So what do you get in a fly fishing combo?

Fly fishing kits in the world of fly fishing are a great addition for those who want to take up the sport. There are many ways of getting gear throughout your lifetime as an angler one of the easiest ways as a beginner is to buy a fly fishing outfit.

These combos usually come with your fly fishing rod, a fly reel fully loaded with backing, fly line and leader. Some outfits come with extras like fly boxes, a selection of flies, possibly sunglasses and maybe a few tools like nippers, forceps and attachments for your vest.

As a beginner working out what fly rod to buy what weight of fly reel and what fly line to use and then match all these together so you have a balanced outfit can prove to be very daunting. It is much easier that you buy from our list of best fly fishing combos.

Best Fly Fishing Combos

So let me tell you more..

These outfits are produced by manufacturers to be already balanced and setup to fish perfectly well that means that the rod loaded with reel and line will sit nicely balanced in your hand ready for the overhead fly fishing cast.

Buying separately will cost more..

It is very easy then for a beginner to take up the sport when the gear that they are fishing with works perfectly. On the other hand trying to buy these items separately on your own with very little experience or knowledge can get complicated and you may end up with a kit that doesn’t match and makes the art of overhead casting, spey casting or roll casting so much more difficult.

There are so many fly lines on the market today along with a multitude of fly fishing reels and rods that trying to match them all together getting the perfect setup is very difficult even for experienced anglers at times.

Line ratings asist us find the correct rod…

One good thing is now most manufacturers provide a line rating on all their equipment. For a rod it’s usually on the handle near the butt, they have a little marking telling the angler that the rod is a 5 weight or a 6-7 weight.

This is the same for fly reels that will usually be created or group together in weights like three to four or four to five, five to six and so on. Sometimes you will get a reel that will say 6 to 7 or 6-8 and will offer accepting three different types of fly line.

These are not so much important as the actual weight of the fly line on the rod. The reel is usually just a container for the line in the cheaper options anyway but the fly line needs to match the rod to be able to cast properly. So if your rod says 5 weight then make sure getting a five weight fly line.

All already setup and balanced..

The benefits to buying a fly fishing combo apart from getting the gear is it usually comes with your fly fishing rod and reel fully loaded with backing connected to your fly line and leader. Usually some setups now come with fly boxes a selection of flies, possibly sunglasses and maybe a few tools like nippers, forceps and attachments.

Fly fishing combo sets come from anywhere from $60 up to $300. As a beginner I would recommend not spending more than $200 on your first setup. If you don’t like the sport or find it too difficult to cast and want to give up you will be out a pocket and not likely get much for your gear if you sell on.

Also, as a beginner you’re going to make mistakes you’re going to drop your rod or reel on the bank side maybe chipping it or damaging it and making a mess so a cheap combo kit is better, so if you do happen to damage it you’re not out a lot of money in replacing it.

When you’re more settled into the sport and have an idea what you want you could go for a better setup or build one yourself with your experience that you will then have.

OK we can agree fly fishing combos are a good asset to anybody starting in the sport. So what about the differences in length and weight?

What type of fly fishing do you intend to do?

Whenever we decide to go for a fly fishing outfit we need to first decide what fishing we’re going to do if as if we are going to do small river fishing then a weight forward five would be ideal.

However, if you’re going to do stillwater fishing for trout and you need that extra punch off the shore out into the lake a ten foot weight forward 7 may be better suited.

If we were fishing from the shore at the sea an 8 weight would be required getting the distance you need from the shore especially in windy conditions.

Most will start their fly fishing experiences from a river so I’ll say the 9 foot 5 weight kit is the best all-rounder and will give you the ability to fish for trout from the banking or a boat fishing on a larger river.

Fly Fishing Combos Reviewed – Top category over $150

If we consider top of the range items vs beginner items we have to say to yourself what are we starting fl