casting range. When you pick up a NRX you might think this incredibly lightweight rod will not be capable of handling itself with a large trout.

Neither will you expect it to cast as accurate with incredible speed. Something you will notice immediately is the unique construction when compared to other rod manufacturers. The difference lies in the materials used.

G Loomis combined Nano Silica resins with high density carbon in their NRX range. This combination gives you an entirely different feel than what you are probably used to.

Incredibly sensitive, durable, lighter and at the same time stiffer than usual. You need to heed this warning though regardless of how much you like the look or feel of this rod. You must be an advanced caster or planning that you will get there soon.

I assure you once you cast with it you will practice until you are classified as an advanced caster. The main reason why it was designed for advanced fly fishing is its ability to cast into wind while remaining accurate and a long way too. On top of that would you be capable of handling a rod that comes with a lot of line speed too.

I do not recommend it for a beginner that is not used to fast action rods. Picking it up even before you hit the water you know you hold a crisp, light rod that will feel each vibration through the line, the fly and obviously when you hook your fish. If you are looking for a fly rod with excellent fast and accurate performance that’s gorgeous to look at, this one’s for you.


2) Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9 Foot 5 weight 2.9oz
  • Rod Action – Fast Action
  • Materials – Sintrix 440, 3M nano wrap mix
  • Guides – Silicon insert carbide SiC stripper and Titanium one foot recoil guides
  • Number of Sections – 4
  • Handle – Half Wells high density cork
  • Reel Seat – Aluminum with wood underlay. Double Lock nuts
  • Tube – Matt Grey metal tube
  • Warranty – lifetime for original owner

First off before going into the nitty-gritty, make sure that when you choose a Zephrus for fly fishing you need to be specific about the models.

For example, the FWS model is for Freshwater, while the SWS is saltwater and the AWS is all water. The initials make a big difference as the FWS is much lighter than the other two.

If you know Hardy rods, you will realize as soon as you touch or cast the Zephrus FWS that it is by far the most accurate and finest of their rods. Sintrix 440 resin is proprietary to Hardy which is a combination of 3M Nano-silica resins that produce a graphite rod that stands out from the rest.

The swing-weight of the FWS is incredibly light which might feel as if it will fly from your hands. You will find that short casts are not great though, while mid and long-range casts work perfectly. Especially at long distances you will find you can throw very tight loops.

Something you will love about the Zephrus FWS is that it is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

It handles fish unsurprisingly well and capable reeling in up to eight pounds easily even though you might feel a lot of feeling through your rod, you will not feel under-gunned.

You will love this freshwater rod that can handle windy conditions rather well. It is better suited for longer casting and would be better for an intermediate to advanced angler.

3) Orvis Helios 2 Series Fly Fishing Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight , 2.5oz
  • Rod Action – Mid to Fast
  • Material – Carbon fiber specially developed by orvis
  • Guides – Crushproof REC Recoil® guides. Titanium nanolite ceramic insert stripping guide
  • Sections – 4 Alignment dots
  • Handle – Half wells high grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Aluminum with burled wood insert
  • Carbon rod tube
  • Warranty – 25 years

The Orvis Helios 2 is light, strong, powerful, smooth and beautiful in design.

This fishing rod (Orvis Helios 2 series) has a proprietary material which is integrated onto the tip of the rod to enhance its strength and for a weightless impact. In fact it is 20% lighter and 20% stronger than the Helios 1 model a decent improvement by any standard.

The tapers on the Helios 2 Fly Rod are designed in a way that the fly rod transfers energy along a smooth curve.

Orvis Helios 2 series come with varied rod lengths however this review is for the 9ft 5 weight which is in 4 sections and has midnight blue blanks with accentuating wraps.

These fishing rods come with graphite reel seats with burled wood insert. The Tip-Flex construction of Helios 2 series provide great smooth performance and is a power house, well-designed that can handle any situation. 100% stronger from previous.

These extraordinary fishing rods also bring in Super-graded and modified full wells freshwater handles.

Helios 2 fly fishing rods are durable to throw in the back of your truck, but look stylish and cool enough to hang on your wall!!! These rods have Ultimate lifting power and show no compromise with durability.

Hold a Helios and you will realize that you are holding something special that is designed for you. The Helios 2 fly rod is precise, accurate and smooth as butter. No doubt that the Helios 2 series fly fishing rods are extremely powerful!!

If you are a fishing addict, give it a try to you will fall in love with it. Now with the Helios 3 released onto the market the price of these has come down and a good time to buy.

