Costa Del Mar Fantail Polarized Sunglasses Review 2019 – Clarity in Saltwater

New to Costa? The Fantail lineup makes use of the 360-degree co-molded technology. The key detail in construction is in the non-slip Hydrolite lining which is along the interior of the Fantail frame to help the sunglasses stay put at all times.

Costa Del Mar Fantail Sunglasses have a tough, rectangular frame with a medium fit but can fit a few wearers with slightly large heads. The co-injected nylon construction guarantees comfort and durability. In fact, it takes up to the challenges in saltwater environments.


Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses Review – Best Freshwater Sunglasses 2019

Hats off to Dr. Bob Smith. Founder and owner of the Smith Optics, the ski bum who hails from Idaho together with his able team have seen the company among the top-rated sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers.

How did he get here?

His love for the outdoors saw him wanting to stay longer on their slopes even when the rest had left for their homes. It didn’t matter to him whether or not the weather conditions were ideal. All thrill seekers globally.

Over 50 years innovating excellent eye wear, Smith is greatly expanding into the realm of superb sunglasses with products like Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses.



Best Fly Fishing Polarized Sunglasses 2019 – Protection with Flare

Introduction to Fishing Sunglasses

Angling success begins when you can boldly spot the visual location of a species in target. Almost the same way an eagle swiftly catches a fish. The eagle’s action kicks off from identification from a far distance. As it swoops to catch a fish, it is almost unexplainable.

The speed is terrific and the accuracy of the catching action is spot-on. Thanks to the powerful vision-almost microscopic! Hooking your target doesn’t require similar vision, experience, and keenness. For an adrenaline-charged fish hook-up, you need an excellent pair of fly fishing sunglasses.

Best Fly Fishing Polarized Sunglasses


Redington VICE Fly Fishing Rod Review – Great Power beyond Price

Many anglers love the heft of a classic rod and the Redington VICE Fly Fishing Rod is your ultimate choice of a stick. Redington offers all the proportions a caster will love in this type of rod. Satisfaction from its use is derived from the performance characteristics and modern materials used in craftsmanship. Redington is an acclaimed manufacturer of fly fishing gear, equipment, and apparel. The company puts great focus on design and production to make spending longer hours on water more fun.

The VICE has some of the advanced features that you will not spot in many rods. Its blank is made from multi-modulus carbon fiber with fast action. The recovery levels are to the best levels and accuracy and control are a surety. Both amateurs and veterans can count on it. Unlike medium or slow action rods, you can throw some of the tightest loops, make the longest casts of time and work perfectly with heavier flies even in windy conditions.

Redington never gambles with durability and quality. Deeper into aspects that ensure you spend on the best of the best, the components are undeniably reliable. They are of saltwater grade meaning they are resistant to corrosion and rust when exposed to the harsh environs like saline waters. Quite a fantastic option for rookie saltwater anglers or fly fishers who are visiting saltwater regions for the first time. The components add to the rod’s durability. It doesn’t matter if you are in pursuit of cutthroats or bonefish, it has your back.

Redington Vice Fly Fishing Rod Review

Strength is no doubt as it handles a steelhead’s brute force. The sensitive tip cushions a fine tippet extremely well. If you want something longer for easy line mending you don’t need to go farther. Its deep green color with gold trims will put you over the top. You know it doesn’t have to have an awesome-looking fly rod. The black anodized snake guides are worth a second glance- if style, class, and aesthetics are not your concern, this one will draw your attention. Reel seats that are laser-etched are a rare feature on most high-end brands. (more…)

Moonshine Rod Company Epiphany Series Fly Fishing Rod Review

(Euro/Czech Nymph Style)  Czech nymphing is not like your usual nymphing style. Its roots are in Eastern and the Middle parts of Europe. Some of the best Czech competitors took this style as part of an experiment and perfected it to what it is now. There are special rods like the Moonshine Rod Co. The Epiphany Series (Euro/Czech Nymph Style) Fly Fishing Rod for this style. The principle of Euro/ Czech nymphing is fishing in short distances done under the fly rod’s tip. The line hangs beneath the rod’s tip and most of the time; the end doesn’t touch the water. You can use two to three nymph flies of different weights.

Czech nymphs are normally weighted flies you tie on grub style hooks. They imitate freshwater shrimps or the case-less larvae of the caddis flies. Patterns used are super flashy are between size 8 and 16. They make the body from synthetic or natural dubbing. Their backs are made from high-grade latex strips or any other material that has the same characteristics as latex. Colored wire or monofilament is used for ribbing. Real Czech nymphs are tied very thinly for them to sink quickly.

Moonshine Epiphany Fly Rod Review


Fly Fishing Lines Explained – A Guide for the Beginner

The Fly Fishing Line

The Fly Fishing Line is a lot thicker than traditional monofilament fishing line. To get your fly out into the water in an attractive gentle method takes practice and some skill. Fly fishing lines explained

These can be learned but the fly fishing line is critical to the cast, get it wrong and you may as well not bother fishing at all.

