Simms Freestone Mens Rubber Wading Boots – Workhorse Protection

You might be having almost everything in the full line of the Freestones in your custody but lack the Simms Freestone Men’s Rubber Wading Boots.

A couple of guides and anglers have been having the Freestone waders and from their remarks, it must be a piece of a workhorse.

In all manner of accuracy derived from their feelings, testing them in the fall will never put them or you to shame. If you are looking for beefy yet burly wading boots, this one is a solid choice.

Comfort and ruggedness blend very well to ensure that you achieve unmatched performance.

Best Wading Boots For Fly Fishing Simms Freestone


Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boots Review – Lightweight Option

The legendary Orvis is proving unbeatable in the fly fishing and outdoor sector. Since its founding in 1856, the family-owned business has been flourishing.

Not in secrecy, but through the hundreds of awards won in various competitions and showcases. This is evident through continuous satisfying service delivery from their products.

There is no doubt that product lines like the Encounter, Clearwater, and Ultralight have gained popularity just after launch.

We focus this piece on the Orvis Men’s Ultralight Wading Boots which took the best of show men’s wading boots award in the 2017 IFTD.

Among other titles are the 2019 Fish Alaska Editor’s Choice awards and the 2018 Fly Fisherman awards in the best new lightweight wading boot.

Aiming at frequent traveling anglers and more avid fly fishermen who cover greater distances on foot hiking, and moving from one spot to another on brutal paths, there could be nothing better than a lighter pair.

Best Wading Boots For Fly Fishing - Ultralight

Orvis Recon 2 103-4 Fly Rod Review – Nymph Worthy

European nymphing is becoming a thing for many fly fishing enthusiasts. Not everyone is familiar with this fly fishing technique. Leave alone the style, even the name might be unheard of. 

‘’We should try out the new Recon Fly Rods for nymphing and see if Orvis is still on top of its game.’’ 

This is heard from a conversation between two buddies by the banks preparing their combos for a fly fishing day. 


The other sounds uncertain-could it be a fish action, new fishing style, or some jargon?

Orvis Recon Freshwater Fly Rod

Check Orvis Recon Web Availability


Piscifun Platte Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel Review – Saltwater on a Budget

Fish can be stubborn. Especially those in the flats and saline waters. There is a very special feeling in getting on the water to cast the perfect fly and hook them. Sometimes, it is a success other times it flops badly.

What revolves around a fantastic experience for all saltwater anglers is the type of fly reel they use. You need a reliable reel to show for the hours you spend casting. Piscifun Platte Fully Sealed Drag with Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel will be a loyal servant in this case.

Founded by close buddies in 2013, Piscifun is a fishing brand that allows you to enjoy fly fishing with family. The company works on manufacturing high-quality and affordable fishing equipment while reducing costs.

Their primary focus is on the average angler who finds fishing fun but can’t overly spend on fishing gear because of one reason or the other.

Piscifun Platte Fly Fishing Reel




Sage Trout Fly Reel Review – Updated 500 Series

We all strive to beat the rest and come top. Well, being second doesn’t mean we failed. Especially for the EFTTEX awards, which is the biggest new product showcase exhibition in Europe, it is such a big deal.

Taking the runners-up position after the Hardy Ultralite MTX-S fly reel, Sage did it with their specialty fly reel which brags of some of the classic aesthetics and more modernized performance.

As it takes a whole new look, the manufacturer drew inspiration from the 500 series fly reels. The 500 dates back to the 1990s and you can agree that the company is reviving history though with a few tweaks here and there for the betterment of durability and performance.

Sage Trout Fly Reel Review


Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader Review

What exactly are entry-level waders? Some would refer to them as waders for newbie anglers while others will term them as the lowly-priced waders in the market. There is no doubt that the two parties are right. However, even the pro anglers can use entry-level waders.

Let us sample the Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader and see if it is a dependable choice. Most brands will make these waders in the simplest manner, leaving out other features. Frogg Toggs doesn’t do this in these waders.

In fact, for its price, it scores a 10 when it comes to construction and feature alignment. There was the first generation of these waders and not so long, the manufacturer released a second generation of the same. Much difference is in cosmetics and performance.