4) Scott Radian R905/4 Fly Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 2.8oz
  • Rod Action – Fast intermediate to advanced
  • Material – Unlike other rods scotts are not sanded leaving the natural look of the graphite this means no flat spots and weakening of the finish. ReAct and ARC technology
  • Guides – Snake Brand Universal radius feet anti corrosive self lubricating. Silicon carbide (SiC) rings are diamond polished to create the smoothest surface
  • Sections -4
  • Cork – full wells
  • Reel seat – anodized with wood insert.
  • Tube – Aluminum
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Line – Rio Grand or SA GPX

The Scott Radian R905/4 Fly fishing rod is indeed one of the best fly fishing rods ever produced, and we aren’t just saying that. Measuring in at a glorious and imposing nine feet long and available with a variety of optional colors for the backing and reel this stallion of a rod is sure to turn heads wherever used.

Don’t be fooled by looks. However, the R905/4 has the performance ability to back up all those pretty features. Due to its all-purpose five weight rating paired with a sensitive tip and powerful butt, this rod is capable of wrestling all sorts over any fishing distance.

Its composite resin frame is made to withstand the tremendous strain and has been engineered by the company with immense care. In fact the Scott company has such faith in their rod’s shaft integrity and quality that they offer a lifetime warranty with every rod.

To make things even more special, the R905/4 also has a pair of hidden weapons built right into her very bones called ReAct Technology and ARC technology. Designed to minimize vibrations and maximize torque respectively to conserve the user’s energy they both work wonderfully to make the rod feel less like a tool and more like a treat to both newbies and experienced fisherman.

If that deal isn’t enough to sell you on the work of art rods, Every Scott Radian rod is handcrafted in Montrose Colorado with cherry-on-top traits like Titanium frame stripping guides, custom reel seats made to include elder spacers, and imported Portuguese cork for the handles.

To maximize the effectiveness of the R905/4, several line recommendations are made by the Scott company for use with the R905/4 including Rio Gold, Rio Perception, and Scientific Anglers. With all the science and engineering involved however one simple fact remains, using this rod just feels right, so what are you waiting for? Get yours now!

5) Sage Bolt Series Fly Fishing Rod

  • Rod Length – 9 feet 5 weight
  • Rod Action – fast action
  • Materials – Generation 5 Technology
  • Guides- Fuji ceramic and hard chromed snake guides
  • Sections – 4
  • Handle – Half wells high density cork
  • Reel Seat- black anodized with rose wood insert for freshwater
  • Tube – black ballistic nylon tube and rod bag.
  • Warranty – Lifetime original owner

If you love fly fishing in relatively bad weather that includes strong winds you will not go wrong with the Sage Bolt. The Bolt uses the Generation 5 Technology that is the Sage trademark.

You need to be experienced to cast long distances in heavy wind while using an ultra-fast action rod. If this is you, then you will love it. You can expect very quick recovery with incredible line speed regardless of the distance. Wind, rain and demanding conditions are a breeze when you cast with a rod like the Sage Bolt.

While you might not need persuasion to spend any amount on a decent rod, you get a bargain with the bolt series. It is one of the best while still moderately priced. While it is still not cheap, you get a top of the range rod capable of great distances.

If you ask, who is it for aside from ideal when you do not mind the weather, the answer is simply; it is for anyone who loves a powerful rod without a beefy feel. It feels quite stiff when you handle it initially, but therefore it handles line so well. You will hold extreme line lengths in the air when you go extreme lengths for sure.

As an American-made rod you can know that it might become the go-to river rod used by American and Australian Anglers. Like the saying “orange is the new black” you can say the Sage Bolt is the rod for accurate, quick casting using ultra-fast action with a mid-range.

You will notice that it is a mid-range rod, but according to all reviews from seasoned anglers, everybody that used this bolt agree you can go extreme distances with it. Something notable of the Bolt series is that Sage caters for all waters with their unique numbering of the rods. While they are all nine-foot rods, they number their rods from 4 through to 8. The number six is excellent for chalky streams, while you will not go wrong with stormy seas, reef edges and strong winds with a number 8.

6) Hardy Fly Fishing Demon Single Hand Fly Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9 feet 5 weight , 3oz
  • Rod Action – Fast Action
  • Materials – Sintrix 330
  • Guides – Fuji Titanium Striper Sic, snake single leg
  • Pieces – 4 pieces
  • Handle Material – high-quality cork
  • Reel Seat – 6061 aluminum
  • Tube – custom aluminum tube engraved cap
  • Warranty – Lifetime to original owner registered within 60 days.

