2019 ICAST Best of Show Winners – New Fly Fishing Products

It came back BIG and BETTER! ICAST is the largest and most spectacular sportfishing trade show worldwide. It brings on board premier showcases of the latest and newest innovations in all aspects fishing, apparel, accessories, and gear.

As it remains the cornerstone of fishing as a sport, even those in for business pride in the showcase. The ICAST 2019 was held on July 9th to 12th in Orlando and drew buyers, manufacturers, and media globally.

American Sportfishing Association is still the producer of the ICAST Show and in 2019 the event brought together over 15,000 people from 71 countries. The gathering had big brands, growing names, and start-ups.


The next ICAST Conference and product showcase is scheduled for July 14th to 17th 2020 with the exhibition running from 15th to 17th 2020 in Orlando Florida.

The countdown has already begun on the ICAST website. Many products that debuted at the 2019 showcase are available in the market for sale. Many more are being launched each day.

We advise you to keep checking on our site for the product reviews and insights. Learn what customers and guides are saying about them and more.

We put together this piece to cover the Best of Category awards of the New Product Showcase. As usual, the media attendees and credential buyers vote after which the winners are selected.

See what we had for this year’s crowns. Stick around to see if your favorite brands featured and which new manufacturers you would like to take on a trial. There is so much to learn and think of experimenting this spring from the categories below.

2019 Orvis Clearwater Fly Reel Review – Beginner Fly Reel

Our recent review of the Clearwater Fly Reel was prodigiously positive. Orvis simply worked hard enough and did an awesome upgrading and redesigning that fly reel and it is fully satisfying to fly fish with.

Once you choose the fully loaded type, Orvis has a few goodies as part of the package to ensure that you spend less, save more, and have everything shipped at the same time. Any angler will confirm that having a great fly rod is mandatory.

Having one of the best fly reels like the 2019 Orvis Clearwater Fly Reel which works exceptionally well without any hitches and matches the rod perfectly is equally important.

There is much more that a good fly reel can do apart from holding the fly line and backing. Have you ever tried to hook a big and fast swimming fish?

You will discover that the aftermath will highly depend on the quality of your fly fishing reel every fisherman or woman wants a well-built durable unit that is effective even after years of consistent use.

A bonus to it should be a stylish design which looks striking strapped on the fly rod. It is pleasurable to fish with something like this.

How about pairing your Clearwater fly reel 2019 edition with a Clearwater 4pc fly rod 2019 edition? It will always be your go-for combo.



Redington Minnow Fly Fishing Outfit Review 2019 – Child Friendly Combo

Do you tag your kids along when going fly fishing? These little champs can make excellent anglers if well nurtured. Redington allows kids, teens and young anglers have a memorable first experience with the Redington Minnow Fly Fishing Outfit (580-4) – 5 Weight, 8′ Fly Fishing Rod w/Crosswater Fly Reel. If you are a professional angler, the first look at the Redington Minnow is impressive but its performance might not move you that much.

However, it is considered one of the best fly rod outfits for kids. With a slightly shorter rod, length, the Minnow rod has been fine-tuned for the young anglers. There are several offerings you can consider with different price ranges but this one is reasonable in all aspects.

Eight feet is pretty long enough for young anglers to cast efficiently. At the same time, it is short enough to avoid being overly cumbersome in their little hands. The four-piece rod makes sense for teens and there’s not much to worry about. The real thing, children aren’t detail-oriented and getting to align and secure the four rod sections is a great way to learn.

Rarely do the ferrules come apart when casting. It was thoughtful of Redington to include alignment dots on the Minnow. The cork grip is short and it is a great feature to make the rod easier to hold for those with small hands. Minnows have a reasonable weight to handle good-sized fish but light to feel the tug of a smaller quarry.



NRS Chinook Fly Fishing Vest PFD Review 2019 – A Blend of Safety and Storage

‘’Drowning.’’ The thought of it makes many tremble in fear. What if you drown and there is nothing or no one to your rescue? Death. Advancement in technology has seen a few manufacturers producing safety jackets, life jackets, and PFDs like the NRS Chinook Fishing PFD. This personal flotation device is the single most vital piece of outdoor safety gear.

