Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader Review

What exactly are entry-level waders? Some would refer to them as waders for newbie anglers while others will term them as the lowly-priced waders in the market. There is no doubt that the two parties are right. However, even the pro anglers can use entry-level waders.

Let us sample the Frogg Toggs Hellbender Breathable Stockingfoot Chest Wader and see if it is a dependable choice. Most brands will make these waders in the simplest manner, leaving out other features. Frogg Toggs doesn’t do this in these waders.

In fact, for its price, it scores a 10 when it comes to construction and feature alignment. There was the first generation of these waders and not so long, the manufacturer released a second generation of the same. Much difference is in cosmetics and performance.


2019 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (IFTD) Awards

Denver, Colorado, USA is the birthplace of the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show despite being held in other locations each year. Tackle Trade World is IFTD’s biggest sponsor and American Fly Fishing Tackle Association the organizers.

We must agree that this year’s show was nothing ever seen before with 156 exhibitors booking slots 10 months prior to the D-Day.

The show witnessed the largest population ever in its history with 2,251 attendees showing up. This is a 97% increase from the 2017 and a 137% rise compared to 2018.

It is disheartening when every such show or conference laments about environmental degradation without tabling possible solutions to counter it. We are proud of IFTD for being at the forefront of environmental conservation for sustainability.

As it strives to turntables and clean the planet, so does the tackle industry grow-hitting two birds with one stone. The major initiative this year was the KICKPLASTIC Coalition to ensure a greater reduction in energy-use footprint and make IFTD a plastic-free zone.

IFTD Denver 2019 Award Winners


Best Fly Fishing in Florida the Sunshine State

While Michigan is famous for freshwater angling, Florida boasts exemplary spots for saltwater fly fishing. No fly fisherman or woman will put down an offer to visit either or both states. Florida has a wide range of inland waters and each is worth checking out.

If you have a thing for bass, you can find these chaps almost anywhere in this state. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing one of the city-side canals or sampling quiet ponds. Take time to visit the mangrove swamps, flats, and estuaries to find out what they harbor.

Florida is well endowed and surrounded by what Mother Nature offers as fly fishing spots. Statistically, the state boasts more than 10,000 miles in rivers, 7,700 miles of lakes, and about 2,300 miles of the tidal shoreline.

Best Fly Fishing in Florida


Caddis Systems Attractive Teal Deluxe Waders for Women Review

Sometimes, you don’t have to cough over $300 on waders only. Are you paying for a mortgage? Well, we have manufacturers that are considerate enough to avail great waders for less. Take a look at the popular Caddis Systems Attractive Teal Deluxe Waders for Women. You wouldn’t believe until you behold it. Caddis has been in the business of producing tackle gear for a long time now. Its ability to dwell more on affordable fly fishing and hunting stuff is what makes it gain favor from most consumers.

Is cheap expensive?

Yes, and No depending on the circumstances. However, in this case, we give it a big shout out. A no for the Attractive Teal Deluxe for women. Usually, when you think fishing, you always think of breathable materials. This one isn’t out of the sequence.

The promise by Caddis Waders is that this women’s design won’t let in water while still allowing the exit of body perspirations from the interior to the outer surface. Thanks to the permeable membrane, the possibility is very high. Theoretically, you sweat less because it counters the building of dampness inside. This is especially true in summer and warm areas.


Best Fly Fishing in Michigan – Some of the Hot Locations

The endowments of Mother Nature in Michigan are innumerable. In the whole of the US, Michigan flaunts the most miles of waters to fly fish in with over 11,000 lakes and hundreds of rivers. It makes sense since the state is bordered by 3 of the great lakes, Michigan, Superior and Huron. With all that water you know it’s got to be good.

A decent number of magazines and publications have voted it as the best fly fishing state in the continent. Even if you spent a lifetime angling, you’ll never fish it exhaustively here.