Caddis Systems Attractive Teal Deluxe Waders for Women Review

Sometimes, you don’t have to cough over $300 on waders only. Are you paying for a mortgage? Well, we have manufacturers that are considerate enough to avail great waders for less. Take a look at the popular Caddis Systems Attractive Teal Deluxe Waders for Women. You wouldn’t believe until you behold it. Caddis has been in the business of producing tackle gear for a long time now. Its ability to dwell more on affordable fly fishing and hunting stuff is what makes it gain favor from most consumers.

Is cheap expensive?

Yes, and No depending on the circumstances. However, in this case, we give it a big shout out. A no for the Attractive Teal Deluxe for women. Usually, when you think fishing, you always think of breathable materials. This one isn’t out of the sequence.

The promise by Caddis Waders is that this women’s design won’t let in water while still allowing the exit of body perspirations from the interior to the outer surface. Thanks to the permeable membrane, the possibility is very high. Theoretically, you sweat less because it counters the building of dampness inside. This is especially true in summer and warm areas.


Costa Del Mar Waterwoman Sunglasses Review – ICAST 2019 Winner

Costa spread the word about its new performance sunglasses for women. The Costa Del Mar Waterwoman Sunglasses. In this pair, the manufacturer ditches the traditional temples and nose pad coating design in favor of the Hydrolite accent temples and nose pads.

A company that isn’t partial on matters of gender is what most anglers are looking to flock to. For a long time, Costa has been manufacturing unisex sunglasses and a few for men. This time ardent female anglers have something to have that portrays style, class, and is an epitome of performance.


Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Fly Reel Review – New Alloy Blend

The award-winning Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Fly Reel boasts an inimitable design which greatly reduces weight. It avowals impeccable frame strength like its sister the MTX. As of recent, Hardy’s light has been shinning brighter.

Being a benchmark in the fly fishing reel designs, the brand took the Best Fly Reel category in the 2017 EFFTEX awards with the Hardy Ultralite MTX Fly Reel carrying the season. Yet again, in the 2019 EFFTEX awards, the MTX-S took the crown in the same category.

The construction is top-notch. The fly reel’s body features a beautiful blend of carbon fiber materials and aluminum alloy. What results is a lightweight fly reel that has proven excellent and suitable for dealing with small bonefish and sea-run cutthroat.



RIO Technical Trout Fly Line Review – Lightest of Presentations

RIO, Scientific Anglers, Airflo, Orvis, and Cortland are household names when it comes to the manufacture of the best trout fly lines that the angling industry has ever had. RIO Products isn’t in the limelight for the first time. The brand presented its In-Touch sinking line in the EFTTEX 2012 show where it took the crown.

In 2013, the revolutionary Perception floating trout fly line took the Best New fly line in the same EFTTEX awards. These are just a few. Recently the RIO Technical Trout Fly Line did the brand proud yet again by coming top in the 2019 EFTTEX Awards Best Fly Line category. If you are a lover of the fabled trout rivers like Delaware, it is crucial for you to be outfitted with the right gear for freshwater needs.

Rio Technical Trout Fly Line Review
Rio Technical Line Amazon Price

Simms G4Z Mens Stockingfoot Wader Review – Upgraded ICAST Winner

‘’I am hell on fly fishing waders and have always been. However, despite almost a fortnight of daily exposure to abuse, the Simms M’s G4Z Stockingfoot Waders held firm’’

This is one of the positive remarks by a happy user on the Simms G4Z waders for men. Straight to it, the wader’s construction though pretty much straightforward, is very thorough.

The Bozeman folks didn’t screw or play around with these stockingfeet. It is evident even before you put it to test. Why do you think it scooped the Best of Category Technical Apparel for cold weather? This is one of the main features that helped put it at the top.


Simms Dry Creek Z Fly Fishing Sling Pack Review – ICAST Winner

Many anglers spend a lot of timeon the water. Several hours specifically on foot in challenging terrain. Well, this characteristically requires a lightweight, balanced sling pack as storage configuration for extra tackle and a few personal items.