Especially when fly fishing or kayaking. As this one plays a major role in safety gear, with anglers in mind it doubles as a great fishing vest. Honing in on a good fly fishing PFD that is a blend of safety and storage can be daunting with the wide variety available in the market to choose from.

It is easy to get away with any PFD of your choice as long as it fits well and has certification by the US Coast Guard. You need to know that most of the personal flotation devices are majorly for recreational boating. Their downside is that their inactiveness and limit of freedom of movement. You know you need flexibility and maneuverability to cast a rod or paddle a kayak.

Investing in the right fly fishing PFD is well worth it, it doesn’t matter if you are a serious angler or not. Usually, there are five categories of PFDs and the Chinook falls under the ‘TYPE III PFD’. This means that the wearer gets a full range of motion when casting or paddling.



Orvis Clearwater Fly Line Review 2019 – Optimizes Floatation

  • Distance 65% 65%
  • Streamers 65% 65%
  • Roll Casting 70% 70%
  • Nymphing 80% 80%
  • Shooting 65% 65%
  • Presentation 80% 80%
  • Beginners 80% 80%
  • ChuckingFluff Overall Score 69% 69%

Talk of Orvis when it comes to experts in the manufacture of high-end sporting and recreation goods. Especially fly fishing. This family-owned retail business has been producing high-quality products for over 150  years and they are still in business to date. In fact, Orvis has remained top of the list because of its high regards for customer satisfaction. 

Their expertise is manifested in all products including the Clearwater Fly Line that is professionally designed using a set of special technologies that ensure its performance is incomparable. Its features are amazing like in this Orvis Clearwater Fly Line Review.

If you love going fly fishing, you will definitely love this fly line because of its less drag and ability to cast further. Forget about guessing because this line, among others from Orvis is quickly and easily identifiable. The line is printed with weight, taper, and functionality. When you see Orvis, you see the quality and get value for money with every cast.

Orvis Clearwater Trout Fly Line
Orvis Clearwater Line Price

Which Fly Fishing Reels Are Best For Trout? Beginners Guide

When starting out in fly fishing finding good quality fly fishing tackle can be difficult. However, it really is all down to how much you want to spend on the tackle as your hobby can grow into a monster if you are not careful. That’s not a problem if you have the financial backing to cover this but if you are working on a basic living then stretching your self too much can be silly. So with this in mind let’s explore which fly fishing reels are best for trout.


What is the most important piece of equipment?

Of all of the items used for fly fishing, I would generally spend the most on the rod and line as the fly fishing reel is really a container and hence not that important, or is it? However with all things in life if you spend a bit more you will get extra features and be able to fish a little bit more comfortably than with a basic setup.

What do I mean then?  Well as you go up the price brackets the materials to make the reels can become very expensive as all sorts of alloys are being used. These are stronger and usually lighter than the basic reels. When fishing all day it can become very tiring with a heavy rod and reel and will end your day sooner. So buying a reel made from lite materials will let you fish for longer and increase your chances of getting more fish.  

So it all comes down to this really…… spend as much as you can possibly afford without overstretching. That way you will get the best you possibly can. As a newbie fly fishing angler, you will probably want to aim for something between $100-$150, this should get a reasonable reel for your hard-earned cash. There are lots of cheaper ones under $100 but they are not really built to last and as mentioned can be fairly heavy. However if just testing the water as to speak to see if fly fishing for you then these can do the trick. Alternatively, a fly fishing combo that has all the items in an outfit put together by the manufacturer in a neat package can be a better investment than buying the items individually. 


Loop OPTi DryFly Fly Reel Review 2019 – Saltwater Ready

Loop has been in the fly fishing industry for decades. All this time, the company has dedicated to satisfying its customers by producing high-quality fly fishing equipment. Some of the finest for that matter.

Founded in 1978 as a European Tackle Company, you are sure to bet on performance each time you hold a LOOP. No doubt, after sampling the Loop OPTi DryFly Fly Reel. Nothing else compares to its fineness.

Most anglers will associate the Loop Company with their medium and medium-fast fly rods. They are everywhere on the shores and river banks. The company has gained credibility in the industry through their rods.

