Simms New G4 Pro Wading Jacket Review 2021 – Top Awards

The New Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket

In the last half of 2019, Simms unleashed one of the most technologically advanced yet durable fishing collection-the Simms G4 Pro line.

It did an overhaul of all the gear in this line including the New Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket that caught our attention so fast.

Others in the lineup that are brand new for the market are G4Z (zipped front) and G4 Pro stockingfoot waders and the Felt or Vibram G4 Pro boots.

For about two decades the G4 Pro jacket has traversed so many countries, combed numerous ecosystems, and taken all the brutality of weather elements compared to others out there.

What’s New?

The jacket was redesigned in 2019 for 2020 for the hardcore anglers in need of an arsenal of gear that they can fish longer in regardless of the conditions or terrain.

Simms uses the most recent technologically advanced fabrics and incorporates cutting-edge design ideas to level up a new standard in performance, function, and durability.

What surprises us is the duration it took to update the older version of the jacket.

More than 20,000 hours of field tests by the guides that cast in the unforgiving locations to satisfy their passions, it was indeed rigorous.

Fly Fishing Jackets - Simms G4 Pro


Simms G3 Guide Tactical Wading Jacket Review

As we were just about to wrap 2017, the fly fishing sector boldly welcomed the New Simms G3 Guide Tactical Wading Jacket.

By then, this was the most recent addition to their already popular G3 Guide Collection.

Some guides were lucky to have Simms ship over a package of the jacket and the majority put it to test during the summer.

Our Thoughts

First, we think that there was a major overhaul of the previous design. Assessing the high-end fishing apparel from Simms, the G3 Guide is the category’s staple and has been for so many years.

There are great improvements in how the design looks and functions. The older version of the G3 Guide Wading Jacket had some angler-specific features that we loved. We were pleased to see that our specifics weren’t altered.

We expect all-around excellence from Simms and it was a relief to see no changes on the bomb-proof storm hood.

The designers also tailored it to ride above the wading belt taking a functional high-waist approach for deep wading.

The updates are commendable and are what made the jacket exemplary.

Simms G3 Guide Tactical


Simms Freestone Wading Jacket Review 2021 – Layer Protection

Simms has gained worldwide recognition for its unmatched dedication to the outdoorsman’s love for sports.

The angling side appreciates it even more because the company understands fishers’ needs and delivers just that.

Since 1980 in the hands of John Simms, the company has been flourishing and to date, its reputation is what draws more novices to it.

As winter approaches, the Montana-based firm purposes to keep every angler stepping out dry and warm. Made by anglers for fellow anglers, their products have proven to be high-quality and very dependable.

For Instance, the Simms Freestone Wading Jacket is a must consider for this season because its type of construction and performance suits it.

Best Winter Fly Fishing Jackets - Simms Freestone


Frogg Toggs Pilot 3 Guide Rain Jacket Review

Looking for the best rain jacket for all your fly fishing trips? Stop here and decide whether this Frogg Toggs Pilot 3 Guide Rain Jacket is for keeps or not.

All serious anglers own at least one or two high-quality wading jackets. As they say, there is never bad weather. There is only bad gear. It doesn’t matter whether it is drizzles or a heavy downpour.

With the right wading jacket, a fly angler can persist through these adverse elements and have the best of that rainy fishing session.

High-quality wading jackets are supposed to be highly packable, cut wind and keep you warm and dry amidst the rain. It will surprise you that most habitual fishermen will overlook this item but it is worth owning?

As a die-hard angler, investing in a good wading jacket benefits your health. Exposure to wind and cold without garment protection puts you at risk of circulatory diseases, aggravated allergies to cold or asthma.

A rough look at a proper wading jacket;

it should pack small for transportation and allow for freedom of motion like in the Toggs Pilot 3 Guide jacket that has a drop shoulder design for this purpose.

It gives space to cast comfortably and reach for fish or tools and nets. Among protective features, it should be highly water and windproof. Breathability is key to keep you fresh at all times causing no water penetration.