Simms have you covered with its Simms Dry Creek Z Fly Fishing Sling Pack. We are talking of an award-winning product here. Do you know what it means to feature in the hotly contested ICAST Best of Show competition, get vetted and voted for and sweep the board? As an honoree in the Best of Category Fly Fishing Accessory, it was another shining year for Simms in the ICAST 2019.


Redington Path II Outfit vs. Orvis Clearwater Fly Combo Comparison

If you have enough of the lures and lines, you could try golf or chess. Here, the thirst for fish is unquenchable. Not even with the best fly fishing outfit that money can get. You must be loving the waters as we do in this part of the world. It is for this reason that we find interest in sampling fishing gear and equipment. New or old, we love them equally.

Red hot like burning charcoals, Redington brings us the phenomenal Redington Path II Outfit Fly Fishing Combo. It is unbowed when it comes to fish fights. This comparison review has it together with the brand new Orvis 2019 Clearwater Fly Fishing Combo from the legends. Later, towards the end, you will decide the fly fishing combo that makes your heart beat faster.

Clearwater vs Redington Path II Combo


Orvis Encounter Wader for Women Review 2020 – Dependable

By now, you must have realized that the Orvis Encounter line of products is well-favoured. From the reel, line, rod, combo, super slim tool set, to the boots, jacket, male and now the Orvis Encounter Wader for Women. How well do you know these female waders?

Not until you put them through the brutality that comes with angling journeys. Among the Orvis waders, these Encounter Female Waders fall as the cheapest. However, in the market, they are in the mid-price range. Still affordable and excellent value for the money.

Most potential buyers dwell on the asking price rather than what the wader offers. It is sensible but not always. With the much you get them for, they boast exceptional quality when compared to waders in their category.
What’s their construction like?

The Orvis Encounter Women’s Waders are chest waders with dependable breathability and waterproofness check availabilty at Amazon. Their material is high-grade nylon in four layers. We are looking towards functionality and durability to that effect. If you own any modern high waterproof jacket, the material feels the same as what Orvis uses here.

It locks out all water while offering maximum protection from punctures from bushes, thistles, and stones. It has a polyurethane laminate that locks out water. Despite looking great, the wader assembly is superb.


Simms Kispiox Fly Fishing Glove Review 2020 – Lightweight Neoprene

‘’Among my pet hates on fly fishing is despite how much I wrap up in the cold, i.e. fleece jackets, warm socks, hats, etc., there is something I fail in wrapping effectively-my hands,’’ grumbled Luke who looked very devastated. He probably hasn’t heard of the Simms Kispiox Glove.

Many times most anglers have had the enjoyment of their fishing experiences wasted away by frozen and wet hands. Often, it takes such fishermen or women eternity to either draw their lines or thread flies onto their leaders. Most of them complain of having tried various options in vain. Using special types of gloves, hand warmers, rubbing hands to regenerate heat but there were so many faults. No worries. There is a solution to all these here.

The Kispiox is a common name on the shores and river banks. If you’ve heard it, it isn’t a special type of fish or fly. It is a high-quality pair of gloves from one of the reputable manufacturers and suppliers of fishing equipment and gear. Drop by the shores a couple of times this season or the next cold or rainy season and clear your doubts.

Sunshine can sometimes quickly change into sleet and later very heavy and cold driving rain. They look heavy like industrial gloves. They aren’t. Weighing only 3.2 oz., they are light, warm and totally waterproof. They aren’t bulky and cumbersome. The wearer can easily cast and draw their fly line in various retrieval rates even in figures of eight relatively well.


K-E Outfitters Fly Combo and Wild Water Deluxe Fly Combos – Comparison Review

Combos, outfits, kits, packages, call them whichever name, whether you have tight loop skills or still at the baby steps, you will need one. You are not limited to only owning one, any number two, three, ten, twenty, or forty, as long as they do justice to your angling.

Fly fishers can save lots of money by purchasing fly gear in combo packs. They not only include the magic rod, but also a reel, fly line, and backing.

These are the basics for any combo like in the Wild Water Deluxe 5/6 9ft fly Fishing Combo and the K&E Outfitters Fly Fishing Combo. Some throw in either a rod sock, rod tube, or both and accessories.

