Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line Review 2019 – Less Drag more Distance

  • Distance 70% 70%
  • Streamers 80% 80%
  • Roll Casting 80% 80%
  • Nymphing 65% 65%
  • Shooting 65% 65%
  • Presentation 80% 80%
  • Beginners 65% 65%
  • ChuckingFluff Overall Score 72% 72%

When a company like Orvis that has been in business for over 150 years is still getting tons of positive reviews to date, it means that they are nothing but the BEST! You could be wondering how this is possible. Orvis has purposed to work towards customer satisfaction that is why it is among the top manufacturers of fly fishing gear, equipment and other products. It feels great to know that you are spending your money on high quality and durable products.

For instance, the Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line that is loved by many anglers for its efficiency and high performance. The line is designed with very special technologies to maintain high floating abilities like it is meant to be. Durability is not something to gamble with when you decide to purchase this fly line. With proper care and maintenance like regular cleaning, it can serve you for so many years.

Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line
Check Orvis HD Price

Simms G3 Guide vs Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket Comparison Review

Fly fishing is beyond the rods, reels and lines. There is a wide range of apparel and protective gear that you must have to ensure you are free from the effects of adverse weather. You will learn more about features of a good wading jacket in this Simms G3 wading jacket vs. Patagonia River Salt Wading Jacket comparison review.

These are not your everyday jackets. The design is specific for water lovers and anglers who know that bad weather doesn’t exist. Just bad gear and every piece of crap that is non-protective.

If you are an angler or a fisherman, you must have heard of Simms and Patagonia. The two manufacturers have a wide range of fly fishing products that you can choose from. Since Simms came out with the G3 Guide a couple of years ago, it has been a staple in many sports stores, shores, and river banks.

Even if old is gold, there is always an excitement with a redesigned gear. Simms took on an iteration journey of the previous G3 Guide wading jacket. It is better than what was before.

G3 Simms vs River Salt Wading Jacket


Lixada Fly Fishing Vest Review 2019 – Practical Flotation Solution

Whether you are by the shore, kayaking or battling the rougher waters, you will be needing a good life vest that will couple up as a storage option you can count on. One like the Lixada Fly Fishing Vest is an excellent choice that you need not ignore.

Obviously, the most important thing when picking a fly vest is to consider the fit and storage system. Other features like safety to protect you when you go overboard are a few to take a keen interest in. For life vests, there are those designed for casual or extreme kayaking. The likes of the NRS Chinook and Lixada will do well in extreme kayaking and for avid anglers.

Like Nike and Adidas, Lixada is a company that is scaling the heights in the outdoor sporting industry. This manufacturer’s dedication to offering the solution to discomfort and performance when hunting, running, fly fishing, cycling or swimming is incomparable.

The young team of professionals is on the front line to provide premium quality products to their consumers. They are open to customer feedback to help grow and improve their products. As you enjoy sports in any Lixada product, you get to maximize convenience, comfort, and style.



Autumn Ridge Traders Fly Fishing Vest Review 2019 – Traditional Favorite

‘’Most of the current fly fishing vests are ugly, bulky, and boring to wear. I rather do without them.’’ Complained Louis looking frustrated. ‘’Give the Autumn Ridge Traders Fly Fishing Vest a try and get back to me after the first session. If you regret this, you’ll have a tot of the oldest whiskey on me.’’

Said Brandon. This is soothing enough and for sure it was the greatest savior for that fly fishing session. Louis had to buy the tots though. What do you expect of a bet that he lost? Straight to it. This Autumn Ridge Fly Vest is the real deal when you are looking to balance aesthetics, class, and functionality.

Many anglers ask why it is important to purchase products like the fly vest from Autumn Ridge Traders. Any angler regardless of the skill level must have a fly vest on when on water. It might seem like an ordinary outfit for angling but it does more than the ordinary.

As it protects you from a few incidents that could occur whilst fishing, it is another layer for warmth when the weather gets dull, and keeps all your items closer. This fly vest is designed with an abundance of pockets. You will need quick access to your tools, gear, and accessory.

It takes a lot of time to wade out of the water and get what you need. The disturbance to the water during such movements will chase easily spooked fish away. Better to have your tools, flies and tippet with you. 



Orvis 2019 Clearwater Fly Fishing Combo Review – Rebuilt Better!