If you are familiar with Hardy rods but haven’t used the demon single hand fly rod yet, you will find it is different from previous designs. The Demon is redesigned for improved hand balance using one hand, much faster recovery, lightweight and strength is significantly increased too.

When you hold a Demon in your hand you can face a massive wind-swept lake to a smooth day out on the water. The fast action of the Demon allows you excellent flexibility in the tip when you cast but the recovery after flexing is almost immediate.

I suggest you are a talented caster when using this long-distance rod as it will give you increased control over the loops when casting back and forth using one hand. If you plan to get some casting lessons to master single-hand techniques with a fast action you will master the double-haul too.

Unlike other rods, this rod never bounces to upset line progress through the air. If you are less experienced, you might find the fast action a bit too quick to get your timing right especially when the winds are strong.

Even though few anglers compromise on price when looking at a decent rod, you will find that the Demon is the least expensive in the Hardy range.

While you will get away by casting closer you will definitely find the Demon Single Hand thrives when you haul the rod as far as possible. When you look at the online reviews of this rod I have to agree with everybody. It continuously gives you receptive and straight action landing exactly where you aim.

7) G Loomis IMX-PRO FW Fly Rod – 6wt 9’0″ 4pc

  • Rod spec – 9 ft 6 weight 3.2 oz
  • Rod Action – Fast-action
  • Materials – IMX-PRO MATRIC Technology
  • Guides – Fuji stripper guides single-foot snake guides
  • Pieces – 4 pieces
  • Handle Material – Full wells Cork
  • Reel Seat – Custom ported aluminum and wood insert
  • Tube – Cordura
  • Warranty – Limited Lifetime Warranty and the G. Loomis Xpeditor service

It might sound too good to be true, however, when you look at the IMX-PRO or use it once, you know you are looking at a PRO rod. It is one of the few rods on the market that were manufactured according to the specification of professional anglers. How can you go against that?

This is one of the few rods that even meet the demands of high-performance trout fishing aside from fly fishing. The material or technology used in the IMX-PRO was specifically designed for this rod.

Using a multi-tapered design with Conduit Core technology you will feel the difference between this rod and another manufacturer. It is based on using less graphite in wrapping and the result leaves you with an incredibly fast, long action rod.

It is based on delivering a rod that maintains its durability and power, while it has increased sensitivity and much lighter. Once you cast this rod you will immediately feel its responsiveness.

You should take note though that the IMX-PRO range is diverse with a long list of rods of various lengths, pieces, and actions. The 6 weight, 9 feet rod is of fast action and specifically designed for trout fly fishing in particular.

When you love serious adverse condition to do some fly fishing you will not go wrong. Extra strong winds and very technical shots are something most professionals will struggle with when they have the wrong rod at hand.

A ramped-up breeze that turns into a strong blaze and long casts are what this one was made for. At the same time can you do equally well in tiny dry flies and delicate tippets too. An excellent rod for intermediate and advanced anglers who likes a challenging fly fishing expedition under harsh conditions.

Best Fly Fishing Rods priced between $150 and $350 – Hidden gems in middle price point!

In this category you will see rods with less high end quality features, the carbon will be a little heavier and not as strong as some high end market. The reel seats will not be a finely highly finished and the cork grade may be a little less, however for a beginner these rods are as good as some ones professional fly anglers still use. Manufacturers are always coming up with ways to make cheaper rods while not dropping too many of the option the high end ones have and in the range you will find some.

1) Douglas DXF Fly Fishing Rod DXF5904 9′ #5

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 2.9 oz
  • Rod Action – Fast action
  • Materials – High modulus blanks
  • Guides – Hard chrome guides
  • Sections – 4 pieces, alignment dots
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Double locking, wood insert
  • Tube – Cordura tube
  • Warranty – Lifetime to original owner

When you buy a normal Douglas rod you know you have a high-quality rod in your hands, however moving on towards the DXF range you get a premium rod. Within the DXF range, they aimed at specific anglers fishing in different environments and species.

The DXF 5904 9 feet, number 5 referred to here is ideally set up for trout fly fishing. You could be skeptical buying a DXF as it’s a fairly new company, but rest assured the designer Jim Murphy came from Hardy and before that Redington and Albright. He is one of the best fly rod designers out there and done amazing work if you need a little bit of background on the DXF.

Trying it at short range of around 25 feet you find it’s accuracy reasonable, but it lacks the smoothness. You will feel as soon as you cast that it feels too stiff into the rod’s third section and this is where the accuracy fails when casting short distances.

Casting it at mid-range of 45 feet and immediately you will feet a difference. There is more improvement however when casting with a fast-action at that range and the accuracy is improved significantly with better loop control too. Now I can say with confidence that you must cast this DXF 5904, #5 at greater distances of 70 feet and more to really see it’s performance, here it excels. .

