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Fly Fishing Knots Every Beginner Should Know

Fly fishing is not just about casting a line; it’s about the delicate dance between angler and fish, where every move matters. As a beginner in this artful sport, one of the most crucial skills to master is tying the right knots. The knots you tie determine the strength of your connection to the fish,

What Size Boots Should I Get With Waders?

The effects of boot pinching are far worse than wearing an extremely oversized pair. But again, both aren’t any better if we are looking at comfort and functionality, and overall longevity. So, what size boot should I get with waders? To make room for the stocking foot for men, the boot size that works best

Best Life Jackets for Fly Fishing

Let’s be honest: our primary intention for fly fishing is catching the fish, but the adventure is unpredictable. Anything could happen, and you could join the fish instead of catching them. What now? We love to be prepared and keep safe this side, and if you have been the bold type that over believes in

Best Winter Fly Fishing Breathable Waders

Introduction to the Best Winter Fly Fishing Breathable Waders You can’t beat inclement weather like winter without proper gear that suits such conditions. Forget your bravery and very strong immune system. The cold water and ice sheets know nothing like this. Such extremities have killed so many people because of their unpreparedness. We wouldn’t want

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