You might be familiar with fishing because you love to devour roasted trout or salmon in coconut milk. However, you might be missing how it got to your plate. It could have been caught by a fly fishing avid angler who finds the sport fun.

If you find interest in it, you need to brace yourself with patience and dedication towards nurturing the skill. All this is made easier by a good fly fishing outfit like the 2019 Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Combo.

If you are a novice, don’t purchase those colorful or fancy fly fishing combos from an unnamed retail store with the cheapest price tags. Instead, you need to try a proper and reputable company like Orvis with perfect fly fishing outfits for beginners.

Orvis Clearwater Fly Combo 2019 Review

Clearwater 2019 Amazon Reviews and Price

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses Review 2019 – Deflect Glaring Rays

Do you want a pair of mid-priced sunglasses that have a touch of style and incomparable performance regardless of the circumstance? Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses are not your common type. Their versatility will leave you agape. You can have them while fly fishing and on your casual walk up the mountains. These Costas make you draw admiring looks and no harm comes your way when you wear these protective sunglasses.


Waterworks-Lamson Liquid vs. Redington Rise Comparison Fly Reel Review

Fly fishing is a very gear intensive endeavor. If you are an average individual looking to take on the angling journey, the situation can be somehow intimidating. Especially with the variety of reels, rods, lines, flies and high-tech polarized sunglasses you need to select from. We make this sloppy for you by sampling the best of gear from each category and give a detailed review. For instance, this Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel vs. Redington Rise Fly Reel Comparison Review covers the construction, durability, and performance aspects. What’s left is for you to choose one that suits your fly fishing needs.

Lamson Liquid vs Redington Rise Fly Reels


Cortland Trout Boss HTx Fly Line Review 2019 – Distance is easy!

Cortland has invested in a professional team of engineers and staff who are well knowledgeable about fly fishing gears and products. It is the reason why all their products are top notch and long-lasting. When it comes to the list of the top manufacturers of fly fishing products and gear worldwide, Cortland features among the crème de la crème.

I bet you now understand the reason why its products are high on demand. They are the BEST! The company has been in business for a long time now and their prowess is manifested in the variety of reels, rods, fly fishing combo kits and fly lines among them the Cortland Trout Boss Fly Line.

Excellence can be seen in its design. The complexity of its new tapper and the thinner core add to its floating properties. Durability is a guarantee when you purchase this fly line. This is fostered by the self-cleaning mechanism of the line.

Cortland Boss Trout Fly Line
Cortland Boss NTx Price

Redington VICE Fly Fishing Outfit Review – Rod and Reel Combo

Redington manufactures high-grade entry-level, mid-range and professional fly fishing reels and rods. On most rivers, streams, and lakes, there are high chances that anglers had their first fishing experience using a Redington reel or rod.

Thousands are still happily fishing with gear from the Mighty Redington. The Redington VICE Fly Fishing Outfit – Fly Rod & Reel Combo is designed to offer an exclusively great experience to beginners and intermediate fishing combo. Pros too will be appreciative of its performance when it lands in their hands.



Loop Evotec G4 Featherweight Fly Reel Review 2019 – Silent and Powerful

Not long ago, the Loop Evotec Series Fly Fishing Reels were redesigned and updated from the previous design. The spawning after revamping saw anglers feel a fly reel that brags of all the powerful features that the Opti series reels had.

If you have come across the Loop Evotec G4 Featherweight Fly Reel, then you know that the changes were for a good course. The reel carries a Power Matrix drag System just like the Classic and Opti Series.

Loop is one of the reputable companies that the fly fishing industry gives credit to for the endless desire to innovate and manufacture high-quality fly fishing equipment.

Although most of the products are priced higher, they deserve it. Not crap at all! You definitely want value for each buck spent. So? Invest in high-quality reels and rods that will be by you each time you need to take on a trip. Back to the mighty reel.

Beneath the reel’s stunning looks is the ultra-modern unshakeable Power Matrix Drag System. It is a monstrous braking system that can subdue the strongest species of fish in some of the harshest conditions you cannot imagine. It is completely waterproof and benefits from the pronounced click which clearly signals-fish on. The Evotec is totally corrosion resistant despite the environment it is exposed to.



