Simms Headwater Pro Stockingfoot Chest Waders Review 2021

Of all the wader makers in the current market, Simms has held a higher reputation.

This came after the release of the Simms G3 waders that swept almost all anglers off their feet to what they termed as a gold standard.

Since its launch, this hasn’t changed.

It might interest you to check out the new Simms Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Waders that took the place of the Headwaters wader which was Simms’s value-priced option.

Besides borrowing some features from its predecessor the Headwaters, a good portion of the design is lifted from Simms G3 Guide waders which is another high-end best-seller.

This is evident in the reinforcement in the lower leg using another layer of the Gore-Tex fabric, the fit, and patterning.

If we were asked to name them, we’d call them the G3 Lite waders because of the bunch of similarities.

Simms Headwaters Pro Stockingfoot Waders


Waterworks Lamson Liquid 3-Pack Fly Reel Review 2021

Each season, new angling tackle floods shops and the online marketplace with every brand hoping to catch the attention of fly fishers.

The Idaho-based company didn’t come to play.

Put the Waterworks Lamson Liquid 3-Pack Fly Reel through the ringer and it will prove that it performs better than some high-end fly reels.

This fly reel has been built to have a maximum drag of about 2.5lbs and it battles large trout effortlessly.

Waterworks Lamson Liquid Cassette Fly Reel

More into its design aspects,

Fly fishing, to most people, is considered a simple sport though one that will force the angler to be present at the moment.

Regardless of your skill levels or duration of fishing, this pastime has a way to connect you to nature.

An angler submerges themselves in the space around them and they pay more attention to their friends-to-be.


Best Fluorocarbon Fly Fishing Line 2021 – Stealth and Strength

Before we consider what is the best fluorocarbon fishing line let us discuss the properties and characteristics of this leader material.

When it comes to fly fishing the introduction of fluorocarbon may be one of the most outstanding developments since the creation of fly fishing itself.

I joke, but it really has made a large difference to fly fishing catch rates and fun to be had by anglers of all ages and skill levels.

Fluorocarbon has many properties but the one that makes it ideal for fishing is that light refracts through it the same way as water and so the fish (or so it is believed) can’t see it.

This is especially evident in still water fisheries as trout are usually leader shy and will move away from traditional monofilament lines.

This is where the fluorocarbon has helped get extra takes.

In river fishing especially fast water the light passing through it is refracted and distorted in numerous ways and the trout can’t see you or the line as easily as in calm still water.

So it is not that important but the other benefits make it ideal in these conditions also.


A tendency to be brittle!

Some fluorocarbon lines are very brittle but they can be compensated by getting the diameter that is correct for your type of fishing.

There are many brands and breaking strains so it may be a bit of testing to see what is ideally suited but we will discuss that later.

Fluorocarbon is usually a lot stiffer than mono and is great for the turnover on casts which helps in the reduction of wind knots, tangles and bad casting.

This makes it good for a beginner who is trying to learn fly fishing and also very good on weighted flies that have a tenancy to drop on the forward cast and catch the loop.


Simms New G4 Pro Wading Jacket Review 2021 – Top Awards

The New Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket

In the last half of 2019, Simms unleashed one of the most technologically advanced yet durable fishing collection-the Simms G4 Pro line.

It did an overhaul of all the gear in this line including the New Simms G4 Pro Wading Jacket that caught our attention so fast.

Others in the lineup that are brand new for the market are G4Z (zipped front) and G4 Pro stockingfoot waders and the Felt or Vibram G4 Pro boots.

For about two decades the G4 Pro jacket has traversed so many countries, combed numerous ecosystems, and taken all the brutality of weather elements compared to others out there.

What’s New?

The jacket was redesigned in 2019 for 2020 for the hardcore anglers in need of an arsenal of gear that they can fish longer in regardless of the conditions or terrain.

Simms uses the most recent technologically advanced fabrics and incorporates cutting-edge design ideas to level up a new standard in performance, function, and durability.

What surprises us is the duration it took to update the older version of the jacket.

More than 20,000 hours of field tests by the guides that cast in the unforgiving locations to satisfy their passions, it was indeed rigorous.

Fly Fishing Jackets - Simms G4 Pro


Airflo Nymph Indicator Fly Line Review 2021 – Trout Heaven

AirfloUSA is among the go-to brands for many fly, switch, and spey anglers.

Also, while the majority of the other companies focus on building freshwater fly lines, this one has several for use in saline areas.

The company has however not been as popular among traditional trout anglers as it commenced the fly line manufacturing business.

What birthed its recent fame is the new generation of lines that the company coins as Super-DRI.

One being the AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line.

Its latest technologies are the reason the company had to address the issue of previous fly lines not floating high enough.

The Ridge category of lines has since been one of the best lines for casting for distance.

Some waters are far from the views of traditional trout fly anglers. You neither need four weights, microscopic dries nor fine tippets.

Most gear you will spot in these areas is heavily-weighted streamers, egg and flesh rigs, and mouse patterns.

These are not easy to cast with ordinary equipment.