Less than a decade ago, the Loop Company became famous for one of the greatest innovation in the fly fishing industry. The craftsmen innovated the first large arbor fly fishing reel. Well, the reel was met with a lot of skepticism.

This created an opportunity for other leading companies to start producing reels that have faster line retrieve rates. Have you noticed that the large arbor reel is a norm today? Enough of the source.

The Loop Opti Series Fly Reels are totally saltwater ready and waterproof. The components are well-built with anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Saltwater is harsher than freshwater but no problem for this reel.

Loop has screws that are secured with Loc-Tite. Loc-Tite creates a dense layer of defense against the tough elements.



Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Vest Review 2019 – Classic Look, Upgraded

You are all psyched for your next fly fishing trip. You have a fully functional fishing outfit, a pair of the latest fancy glasses, a high-end carrying case, and maybe the best boots that money can buy. Do you think you are set? Certainly not. There is so much you are missing.

A storage system that will carry all your gear and equipment is as important as that expensive wader, a pair of sloggers or waterproof pants in tow. Something good like the Orvis Clearwater Vest is what you need. Though many anglers may look at it as a silly purchase that your old uncle or grandpa has, it remains as useful as ever.

The best news is that nowadays, these fly vests aren’t your grandpa’s style anymore. They are more performing, fully functional and better than ever. If you doubt if they can take your angling experience to the next level, please try this one from the award-winning Orvis. Orvis scooped about three awards in the 2017 IFTD.

Among them are best men’s wading boots, best women’s waders, and best women’s outerwear. The company has been doing exceptionally well since its launch. Some of their other quick selling fly vests are Ultralight Vest and Orvis PRO Vest.



Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing Tips – Beginner’s Guide to Catch more Fish

I have had loads of fun days chasing rainbows at my local still water fisheries.  Rainbow trout are mostly stocked fish from local fish farms and are feed on pellets etcetera, to bring them up to a decent fighting trout weight. The average weight would be 1.5 pounds at this point.

Although these trout can grow to twenty-pound plus, trout this size can be slightly lazy and a one that has grown to 10-12 lbs would be considered a prime fighting specimen. When introduced to the fishery the new trout scurry around looking to explore their new habitat and will snatch at anything that lands on the water and so it is times like this when I enjoy rainbow trout fly fishing and these tips should help you catch them too.


How to put a smile on a newbies face!

If you are new to rainbow trout fly fishing it is these days that really entice you to stay in the sport as it can be a lot of fun. Some would argue that it’s too easy to catch trout when they are newly added but if you are introducing someone to fly fishing and trying to encourage them into performing casts correctly it is the icing on the cake when they can actually land one or two trout.

The smile on their face is more than enough to make the experience remember-able for both of you. I have contacts at my local fisheries and if I am bringing a guest newbie I will ring ahead asking for the restocking days. This may seem like offsetting the rules somewhat but where is the harm if your new prodigy is happy catching a few trout.

The real test of the fly fisher comes on the days when there is no activity but remembering the feeling of a trout hitting your fly drives you on to master the craft for the next hit. (more…)

Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line Review 2019 – Less Drag more Distance

  • Distance 70% 70%
  • Streamers 80% 80%
  • Roll Casting 80% 80%
  • Nymphing 65% 65%
  • Shooting 65% 65%
  • Presentation 80% 80%
  • Beginners 65% 65%
  • ChuckingFluff Overall Score 72% 72%

When a company like Orvis that has been in business for over 150 years is still getting tons of positive reviews to date, it means that they are nothing but the BEST! You could be wondering how this is possible. Orvis has purposed to work towards customer satisfaction that is why it is among the top manufacturers of fly fishing gear, equipment and other products. It feels great to know that you are spending your money on high quality and durable products.

For instance, the Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line that is loved by many anglers for its efficiency and high performance. The line is designed with very special technologies to maintain high floating abilities like it is meant to be. Durability is not something to gamble with when you decide to purchase this fly line. With proper care and maintenance like regular cleaning, it can serve you for so many years.

Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line
Check Orvis HD Price

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