Patagonia Women’s River Salt vs. Orvis Women’s Pro Jacket Comparison

With swirling gusts, pelting rains, uncontrollable cold and pushes of angry steelhead, many rivers, lakes and oceans in winter make a great test environment for sampling and testing wading jackets for the feminine gender.

There is something about the Orvis Women’s Pro Jacket and the Patagonia Women’s River Salt Wading Jacket that will leave you in awe. Every aspect of these jackets from the fabric construction, cuff designs to the pockets and storm hoods, they all get a workout.

We have rounded up a few best wading jackets that comprise both male and female designs on the buyer’s guide on our website. You can pass by and see how enticing everything is. We only pick the best of the best.

Womens Wading Jackets


Maui Jim Peahi Rectangular Sunglasses Review 2019 – Lightweight and Durable

The north shore in Maui is graced by a legendary surf break called Pe’ahi. This is where this pair of bold polarized sunglasses got its name from. With reference to the great power of the waves, the Maui Jim Peahi Rectangular Sunglasses are made artistically from high-quality and durable material. You feel more powerful and comfortable when wearing them. Maui Jim designed them for retro humans who love to live light and very easy. The other extra bits and pieces of amazement and excellence are displayed in the small features of the frame and lenses.

All Maui Jim sunglasses are made in the USA, Peoria IL to be specific. However, they are designed and have their headquarters in Hawaii. Without exempting any, they are all backed by a two-year warranty. This covers any defects in workmanship or material. Any repairs will be handled by the service reps. After designing, the sunglasses are tested for performance, quality, and durability in Lahania, Hawaii. The reason behind the birth of this company is the need to combat the glare and sun on Maui Island while enhancing color and the beauty of Hawaii.


Ross Animas Fly Reel Full Review 2019 – New and Improved

Since its establishment in 1973, Ross Reels has been a top producer of high-quality reels. Decades down the line, it is still a household name. Even though the company has seen changes in its management, the production process has greatly improved with the advancement in technology. The company has stuck to its values, among them, customer satisfaction.

This is evident in the Ross Animas Fly Reel. Standing by the tag, ‘’Made on Water’’, the company’s dedication to innovation and quality is something every user of their product will attest to. Before the Ross Reels are released for sale, they undergo rigorous tests to ensure performance and durability are long-lasting.

Designed and made in the US, the Animas Series is set as an all-round fly reel that you can move with to anywhere. This is with regards to the environment. Ross Reels had a saltwater, freshwater and warm water setting in mind during its workmanship. How do you find this? Economical in all ways, right? While you could have three separate fly reels for every environment, you can have a three in one.

Its excellence is undoubtable. It has all the capabilities of providing high versatility and high speed. Leave for the solid aluminum frame, its anodized finish is everything you need to take your hat off. You might wait for it to be ineffective for ages with no success. The finish protects the fly reel against the agents of rust and corrosion. No worries when fishing in some of the brackish fishing environs.



Redington Crosswater Combo vs. Orvis Encounter Fly Combo – Beginner and Budget Friendly

Two giants in the fly fishing industry are working effortlessly to see that anglers are loving adventure and fun in the natural world.

Orvis and Redington are doing exceptionally well in the manufacturing and supply of high-quality fly fishing gear, equipment and apparel.

Just like what is in this Redington Crosswater Combo vs. Orvis Encounter Fly Combo comparison. Redington has been in existence since 1992 while Orvis has hit a century and over since it was founded in 1856. Both companies pride themselves in customer service and satisfaction.
Redington Crosswater vs Orvis Encounter Fly Combos


Moonshine Rod Company Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod Review – Quality on a Budget

Moonshine Rod Company manufactures a wide range of fly fishing rods that suit any angler. Among them is the Moonshine Rod Company The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod. Fly fishers who have had hands on any product by this manufacturer can confirm that they have good price points on all products to suit any budget. The company is a new one but is doing better than some legends. All fly rods are backed with a lifetime warranty in case of any repairs and replacements of rods with defects. All terms and conditions have to be followed to get service.
Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod Review


Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket Review 2019 – Lightweight and Warm


Thrashing by brushes and stabs from flies can make your wading jacket almost non-function. Maybe patching and piecing back together can make you wear it once more. But for how long? A solution to the fears of abrasion. The Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Wading Jacket is what we are talking about here. Patagonia is a household name when it comes to manufacturing fly fishing wear that is durable, functional and affordable. The conditions that anglers face put them at high risks of falling ill. Adverse weather conditions are uncontrollable but when in the right gear, there is no need to worry.