When you consider it’s low price, which is moderately priced, you know you have value for money. It feels like a pro fly fishing rod that has a massive price tag and classed as one of the best long-distance rods.

Take note though that you need to put some action into your cast as this is what it was designed for. The stiffer tip of the DXF hits the mark accurately, the tracking is incredible, and you have amazingly tight loops. The 2.9 ounces of the 5 weight tells you that it is a lightweight rod and while most of these weights typically cast better at mid-range, let me tell you now that it wants a fast-action long distance cast.

If your looking for a rod to cast at distance then without spending a packet the Douglas DXF could fit the bill perfectly.

2) TFO BVK Series Fly Fishing Rods

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 2.9 oz
  • Rod Action – Fast actioned
  • Materials – Braided carbon fiber
  • Guides – Hard chrome and stainless steel
  • Sections – 4 pieces dot alignment
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Anodized double locking
  • Tube – Cordura tube sold separately
  • Warranty – Lifetime for original owner

When you look at the low entry prices of the TFO BVK range you may be skeptical, but only until you try it out. This is one of the finest highly tuned rods out there. If you need a rod for close accurate casting you can skip this series of rods. Neither one of the rod lengths and weights performed well at 25 feet. They are simply too stiff and seriously lacks finesse with zero accuracy.
Only once you cast further at mid-ranged 45 feet will you feel the improvement. At this distance you actually land where you aim. As soon as you go beyond fifty feet and peel more line you actually appreciate the TFO BVK range.

You might have found that very few stiffer rods handle accuracy well even when it is a lightweight rod like this. While the pricing might put you off as simply too cheap, you can rest assured that while you save for excellent trips with your low-priced rod, you get impressive performance.

Where many use their cheaper rods as a backup, you will use it as primary rod once you get the hang of the incredibly lightweight and extremely sensitive rod. When you love facing hardy conditions with rainy and windy weather you can take this rod with confidence.

3) Temple Fork: Finesse Series Fly Rod, TF 05 89-4F

  • Rod Spec – 8ft 9in 5 weight, 3.1oz
  • Rod Action – Slow
  • Materials – FSG fiberglass
  • Guides – Stainless steel snake
  • Sections – 4 pieces dot alignment
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Double lock nuts Rose wood insert
  • Tube – Cordura tube sold separately
  • Warranty – Lifetime for original owner

Like most anglers, you might look first at the price of a rod especially when you shop for a fly fishing rod. I do too, and it is nothing new to give a rod a miss when you see a price in the lower end when you want to do some serious fly fishing.

With the Finesse series from Temple Fork, however, you can buy with confidence. The TF 05 89-4F specifically is aimed at all level anglers. You might own a good couple of rods including expensive big named rods too, but if you have this one in your kit, you will love it for the shorter and mid ranged casts.

While you pay a third of the price compared to most others you do not need to put much punch behind your throw while still achieving great accuracy. While Temple Fork lists it as a slow to medium action, you simply have to try it for the longer hauls too. This is one of the outstanding factors about it, it’s different range capabilities and accuracy regardless of distance.

From a boat or from the shore, wind or no wind it performs great. If you like a delicate cast up-close with great tight looping, you have it. Medium distance is perfect too, but what is found with this rod is that when the conditions are bad with wind and you pick a far point to throw, it is very accurate and handles smoothly.

This traditionally tapered rod does very well during fishing trips that involve spring and limestone creeks, streams and then large bodies of water, it’s a roll casters dream. Temple Fork will tell you that you should concentrate on short to medium distances and tight quarters due to it’s shorter length but give it a go when you cast at distances between 60 and 70 feet.

The Finesse Series TF 05 89-4F is a rod I recommend when you have never done fly fishing and looking for a cheaper option, but an excellent rod. Experienced anglers, on the other hand, will love it’s versatility during fishing trips.

4) TFO Temple Fork Lefty Kreh Professional Series II Graphite Fly Fishing Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 3.8 oz
  • Rod Action – Medium Fast
  • Materials – IM6 Graphite
  • Guides – Hard chrome and stainless steel
  • Sections – 4 pieces dot alignment
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Anodized with braided carbon insert
  • Tube – Cordura tube sold separately
  • Warranty – Lifetime for original owner

You might be like a lot of anglers and buy yourself a TFO Left Kreh Pro just to have it as part of your tackle or as backup rod especially when you look at it’s low price. Believe me, you will continue to use it, once you have tried it out during a fly fishing trip.