Digging out the depths of fly fishing history, it has been a frequented fly fishing destination for over centuries now. It birthed the famous Trout Unlimited conservation program, the ADAMS dry fly, and many reputable tackle companies.

Best Fly Fishing in Michigan State

Costa Del Mar Waterwoman Sunglasses Review – ICAST 2019 Winner

Costa spread the word about its new performance sunglasses for women. The Costa Del Mar Waterwoman Sunglasses. In this pair, the manufacturer ditches the traditional temples and nose pad coating design in favor of the Hydrolite accent temples and nose pads.

A company that isn’t partial on matters of gender is what most anglers are looking to flock to. For a long time, Costa has been manufacturing unisex sunglasses and a few for men. This time ardent female anglers have something to have that portrays style, class, and is an epitome of performance.


Lady Fly Angler Profiles – Power, Pride and Potential

More and more women are craving water. Either for healing, joy, adventure or as a profession. What was initially a male-dominated sport is now seeing a turn of situations. Straight from the manufacturing department to the actualization of the sport, it is enough to say that soon there is going to be a massive number of the feminine gender on the water than you could expect.

Manufacturers are exhibiting their prowess in the production sector. We now have fly fishing gear with a specific cut and fit for women. If you could pose a question randomly, the majority of lady anglers will attest to greater improvements in the creative areas. We have influential female anglers who have stood out to publicize angling. There is pretty much more on their plates than you can imagine. Having to juggle between their social lives, personal growth and development, family life, and careers, it is unspeakable that they have everything in order.

As they live to fish, they are generous enough to share their adventures with the world through their social accounts. What is more special is their zeal and determination to pull along other females on their posts in the comment section. Some are all-rounders as they love to hike, hunt, explore, and fish. You need to click on the follow button if you haven’t.

(all images from ladies instagram feeds)


Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Fly Reel Review – New Alloy Blend

The award-winning Hardy Ultralite MTX-S Fly Reel boasts an inimitable design which greatly reduces weight. It avowals impeccable frame strength like its sister the MTX. As of recent, Hardy’s light has been shinning brighter.

Being a benchmark in the fly fishing reel designs, the brand took the Best Fly Reel category in the 2017 EFFTEX awards with the Hardy Ultralite MTX Fly Reel carrying the season. Yet again, in the 2019 EFFTEX awards, the MTX-S took the crown in the same category.

The construction is top-notch. The fly reel’s body features a beautiful blend of carbon fiber materials and aluminum alloy. What results is a lightweight fly reel that has proven excellent and suitable for dealing with small bonefish and sea-run cutthroat.



RIO Technical Trout Fly Line Review – Lightest of Presentations

RIO, Scientific Anglers, Airflo, Orvis, and Cortland are household names when it comes to the manufacture of the best trout fly lines that the angling industry has ever had. RIO Products isn’t in the limelight for the first time. The brand presented its In-Touch sinking line in the EFTTEX 2012 show where it took the crown.

In 2013, the revolutionary Perception floating trout fly line took the Best New fly line in the same EFTTEX awards. These are just a few. Recently the RIO Technical Trout Fly Line did the brand proud yet again by coming top in the 2019 EFTTEX Awards Best Fly Line category. If you are a lover of the fabled trout rivers like Delaware, it is crucial for you to be outfitted with the right gear for freshwater needs.

Rio Technical Trout Fly Line Review
Rio Technical Line Amazon Price

Simms G4Z Mens Stockingfoot Wader Review – Upgraded ICAST Winner

‘’I am hell on fly fishing waders and have always been. However, despite almost a fortnight of daily exposure to abuse, the Simms M’s G4Z Stockingfoot Waders held firm’’

This is one of the positive remarks by a happy user on the Simms G4Z waders for men. Straight to it, the wader’s construction though pretty much straightforward, is very thorough.

The Bozeman folks didn’t screw or play around with these stockingfeet. It is evident even before you put it to test. Why do you think it scooped the Best of Category Technical Apparel for cold weather? This is one of the main features that helped put it at the top.


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