Best Fly Rods for Boat Fishing 2020 – Afloat with Accuracy and Power

What would make you not fish afloat? Maybe equilibrioception (seasickness)? Is it not owning a boat?

A good number of anglers are preferring float fishing to wade fishing or casting from the banks. What makes the style more fun and fulfilling is the different tactics and techniques. You will be casting downstream as you enjoy the long drift. Novices will often cast behind their boat or perpendicularly giving shorter drifts. For you to ace it, you need to practice fishing upcoming waters more.
Best Fly Rods for Boat Fishing

Orvis Recon 2 103-4 Fly Rod Review – Nymph Worthy

European nymphing is becoming a thing for many fly fishing enthusiasts. Not everyone is familiar with this fly fishing technique. Leave alone the style, even the name might be unheard of. 

‘’We should try out the new Recon Fly Rods for nymphing and see if Orvis is still on top of its game.’’ 

This is heard from a conversation between two buddies by the banks preparing their combos for a fly fishing day. 


The other sounds uncertain-could it be a fish action, new fishing style, or some jargon?

Orvis Recon Freshwater Fly Rod

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Moonshine Rod Company Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod Review – Quality on a Budget

Moonshine Rod Company manufactures a wide range of fly fishing rods that suit any angler. Among them is the Moonshine Rod Company The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod. Fly fishers who have had hands on any product by this manufacturer can confirm that they have good price points on all products to suit any budget.

The company is a new one but is doing better than some legends. All fly rods are backed with a lifetime warranty in case of any repairs and replacements of rods with defects. All terms and conditions have to be followed to get service.
Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod Review

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Redington VICE Fly Fishing Rod Review – Great Power beyond Price

Many anglers love the heft of a classic rod and the Redington VICE Fly Fishing Rod is your ultimate choice of a stick. Redington offers all the proportions a caster will love in this type of rod. Satisfaction from its use is derived from the performance characteristics and modern materials used in craftsmanship.

Redington is an acclaimed manufacturer of fly fishing gear, equipment, and apparel. The company puts great focus on design and production to make spending longer hours on water more fun.

The VICE has some of the advanced features that you will not spot in many rods. Its blank is made from multi-modulus carbon fiber with fast action. The recovery levels are to the best levels and accuracy and control are a surety.
Both amateurs and veterans can count on it. Unlike medium or slow action rods, you can throw some of the tightest loops, make the longest casts of time and work perfectly with heavier flies even in windy conditions.

Redington never gambles with durability and quality. Deeper into aspects that ensure you spend on the best of the best, the components are undeniably reliable. They are of saltwater grade meaning they are resistant to corrosion and rust when exposed to the harsh environs like saline waters.

Quite a fantastic option for rookie saltwater anglers or fly fishers who are visiting saltwater regions for the first time. The components add to the rod’s durability. It doesn’t matter if you are in pursuit of cutthroats or bonefish, it has your back.

Redington Vice Fly Fishing Rod Review

Strength is no doubt as it handles a steelhead’s brute force. The sensitive tip cushions a fine tippet extremely well. If you want something longer for easy line mending you don’t need to go farther. Its deep green color with gold trims will put you over the top. You know it doesn’t have to have an awesome-looking fly rod.

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The black anodized snake guides are worth a second glance- if style, class, and aesthetics are not your concern, this one will draw your attention. Reel seats that are laser-etched are a rare feature on most high-end brands. (more…)

Moonshine Rod Company Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod Review – Czech Nymph Special

(Euro/Czech Nymph Style)  Czech nymphing is not like your usual nymphing style. Its roots are in Eastern and the Middle parts of Europe. Some of the best Czech competitors took this style as part of an experiment and perfected it to what it is now. There are special rods like the Moonshine Rod Co.

The Epiphany Series (Euro/Czech Nymph Style) Fly Fishing Rod for this style. The principle of Euro/ Czech nymphing is fishing in short distances done under the fly rod’s tip. The line hangs beneath the rod’s tip and most of the time; the end doesn’t touch the water. You can use two to three nymph flies of different weights.