You will notice that it is not a very beautiful rod like some, but when it comes down to what it can do, you will agree that it is a great buy. It is supposed to be a medium fast rod, however, when you handle and cast with it, it handles much like six or seven fast action rods.

It feels quite heavier and handles like a heavier rod as mentioned, however, this specifically causes it to show more predictability and extreme smoothness through a cast. While you are supposed to have a few rods in your kit, you will do well in all seasons and all conditions with just the Left Kreh Pro during any fly fishing trip.

From lakes to rivers and streams the Kreh Pro Fly Rod can cover it all. One thing you can say about TFO throughout their fly rod designs, especially with the Kreh Pro, they believe in handling ability and distance. Two very important factors that you get with this rod.

As a fast action rod, you will handle short distances when you are an experienced angler, however, both beginners and professionals will find that during a mid-distance and even greater lengths it handles magnificently.

This is the type of rod you will use exclusively during all fly fishing trips. You will find the shorter lengths do better in creeks and rivers while the longer lengths do exceptional at distances regardless of weather conditions.

5) Orvis Clearwater 5 weight 9 ft Fly Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 3.25oz
  • Rod Action – Fast
  • Materials – Helios technology
  • Guides – Chrome snake
  • Sections – 4 pieces
  • Handle – RHW AAA-Grade cork
  • Reel Seat – Anodized
  • Tube – Cordura tube
  • Warranty – 25 years

Orvis has been in the sporting and fishing goods industry for over 100 years and continues to make some best rods as you will see with the Clearwater fly rod. The name Clearwater should indicate to you that this rod is aimed at freshwater fishing, which it is.

When you look at it’s moderate price, you might wonder if it’s features are equally moderate. However, the moderation stops at it’s price. While you will find most anglers with a 5 weight, nine-foot rod in their tackle for all-round fishing, you find that fly fishermen prefer the Clearwater.
Even though you can use it for just about any kind of fly fishing, it is a dream rod of exceptional quality. It is very lightweight and line control is exceptional which makes it perfect for fly fishing. Aimed at both beginners and advanced anglers it maneuvers very well regardless of weather.

It performs well with wind both from the shore or in a small creek. Also, from a boat down on the lake it’s performance is equally great. I must add though that when you cast to distances of over sixty feet it loses some of it’s accuracy and sensitivity.

However shallow and short distances show tremendous control with super tight looping. Moderate distances up to 45 feet proved to be even better even when using weighted flies.
You will immediately feel a bite or a fish with it’s sensitivity, making it impossible to miss your fish. When you go on a camping trip or a few days out you only need one rod in your gear then you need the Orvis Clearwater.

6) Redington Classic Trout Fly Fishing Rod

  • Rod Spec – 9ft 5 weight, 2.9 oz
  • Rod Action – medium fast
  • Materials – Carbon fiber
  • Guides – Titanium oxide stripping guides
  • Sections – 4 pieces. alignment dots
  • Handle – Half wells, grade AA cork
  • Reel Seat – anodized, wooden insert
  • Tube – Ballistic Nylon Tube
  • Warranty – Lifetime for original owner

If you are an all-round angler that tries his hand at different kinds of fishing and looking for fewer rods to cart around, I suggest you try the Redington Classic. It is very rare that you find such as good a rod at such a low price, thus is it something to take advantage off.

Initially, this rod was designed specifically with the trout anglers in mind. The problem with the Redington Classic is that many anglers gave it a miss as they thought of it as a backup or beginner rod, simply because of it’s price.
However more and more fly fishing was done with it causing Redington and more anglers to take another look at it. While they designed it for small trout in tiny streams, the fly fishing seemed to take prevalence.

As a great moderate action rod, you get the best of both worlds, while it offers enough delicate and sensitive action for small creeks and streams, it is equally successful for a boat, big river, and larger lake fishing.

I must add that it works best at shorter and mid distances though with distances of maximum fifty-feet. It is a smooth loading rod with great flexibility which makes it better for the shorter distances too. It bends delicately at the tip and much more flexible than most of it’s competitors.

The deep-bending action of the Redington Classic cannot cast long lines as it results in tailing loops. You would be able to cast a moderately far distance like sixty feet when you do not strike hard and fast, but a smooth throw.

The 3 and 4 weights are very light, very accurate and responsive. The 9 feet, 5 weight rod has exceptional accuracy while better distances of up to forty feet while maintaining accuracy even when the wind is blowing. The 9 feet, 6 weight, however, gives better distance, but loses some accuracy when reaching about sixty feet plus. Rio Gold fly line is recommended by many as a good line to use on this rod.



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