Frogg Toggs Fly Fishing Jacket - Pilot 3 Guide
Like any other garment, if you don’t take proper care of a rain jacket, it will not serve you longer than you expect. Consider treating this rain jacket with a high-quality waterproofing product to enhance its water repelling capability.

An example is TX Direct Spray On. This is a product by Nikwax and works excellently on old and new gear without compromising on breathability. The craftsmanship and quality are almost unmatched.

Frogg Toggs is among the reputable and consistently reliable manufacturing and supplying brands of everything fly fishing apparel.

Pilot III Guide Rain Jacket is an ideal companion for an angler while on water. It has been mindfully built to offer utmost support as you fish actively in all techniques.

Storage is a great feature of a good wading jacket and this one has it all. From Hand warmer to chest and internal pockets, if you are a light packer, you might not need an extra bag.

The jacket covers your entire upper body including your head. Folks who are asthmatic or have other health complications cold can aggravate that shouldn’t worry. This jacket fully protects you from the cold.

Pilot 3 Guide Jkt Amazon Price


Simms G3 Guide vs Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket Comparison Review

Fly fishing is beyond the rods, reels and lines. There is a wide range of apparel and protective gear that you must have to ensure you are free from the effects of adverse weather. You will learn more about features of a good wading jacket in this Simms G3 wading jacket vs. Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket comparison review.

These are not your everyday wading jackets. The design is specific for water lovers and anglers who know that bad weather doesn’t exist. Just bad gear and every piece of crap that is non-protective.

If you are an angler or a fisherman, you must have heard of Simms and Patagonia. The two manufacturers have a wide range of fly fishing products that you can choose from. Since Simms came out with the G3 Guide a couple of years ago, it has been a staple in many sports stores, shores, and river banks.

Even if old is gold, there is always an excitement with a redesigned gear. Simms took on an iteration journey of the previous G3 Guide wading jacket. It is better than what was before.

G3 Simms vs River Salt Wading Jacket


Patagonia Women’s River Salt vs. Orvis Women’s Pro Jacket Comparison

With swirling gusts, pelting rains, uncontrollable cold and pushes of angry steelhead, many rivers, lakes and oceans in winter make a great test environment for sampling and testing wading jackets for the feminine gender.

There is something about the Orvis Women’s Pro Jacket and the Patagonia Women’s River Salt Wading Jacket that will leave you in awe. Every aspect of these jackets from the fabric construction, cuff designs to the pockets and storm hoods, they all get a workout.

We have rounded up a few best wading jackets that comprise both male and female designs on the buyer’s guide on our website. You can pass by and see how enticing everything is. We only pick the best of the best.

Womens Wading Jackets


Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket Review 2019 – Lightweight and Warm


Thrashing by brushes and stabs from flies can make your wading jacket almost non-function. Maybe patching and piecing back together can make you wear it once more. But for how long? A solution to the fears of abrasion. The Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket is what we are talking about here. Patagonia is a household name when it comes to manufacturing fly fishing wear that is durable, functional and affordable. The conditions that anglers face put them at high risks of falling ill. Adverse weather conditions are uncontrollable but when in the right gear, there is no need to worry.

The Tough Puff is a modified version of Patagonia Nano Air- still one of the puff families. After being released into the market, the Nano Air earned very highly in the breathability and comfort metrics. This was because of the soft yet stretchy fabric and the FullRange insulation. From afar, the two jackets almost look similar but from close range you spot the differences between the two.

Check M’s Tough Puff Web Price


Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Women’s Jacket Review – Warmth, Protection and Style

Patagonia doesn’t need an introduction anymore. It is among the reputable and top-rated manufacturers of fly fishing gear, equipment and apparel. The zeal and dedication to improving how outdoor gear is designed and manufactured gives them a legendary crown.

Their expertise can be seen in the Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Women’s Jacket. If you haven’t spotted a few on streams, rivers and the coast, you aren’t fly fishing with the avid anglers. Puff jackets are becoming common these days and terming them as ubiquitous won’t cut it that much. They have earned prevalence.

Puff jackets from Patagonia Womens range provide warmth, protection from weather elements and are packable. Any angler needs such a workhorse when getting on the water.

