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Why Are My Waders Wet Inside?

Wet waders aren’t fun to be in since they are a risk to your health, can slow down your movement, especially if drenched, and are generally uncomfortable. Besides being at risk of getting cold-related illnesses, the stench from sitting long in wet waders is awful. Also, you are constantly compromising the performance and longevity of

How to Store Fly Fishing Rods Between Sessions

Everyone is reviewing these rods, but you will hardly find detailed information on how to store fly fishing rods on the internet. Unfortunately, if you all were to do your own, fly fishing rods would never serve you beyond a month. Good quality and high-performing rods aren’t cheap, and properly storing them ensures they are

What is Dry Fly Fishing? A Beginners Guide

In fly fishing, dry flies are floating flies. If a fish wants to take a dry fly, it rises to the water surface, and a fisherman/woman strikes to hook it after observing its take. A dry fly’s dressing is designed to indeed float on the water surface, but don’t confuse this with emergers. Emerger dressings

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