Czech nymphs are normally weighted flies you tie on grub style hooks. They imitate freshwater shrimps or the case-less larvae of the caddis flies. Patterns used are super flashy are between size 8 and 16. They make the body from synthetic or natural dubbing.

Their backs are made from high-grade latex strips or any other material that has the same characteristics as latex. Colored wire or monofilament is used for ribbing. Real Czech nymphs are tied very thinly for them to sink quickly.

Moonshine Epiphany Fly Rod Review

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Sage Bolt Series Fly Fishing Rod Review – A rod with high line speed

If you have many fine fly fishing rods in the past, you will persuade others to spend their hard earned bucks on high-quality fishing gear, equipment, and accessories. It is certainly is the right way to go and Sage Fly Fishing Company should be among your crème choices. Sage has been in the fly fishing industry since 1980 and without a doubt is scaling higher in building some of the world’s finest and high performing fly rods. Thanks to the use of world-class material, great innovations evident in the Sage Bolt Series Fly Fishing Rod and many years of experience. The many reviews from satisfied users show that Sage has revolutionized the fly fishing world.

Once you have treated yourself to this bright and beautiful Sage Bolt, you can confirm that by no means is it a cheap rod. The blank uses the Generation 5 Technology which has by far been better than the Konnetic used the previous series. This rod is designed for anglers who are passionate about every cast they make. In the hand, it feels stiff and handles the fly line perfectly. Even to greater lengths, it allows a fly fisher to hold great lengths of the line in the air. It holds a tight loop when throwing the line and is less forgiving. An intermediate or advanced caster will love it to bits.

The rod is self-proving in crazy conditions and you can throw long lines, back cast low and tight, and turn over flies extremely well. Quite a dependable bonefishing tool to say the least. Bolt rods are available from size 4 to 8 and all of them measure 9 feet. They are ultra-fast action rods and generate very high fly line speed. The recovery speed is terrific and anglers who value performance end precision don’t have to think twice about these rods. For line selection of the freshwater rods, most trout lines will be compatible and work well with these rods.Sage Bolt Fly RodBolt Amazon Reviews and Price


Scott Radian R 905/4 Fly Rod Review – Fast and Feel come together!

45 years of craftsmanship and ambition to perfect designs and performance of fly rods, Scott Fly Rods has marked a difference in the fly fishing industry. A true and beautiful combination can be depicted from the mix of feel and fast action taper in the Scott Radian R 905/4 Fly Rod.  Technological advancements during manufacture are responsible for the exemplary performance through increased recovery speed by highly reducing wobbling and creating fast action resulting in a great presentation.

Having a flexible rod is the beginning of winning on the water. You can make delicate casts with some of the finest leaders. It mends extremely well and the tip is very flexible. The rod will change your impression towards Scott Fly rod. As a well-rounded rod and a Jack of all trades. For all distances, whether long or short it traps every angler to liking it. It is smooth and fun to cast and if you find more interest in casting for distance, you will love it.

As you use the rod, you will notice that every corner is intact no short-changes. The aesthetics are on point and at the first sight, having such a striking rod may make one skeptical of its performance. Un-sanded graphite with subtle orange wraps is undeniably epic. The feel is crisp and for in close fishing, it is the perfect rod. Especially with nymphs and dry flies. It is solid at mid-distance with high accuracy levels. As it approaches a longer distance it maintains its track well and generally the reserve power is great.