The Tough Puff is a modified version of Patagonia Nano Air- still one of the puff families. After being released into the market, the Nano Air earned very highly in the breathability and comfort metrics. This was because of the soft yet stretchy fabric and the FullRange insulation. From afar, the two jackets almost look similar but from close range you spot the differences between the two.


Costa Del Mar Fantail Polarized Sunglasses Review 2019 – Clarity in Saltwater

New to Costa? The Fantail lineup makes use of the 360-degree co-molded technology. The key detail in construction is in the non-slip Hydrolite lining which is along the interior of the Fantail frame to help the sunglasses stay put at all times.

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses have a tough, rectangular frame with a medium fit but can fit a few wearers with slightly large heads. The co-injected nylon construction guarantees comfort and durability. In fact, it takes up to the challenges in saltwater environments.


Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses Review – Best Freshwater Sunglasses 2019

Hats off to Dr. Bob Smith. Founder and owner of the Smith Optics, the ski bum who hails from Idaho together with his able team have seen the company among the top-rated sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers.

How did he get here?

His love for the outdoors saw him wanting to stay longer on their slopes even when the rest had left for their homes. It didn’t matter to him whether or not the weather conditions were ideal. All thrill seekers globally.

Over 50 years innovating excellent eye wear, Smith is greatly expanding into the realm of superb sunglasses with products like Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses.



Redington VICE Fly Fishing Rod Review – Great Power beyond Price

Many anglers love the heft of a classic rod and the Redington VICE Fly Fishing Rod is your ultimate choice of a stick. Redington offers all the proportions a caster will love in this type of rod. Satisfaction from its use is derived from the performance characteristics and modern materials used in craftsmanship. Redington is an acclaimed manufacturer of fly fishing gear, equipment, and apparel. The company puts great focus on design and production to make spending longer hours on water more fun.

The VICE has some of the advanced features that you will not spot in many rods. Its blank is made from multi-modulus carbon fiber with fast action. The recovery levels are to the best levels and accuracy and control are a surety. Both amateurs and veterans can count on it. Unlike medium or slow action rods, you can throw some of the tightest loops, make the longest casts of time and work perfectly with heavier flies even in windy conditions.

Redington never gambles with durability and quality. Deeper into aspects that ensure you spend on the best of the best, the components are undeniably reliable. They are of saltwater grade meaning they are resistant to corrosion and rust when exposed to the harsh environs like saline waters. Quite a fantastic option for rookie saltwater anglers or fly fishers who are visiting saltwater regions for the first time. The components add to the rod’s durability. It doesn’t matter if you are in pursuit of cutthroats or bonefish, it has your back.

Redington Vice Fly Fishing Rod Review

Strength is no doubt as it handles a steelhead’s brute force. The sensitive tip cushions a fine tippet extremely well. If you want something longer for easy line mending you don’t need to go farther. Its deep green color with gold trims will put you over the top. You know it doesn’t have to have an awesome-looking fly rod. The black anodized snake guides are worth a second glance- if style, class, and aesthetics are not your concern, this one will draw your attention. Reel seats that are laser-etched are a rare feature on most high-end brands. (more…)

Moonshine Rod Company Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod Review

(Euro/Czech Nymph Style)  Czech nymphing is not like your usual nymphing style. Its roots are in Eastern and the Middle parts of Europe. Some of the best Czech competitors took this style as part of an experiment and perfected it to what it is now. There are special rods like the Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series (Euro/Czech Nymph Style) Fly Fishing Rod for this style. The principle of Euro/ Czech nymphing is fishing in short distances done under the fly rod’s tip. The line hangs beneath the rod’s tip and most of the time; the end doesn’t touch the water. You can use two to three nymph flies of different weights.

Czech nymphs are normally weighted flies you tie on grub style hooks. They imitate freshwater shrimps or the case-less larvae of the caddis flies. Patterns used are super flashy are between size 8 and 16. They make the body from synthetic or natural dubbing. Their backs are made from high-grade latex strips or any other material that has the same characteristics as latex. Colored wire or monofilament is used for ribbing. Real Czech nymphs are tied very thinly for them to sink quickly.

Moonshine Epiphany Fly Rod Review


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