A bad cast will collapse and crash onto the water surface spooking any fish that are in the close proximity, this is not a good thing as once spooked it’s very hard to get them back.

There are many variations of fly line however the options we will be concerned with here are weight, density, taper and color. So let’s delve deeper and get fly fishing lines explained to us.

Fly Fishing Line Weight

AFTM or the Association of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers came up with a standard to measure all fly fishing tackle including the line ratings.

This scale means if you buy a seven weight line from any manufacturer it will fit any seven weight rod and reel from any other manufacturers…cool right! That being said there are always exceptions to the rule but we will not concern ourselves with this now.

The line rating is worked out on the first 10 yards of line or 30ft which is about what you would use to load the rod to make a cast on the old traditional lines.

Loading the rod means flex it enough to perform a cast. Your rod needs a certain amount of weight outside the tip ring to allow it to throw a line. As the line rating number gets higher the line weight gets higher and will require a larger stiffer rod to cast it properly.

As a beginner we have been working on the 9ft 5 AFTM rated setup.


Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Women’s Jacket Review – Warmth, Protection and Style

Patagonia doesn’t need an introduction anymore. It is among the reputable and top-rated manufacturers of fly fishing gear, equipment and apparel. The zeal and dedication to improving how outdoor gear is designed and manufactured gives them a legendary crown. Their expertise can be seen in the Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody Women’s Jacket. If you haven’t spotted a few on streams, rivers and the coast, you aren’t fly fishing with the avid anglers. Puff jackets are becoming common these days and terming them as ubiquitous won’t cut it that much. They have earned prevalence.

Puff jackets from Patagonia Womens range provide warmth, protection from weather elements and are packable. Any angler needs such a workhorse when getting on the water. The Tough Puff comes as an all-purpose and intent jacket. It is an upgrade of the Nano Air which is another that had a great reception after its release into the market. Taking a rather new and advanced Tough Puff Insulation technology, all the jacket’s strong points are dependent on it. This allows the jacket to do some things that others in its category or higher can’t.

Patagonia Womens Tough Puff Jacket


Patagonia Women’s River Salt Wading Jacket Review – Style as you Fly!

Are you a woman passionate about fly fishing? Nowadays you don’t have the obvious lame excuse of ugly male wading jackets that you may be forced to wear. Currently, more ladies are taking part in fly fishing and manufacturers and suppliers of wading gear and apparel are taking note.

It is true that a man’s body isn’t built the same as a lady’s. There are many differences and they could be what keep one from feeling comfortable when in fishing apparel. For instance, there are major differences between the Patagonia Women’s River Salt Wading Jacket and the Patagonia Men’s River Salt Wading Jacket. Same manufacturer, different designs but same functionality and performance.

There are several renowned manufacturers offering the best quality wading jackets specifically cut and designed to suit a woman’s shape. Wading jackets for women come in different sizes, styles and colors. You know how sensitive women are on matters fashion anywhere. It is undeniable that women include a degree of aesthetics.

Patagonia Womens River Salt Wading Jacket


Fly Fishing Reels Explained – More than a Fly Line Container?

fly fishing reel

Fly fishing reels explained will show you that the reel is more than a container for your fly line to keep it off the ground when playing a fish. Unlike conventional bait rods the line will have to be retrieved in by hand to entice the trout to take your fly and as this happens the line will be increasingly lying at your feet unless you are using a fly line tray.

This is not so bad when you are on a sandy beach or clay bank side but if there is a lot of undergrowth then the line will get caught up on the vegetation and when that trout of a lifetime decides to take your fly you don’t want to be trying to pull the line free to play it in. Many a prize trout was lost this way believe me.

The reel is therefore to reel up the line before you try to play the trout. This can be done Fly fishing reelwith ease with a bit of practice as you hold the line tight to keep tension on the trout as you reel up the line with your other hand. This may sound difficult but it is not.

You can play a trout without reeling in first but this is only advisable when on a snag-free environment, even sitting in a boat is not the place as oars, bags, your partner can all get tangled up with your fly line very easily.

Once you have the line on the reel you can let the trout fight and take line and reel it back on with the knowledge that you are free to move in any direction it decides to go.


Cortland Precision 15 Foot Ghost Tip Fly Line Review – Stealth and Precision

Cortland is a famous name among anglers because of its durable fly fishing gear and products. This company has been in this business since 1915 and seems to be growing stronger and bigger each year. What drives them into remaining focused is experience and passion. They develop the most advanced fly lines you can find in the market.

All fly lines from Cortland including the Cortland Precision 15 Ghost Tip Fly Line have been designed using the latest technology. Cortland developed the technologies to ensure fly lines are high performing, durable and exceed the user’s expectations.

Precision 15 comes in different sizes ranging from size 5 to size 9. You can choose your size and feel free to experiment with other sizes. If you live in an area with salty water, this Ghost Tip fly line is the ideal choice. It never fails in its floating function as a sub-surface fly line.

Cortland Ghost Tip Trout Fly Line (more…)

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