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Orvis Clearwater Cassette Fly Reel Review

The Orvis Clearwater Cassette Fly Reel deserves accolades. It has proven so many surprising truths-from being the ultimate choice for competition anglers to boasting high versatility. In the fly fishing tackle industry, Orvis has leaped to the farthest front. From the top to the bottom, the Clearwater cassette fly reel’s offerings have outdone some high-end

Wild Water Deluxe vs Orvis Encounter Fly Combo Review

Interested in fly fishing? Kick-starting your journey especially if you know nothing can be daunting. But, with the right channels and reference material, you will be heading towards being a pro. It isn’t a small task as it is equipment intensive. Well, you will need patience and dedication. If the urge is unbearable, getting the

Loon Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit Review 2022

Ask the legends in the fly fishing industry and they will tell you that running a successful angling business isn’t as easy as most people think. Since 1991, Loon Outdoors has been tying flies and the small steps the company has made have added up to what it is now. Besides believing in great products,

Waterworks Lamson Remix Cassette Fly Reel Review 2022

Sometimes, our budgets are a limiting factor when shopping for fly fishing gear and equipment. We all desire high-end reels and rods that look fancy, speak class and do the job perfectly. However, what’s in our pockets pushes us to settle for less. Waterworks break the idea of cheap being non-functional. The Waterworks Lamson Remix

Waterworks Lamson Liquid 3-Pack Fly Reel Review 2021

Each season, new angling tackle floods shops and the online marketplace with every brand hoping to catch the attention of fly fishers. The Idaho-based company didn’t come to play. Put the Waterworks Lamson Liquid 3-Pack Fly Reel through the ringer and it will prove that it performs better than some high-end fly reels. This fly

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