Any angler buying a fly rod has trust and hope that it supersedes their expectation. This one wins a shout out here. While you will need to get used to the Wells grip, this is not your standard grip or cigar grip. At the thumb where the grip sits will be a little steep for new users. The advantage is a reduction in fatigue after lots of hours of throwing at a longer distance. However, if you are used to Full Wells corks, it fits very well in the hand. You might find blame in the inch marks which aren’t as high as expected but if you are an angler who catches small and medium-size ones, it shouldn’t be a bother. The backbone at greater lengths is excellent and performance remains consistent throughout.Scott Radian Fly Rod
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Orvis Helios 2 Series Fly Fishing Rod Review – Awards Winner

The initial launch of the Helios Series rods in 2010 had a good reception by being lightweight and high performing. The new 2.0 version has scaled even higher and further forward in every aspect. Since its creation, Orvis has been manufacturing high-quality fly fishing gear and equipment to the benefit of anglers. Fly fishers of all levels find something unique in this brand. The company tops the list of renowned and reputable manufacturers in its industry.

Deeper into the Orvis Helios 2 Series Fly Fishing Rod, it is featherlight. Its strength is said by Orvis to be 20% stronger than any other rods they ever manufactured. You might think that it is too good to be true but the rod transfers energy from an angler’s brain straight to the fly. The precision casting is one of the unique features of this rod that you will love. What makes it distinct in performance, quality, and aesthetics is the hand by handcrafting process.

It features a new taper design from Orvis and the energy transfer takes a smooth curve resulting in incomparable accuracy, great lifting power, excellent tracking at the same time ensuring tippet protection against breakage. The tip is integrated with the company’s proprietary material which adds strength. The rod’s dampening has had great improvement while the swing weight has gone down by 20% compared to the initial Helios Series. Don’t be in doubt about how well it can change your fishing sessions. This fly rod has scooped many awards since 2012 and is still is.

Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod

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Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod Review – Delicate, Powerful and Accurate

Not so many businesses last long but Hardy has set itself apart from the competition and hit a century since its existence. Not an easy thing but this company solely bases on manufacturing premium fly fishing products that have and are still worthy of the Royal Appointment. If you have a keen eye for detail you will notice that the Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod feels and looks high-quality from top to bottom. Still, from a British icon, this rod is an excellent performer. It is a top contender for the angler looking for value for money.

The Zephrus Freshwater Series Rod is lighter compared to the Zenith Series and is more responsive. All these results in excellent fly line recovery time and quick line pick up and allow you to cast almost everything. Technically, the rod undergoes the Sintrix 440 process during manufacture which is one of Hardy’s special techniques of making the Zephrus rods. In entirety, the resulting rod is stronger and lighter than its predecessor Zenith. As a Freshwater Series rod, it is perfectly tuned to work well with any discipline when it comes to trout fishing. There are several lengths and weights available that are suitable for large lakes, rivers, tailwaters and brushy creeks. While it is aimed at trout fishing, it is the closest in function to the Zephrus AWS Fly Rods. The AWS is heavier and have fittings that make them usable in either saltwater or freshwater.

It is not surprising that this rod handles fish excellently. What do you expect of a brand that gets a Royal Appointment anyway? You will catch lots of trout in good sizes even up to 8 pounds. The feeling of being in control never fails the avid angler. During the fight, you will notice a slight feeling through the Zephrus rod and it is very light.

Hardy Zephrus FWS Fly Rod

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G Loomis NRX Trout Fly Fishing Rod Review – Powerful Accurate and Speed

There is no doubt that the G Loomis NRX Trout Fly Fishing Rods are undoubtedly among the best trout fly fishing rods. Too many goodies to smile about here especially when it comes to its construction and performance. It is a very lightweight rod that gives exceptionally accurate casts while generating incredible fly line speed at the same time. You can say it takes the right direction towards sharpening the skills of intermediate anglers to scale up to perfection.

Since its establishment in 1982, business has been booming for G.LOOMIS. Currently, this company manufactures almost all types of fishing rods. While purposing to provide quality, safety, health and environmental concern, serious anglers all over the world can get to use some of the finest fly fishing tools from this manufacturer.