The Tough Puff comes as an all-purpose and intent jacket. It is an upgrade of the Nano Air which is another that had a great reception after its release into the market. Taking a rather new and advanced Tough Puff Insulation technology, all the jacket’s strong points are dependent on it. This allows the jacket to do some things that others in its category or higher can’t.

Patagonia Womens Tough Puff Jacket

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Patagonia Women’s River Salt Wading Jacket Review – Style as you Fly!

Are you a woman passionate about fly fishing? Nowadays you don’t have the obvious lame excuse of ugly male wading jackets that you may be forced to wear. Currently, more ladies are taking part in fly fishing and manufacturers and suppliers of wading gear and apparel are taking note.

It is true that a man’s body isn’t built the same as a lady’s. There are many differences and they could be what keep one from feeling comfortable when in fishing apparel. For instance, there are major differences between the Patagonia Women’s River Salt Wading Jacket and the Patagonia Men’s River Salt Wading Jacket. Same manufacturer, different designs but same functionality and performance.

There are several renowned manufacturers offering the best quality wading jackets specifically cut and designed to suit a woman’s shape. Wading jackets for women come in different sizes, styles and colors. You know how sensitive women are on matters fashion anywhere. It is undeniable that women include a degree of aesthetics.

Patagonia Womens River Salt Wading Jacket

Fishwest Salt Price

Orvis Womens Pro Wading Jacket Review – Stylish, Waterproof and Durable

Anything Orvis is a guaranteed product. Being in this sports and recreation industry as a manufacturer for many years now, they have been able to showcase professionalism and reliability in the products they create. In the list of pacesetters, Orvis remains at the top and its reputation will remain solid as long as consumer satisfaction remains their priority like before. This jacket was a winner of the 2017 IFTD Best of Show Award – Women’s Outerwear so rest assured its features are good.

This Orvis Women’s Pro Jacket is the ultimate protection solution for all female anglers. Its three-layer construction is an assurance of warmth regardless of the weather. The fact that the jacket incorporates weaving means that breathability was a consideration during designing. You will remain fresh throughout your fishing sessions because of the free air circulation.

Women love their hair and that is why the adjustable hood comes in handy. It is big enough to accommodate any hairstyle of your choice. Spacious pockets are in different positions and you can store in your valuables and fly boxes.
Orvis Womens Pro Wading Jacket

Orvis Womens Pro Amazon Price
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Simms Women’s Guide Wading Jacket Review – Protects like a Pro 2019

Simms offers a wide collection of fly fishing gear well designed to meet every angler’s needs. From pants to waders to convertibles, all are of high quality. With women not having so much to choose from, Simms had their needs in mind and designed the Women’s Guide Wading Jacket. For a reason, the company doesn’t recognize the existence of bad weather. That is why all apparent, gear and equipment are well-built with this philosophy in mind. All your problems will fade away the moment your fly line hits the water. However, the raging storm around you will persist. The Women’s Guide jacket protects you like a pro.

For years now this company has been an award-winning company and still is. Simms claimed five awards in the ICAST New Product Showcase in 1998 and has been winning them since. In 2016, the company was awarded the president’s E award to recognize Simms export business. The company serves anglers all over the world and guides and guillies take Simms products as there go to fly fishing wear time and time again. You can never expect substandard products from Simms. Craftsmanship, field tests, and quality control are part and parcel of vital procedures that products undergo before releasing into the market.

Simms Womens Guide Wading Jacket

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Orvis Pro Wading Jacket Review – Made to Handle the Toughest Conditions

You know that Orvis minds your health when it launches excellent fly fishing wear like the Orvis pro wading jacket. Orvis is the world leader in fly fishing and has an assortment of both men and women’s wear that are professionally designed and made to suit protect you from the weather extremities when wading or angling.