K&E Outfitters vs Wild Waters Deluxe


Redington Sonic Pro Womens Waders Review 2020 – Four Layer Protection

Temperatures drop and cool towards the crisp fall weeks. For those who know what the waters hold, it is time to ready your tackle gear and fish. Still, it is the right time to upgrade your fly fishing gear. After prolonged use, sometimes these companions have slow leaks which let in enough water to make you miserably soggy.

Women are very sensitive and such things annoy them. Designed by women for fellow women, the Redington Sonic Pro Women’s Waders boast a four-layer fabric construction. They offer ultimate waterproofness and durability. If you are looking for a pair of waders to boost your confidence as you throw your lures, you can have hook on this one and hit your fishing spot.

How is the cut? Does it sag in the derriere?

These are among the commonest questions that fisherwoman would like to obtain factual answers. This one doesn’t, especially if you are very hippy. Such positivity excites women to put on their waders even before they are out to the waters. How well they wrap around your lady lumps is impeccable.

You will thank the manufacturer for designing these waders with a functional side panelling with some stretch properties. If you have had several waders on, you will realize that waterproof fabric with stretch mechanisms is becoming one of the greatest technological innovations of current times. The wader’s top section has an elastic drawstring to counter any instances of gaping out.


Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel Review 2020 – Saltwater Safe

We follow up on the outstanding Snowbee Geo-S Fly Reel which is a salmon and saltwater reel. Snowbee launched this masterpiece for incredibly lighter fly lines.

For a reel that had been designed, launched, and had excellent reception years back, the manufacturer keeps making adjustments to ensure that it still outdoes many high-end saltwater fly reels in its category. Snowbee won two awards in the 2019 EFTTEX awards.

This is specific for the fly fishing department. While it took the top position in the Best Accessory of the year with the Snowbee Ultralite Chest Pack, the Geo-S fly reel was the runner-up in the Best Fly Reel category which is a plus for this brand.

Similar to selecting the best fly rod, having the best saltwater reel will enhance the chances of an angler’s success. True to say, salmon species are diverse. There are commonalities that exist across all the salmon species. But, they are all strong, powerful and lots of fun and excitement to catch on your rod. First things first, you need to match your size of reel to the right rod size. This is a basic that seems intuitive but is worth sensitizing.



Patagonia Mens Rio Gallegos Regular Waders Review 2019 – Slim Fitting

There is always an endpoint to every good or bad thing so they say. For now, this will be a rumour. Great waders live long. Longer than you can think. Their lives remain in magnificent fashion and impressing enough, it always ends up winning your trust.

Something like the Patagonia Men’s Rio Gallegos Regular Waders is what we are talking about here. As you burst through streamside bushes, crawl over the jagged rocks, and keep jumping out and in of your kayak year in year out, you will wait for a burst seam in vain. Well, if you don’t have it yet, you must be financially anxious to spend some more on an extra pair.

The RIO Gallegos Regular has been well designed for 2016. You know, roughing up everything and creating a new, striking, and fully functional wader was just the right thing to do when anglers discovered that the Patagonia line of waders was beginning to be problematic.

This one doesn’t fail out of the gate. Quite a good thing for the manufacturer to create an enthusiastic task force and identify areas of concern, eliminate variations, and correct the issues in the manufacturing chain. Straight from the abyss, the New 2016 version was born.


SeaKnight Neoprene Winter Fishing Gloves Review 2019 – 3 Cut Design

Since 1983, SeaKnight Company has gained trust and confidence through dedicated customer service. Starting u as a mere workshop hoping to scale the industry and be a big enterprise, this is a company that has stood the test of time and set itself apart from its competition.

Almost all angling solutions are found here from high-quality gear like the Neoprene Outdoor 3-Cut Finger Design Fishing Gloves to fly fishing equipment at affordable prices. Based on persistence, innovation, and challenge, the manufacturers look forward and live up to high expectations for the best quality and durable fishing gear.

Any technological innovation you learn of under the SeaKnight brad is courtesy of R & D personnel, able and professional fishermen and women. Before any product is released to the market for sale, it undergoes rigorous field or lab tests. The outdoor tests bring steady technical improvements and upgrades to ensure each angler gets the best experience. As you go for any challenge on water, SeaKnight will always accompany you.



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