The G LOOMIS NRX Trout fly rod is light, meant for fishing trout and works well with small dry flies when at high speed. For larger rivers where you need really long casts, nymphs will do it. All in all, accuracy remains the most crucial factor. When it comes to the rod’s construction, the uniqueness identifies it from the rest. A combination of two materials- graphite and Nano Silica gives the rod the required positivity to see it function to its best. Quite a thing to take home. It is very sensitive and durable. You can’t doubt its stiffness too. The on water sensitivity you get when using this rod through its blank is incredible. Not comparable to any other rod whether from G.LOOMIS or other brands.

Beginners will find it a little difficult-not unless your favorite is fast action rods. Otherwise, this fly rod suits advanced anglers or those with intentions to reach the advanced level. The rod comes with a very durable rod tube for storage purposes.


G-Loomis NRX Trout Fly Rod
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Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Fishing Rod Review

Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Fishing Rod Intro

This fast action fly rod is durable and made of IM8 Graphite. It can deliver excellent accuracy and performance for any fisherman, man or woman. It is a travel friendly rod that assembles in four pieces. If you want to have smooth gliding fly lines then this is the rod for you, built with Ceramic stripping guides.

The rod is built with an aluminum reel seat with double lock rings that makes it easy for sturdy reel attachment. The half well cork handle provides the greatest accuracy. Included with the rod is a four compartment rod tube for easy storage and transport.

This has been rated as one of the best rods on the market today. You will get great fast action for long casts. It can fight fish without breaking. This means the rod will last you for years to come. The rod tube is made with a shoulder strap for easy transport and it is also adjustable. The alignment dots help make for simple and easy assembly. It is available in stylish dark gray.
Toccoa Amazon Reviews and Price

Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Series Fly Fishing Rod Review

TFO BVK Series Fly Fishing Rods Intro

This is a lightweight rod that offers strength and aggressive power. This set is made with carbon fiber and built with Flor grade handle grips. It is a finely tuned instrument for fishing. The Temple Fork Outfitters BVK series of fly rods are engineered to provide the highest performance. This set is available for a very reasonable price. These fine crafted rods come available in 3- to 12-weight. Any fisherman will find them very beneficial to their fishing trip. Share one with a friend.

Designed in part by the late Lefty Kreh the BVK fly rod series hit all the top marks for presentation and distance. It has all the makings a of a rod three times the price perfect for anyone wanting to get into dry fly fishing. Add the conversion kit and make the rod into a fantastic nymphing rod.

They are durable and are designed to withstand the most rigorous fishing conditions. These rods are made for use in both fresh and saltwater. There are quite a few pros that prefer to use them over any other brand. They do not come with a tube but do come with a rod sock. The tubes may be purchased separately.

These rods have gained five star ratings which takes them to the top. They can handle large streams too. They are sold cheaper online than in traditional sporting stores. If you place your order for this brand then you will certainly not be disappointed.

TFO BVK Amazon Reviews and Price

Airflo Airtec Nano Fly Rod

The Airflo Airtec Nano trout fly rod is a real winner in modern trout rod manufacturing. Nano technology is an equal balancing of the resin use to cover the carbon fibers. This balancing creates a rod of extra strength up to 25% stronger than conventional production methods. This not only gives it more power but also protects the rods from knocks and bumps as in when your gold head fly hits the tip when wind sends it off cast. It also produces a 50% flexural curve so you can feel every bite and knock on the rod when fishing your flies.

Airflo Airtec Nano

The casting action is suburb with the mid to tip action providing neat loops to get good distance on the cast. These rods are very light which is a real advantage when fishing for long periods and with the extra strength you can easily land trout 10lb plus with ease. The Airtec nano is not only a powerful rod but a beautiful looking rod with single leg chrome rings and high grade cork handle. It comes complete with cordura travel case. All rods in the range are three piece perfect to break down to fit into the car boot.


  • Single leg chrome rings
  • Lined stripper rings
  • Custom reel seat
  • Cordura Travel tube
  • High grade cork handle



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