Airflo Nymph Indicator Fly Line


Simms G3 Guide Riparian Camo Stockingfoot Waders

Simms G3 Guide Riparian Waders

Somewhere in 2018, the legend of all times released a new addition into the G3 Guide collection.

The Simms G3 Guide Riparian Camo Stockingfoot Waders gives the first impression of style, environmental compatibility, and comfort.

These look comfortable enough like your go-for pajamas and this isn’t a marketing BS.

Once you wear them, you will notice a great difference. New anglers will question the wader pattern.

Why not plain-colored like the other waders? (more…)

Perception Pescador Pro 12 Fly Fishing Kayak Review

Best Fly Fishing Kayak - Perception

Perception Kayaks has been in the kayak manufacturing business for almost six decades now.

The company is famous for its high-quality and durable kayaks that focus on safety first before the fun.

Kayaking anglers in South Carolina agree that its Greenville workshop is a hive of activities and what comes out of it is pure gold.

This is evident in the Perception Pescador Pro 12 Kayak.

Designed and field-tested in the USA before being released to other consumers, the Pescador Pro 12 has been crafted with the needs of the modern angler in mind.

First, the kayak comes in three primary colors-grasshopper, salsa, and dapper.

These colors might be the conventional types common to most people but the salsa is a reddish-yellowish-orange one.

The dapper takes a black and blue color while the grasshopper is black and lime. We love their fairness in the eye. (more…)

Maui Jim Peahi vs Guides Choice Sunglasses Review

A fisherman’s life entails long days full of endurance on the water.

Just like a night guard with a revolver often missing the target, an angler will need to cast and throw several flies before landing a catch.

Your eyes are an important tool as you scan the surfaces of lakes, rivers, and oceans.

As you supplement your diet with plenty of Vitamin C sources, protecting them from impending damage is vital.

We have a comprehensive guide on the Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses on our site.

Apart from this, we strive to compare products from different brands and let you decide your favorite.

Here, we compare the Maui Jim Peahi Rectangular Sunglasses and Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses in all aspects.

Guides Choice vs Peahi Rectangular Sunglasses

Maui Jim is a renowned manufacturer of lightweight, durable polarized sunglasses which allow the wearer to see view the world in extremely vibrant and glare-free color.

Since 1980, the company has been on the front line in quality production.

In 2015, the company was rated the best and third largest manufacturer of sunglasses worldwide.

Smith Optics believes in living a greater life outside the walls and strives to manufacturer sunglasses that allow you to get the best out of each moment.

Still, on the mission of customer satisfaction, this manufacturer creates ChromaPop lenses which are the greatest advancement in the world of polarizing lenses.

They see the truest colors and allows you to maximize the view of the world around you.

Before we dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of each model, we will touch on the base of key features of these sunglasses.

Each brand offers its own technologies to give every wearer the visual edge to reel in small and big fish.

Polarization, durability, and comfort are among the factors that are well taken care of by both Maui Jim and Smith Optics.

While there are many other products from these two manufacturers, it boils down to eye protection and visual clarity.

Any other thing apart from this is a bonus to a good pair.

Read more below and make sure to check out our sunglasses buyers’ guide.

Smiths Guides Choice Amazon Price

Check Maui Jim Peahi Amazon Price


Orvis Fly Tying Work Center Review – Portable Fly Tying

Any fly tyer who is also a fervent angler will agree that tying the traps is as fulfilling as getting them to hook a fish.

There is nothing as rewarding as knowing that a fly you tied from scratch landed you a fish.

Regardless of the size you catch, the joy and content are unmeasurable. When the angling season elapses, we all need to find something to do.

Pro tyers will tell you that what they love most is spending time on their desks and work centers.

A good one should be like the Orvis Fly Tying Work Center.

A fly tying working center is a very essential addition to your tying arsenal.

It is a great way to organize your supplies and have working space within the same area.

Generic work centers exist but one or two only could match the quality and features of the Orvis one.

You can think that you are saving a few bucks by purchasing any that you come across.

Literally, you will save some coins but you aren’t sure about the duration that your work center will serve you.

Orvis Fly Tying Work Station


Orvis Mirage LT Fly Reel Review – Light but Tough

As anglers who love to experiment with new products, we anticipate new releases.

Especially if it is from a big fish like Orvis, there is usually more hype to see if they maintained their standards, surpassed customer expectations, or hit a miss.

Just after the launch of the well-received Mirage Series reels for saltwater came the Orvis Mirage LT Fly Reel built for lighter fly lines. It took the company over a year to produce and test the first batch.

We can agree that Orvis outdid itself with this one. Before its release, the speculations were too much.

Some thought that the LT was to replace the standard Mirage reel. It did not because the original Mirage reel exists.

The LT is just a lighter version, a well-built, streamlined choice that shares some of the features with its predecessor but available at a lower cost.

30% narrower and 30% lighter than the Mirage, this reel becomes the perfect match for light rods and applications.

Orvis Mirage LT Fly Fishing Reel


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