The jacket in this review is made from high-quality material that is breathable yet well insulated to keep you warm and dry at all times. The triple layer fabric design on the outer shell beats mighty storms and winds. Your fly boxes will have dry and spacious pockets to be stored in. the waterproofness capabilities are high and no matter how deep you wade, you are guaranteed dryness and comfort. Attachment points on this jacket allow you to hook your nets, zingers and other items on the D-ring that is on the rear side of the jacket.
Orvis Pro Wading Jacket
Orvis Pro Amazon Reviews 


Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket Review – Tough and Durable

Patagonia has been in existence since 1973. All through, the company has set a pace for other designers of outdoor gear and clothing. It is one of the reputable brands that can be relied on when it comes to quality and durability. Take for instance the Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket. It has the looks and all features you would want in a good jacket for your fly fishing sessions. The jacket is very tough considering the fishing shell used on it. It easily beats all weather conditions while keeping you warm and dry. Safe too especially for anglers who have allergies to cold or other complications that can be aggravated by exposure to cold.

Generally, Patagonia is mindful of your health. The jacket features industrial strength protection. The 4-layer fabric is responsible for this. River salt wading jacket stands up to hard use, salt spray, wind, and rain. It is one of the burliest breathable and weatherproof jackets currently in the market. This is definitely a major investment when it comes to fly fishing clothing. If you compare it with some of the high-end jackets from bigger brands like Patagonia, you will notice that it stands out among the best. There are so many positive reviews from users. Know more about this jacket below.

Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket
Salt Pricing

Orvis Clearwater Wading Jacket Review 2021 – Fishing Ready

You will never go wrong with any wading jacket from Orvis. For one reason, Orvis minds the health of all anglers and that is why the company has maintained its high standards in manufacturing fly fishing gear like the Orvis Clearwater Wading Jacket.

All jackets are designed to be fully waterproof and very protective against adverse weather elements as you enjoy your time in the water.

With professionalism and being in business for over 100 years, Orvis has maintained its top position in the market when it comes to the best manufacturer of wading jackets.

There is no doubt that spending on an Orvis brand equally gives you more than it’s worth. Clearwater wading jacket is made from high-grade polyester material making it entirely weatherproof. Despite the heaviness of the storm, you can still rule the waters without getting wet or messy.

For individuals with cold-related illnesses and complications, do not forego your fly fishing sessions. Armed with this jacket, your health is preserved.

Orvis Clearwater Wading Jacket

Orvis Clearwater Jkt Amazon Price


Simms G3 Guide Wading Jacket Review – Great for Deep Wading

This is a review of the older G3 Guide jacket which can still be obtained from some retailers, however, we have the new G3 Guide Tactical wading jacket review done also.

Simms Fishing is an expert in manufacturing fishing and recreation gear, accessories and other products. The high-end products are all crafted and manufactured using high-grade material to ensure they are durable and out-perform when wading. Due to the dedicated team, professional management team and objective to fully satisfy customer needs, the company has always soared high and is among the leaders in the current market.

When it comes to keeping you dry while fly fishing, Simms G3 wading jacket is ideal because the jacket has been developed with all the features combined, the wearer is fully protected from the adverse effects of bad weather. There is a guarantee of warmth, dryness and comfort.

Storage pockets are in good numbers allowing you not to compromise the safety of your valuables and accessories. Those lined with micro-fleece keep your hands warmer when not in use. Considering that the pockets are made with water-resistant zippers, your items are safe from damage by water. This version of the jacket is lighter by 25% compared to the previous versions so not only is it lighter but it contains its immense waterproof levels.

G3 Guide Pricing

Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket Review – Gore-Tex Ultimate Dryness

Simms Fishing are the manufacturers of high quality fishing apparel, wading equipment and accessories. The Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket is your all time protective wear when going fly fishing. Its ability to keep you warm, dry and protected from the adverse effects of a storm or cold are made possible by the various technologies used in designing this jacket.

From the cuffs to the hood, it is undoubtable that you can easily survive a mighty storm if you have it on. Simms has been in the recreational and sporting business since 1980. 38 years later, it has proven to be among the top listed manufacturers of fly fishing products in America and beyond.

The authenticity of their products including the G4 Pro Wading Jacket is a guarantee of their high regards and value to all customers. Any apparel from Simms has its logo on it to allow you to be sure when shopping.

G4 Pricing


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