Simms Insulated Challenger Jacket and Bib Review 2021

Before anticipating any fun, anglers seek excellent protection from weather elements. In this line of tasks, there is a dizzying collection of options.

Of them all, Simms has remained a gold standard. It has maintained its status in the fly fishing sector because of always opting for high-end designs and fabrics.

A few years back, their drifted their attention to bass anglers. The team was successful and other manufacturers sprung and are doing well in the same space.

Since the company is at a gold standard and most of its products are at the gold price, the company recognizes the need to give an affordable option.

This works well as the high-end Pro Dry collection – the Simms Challenger Suit that comprises of the Simms Challenger Insulated Fishing Jacket and Bib.

Best Winter Fly Fishing Jackets - Simms Insulated Challenger Bib


Barbless hooks, are they good for fly fishing?

When I first started fly fishing all those years ago there was no such thing as barbless hooks for trout fishing, well not that I noticed anyway.

Most of your catches were kept back then however as time has progressed things have changed.

It is now more the norm to release your catch back into the ecosystem you caught it so future anglers will hopefully have the pleasure of partaking in the sport.

The only thing that wasn’t kept back thirty years ago was small undersized fish that were deemed by the fishing agencies to be returned.

When I think about it, some of the small trout I caught back then went back bleeding and probably swam off to die.

Well, I was only starting out back then and didn’t know anything about barbless trout flies.

All the flies I tied were on fully barbed hooks as this was the norm. So my question is; barbless hooks are they good for fly fishing? Let discuss to see the differences.

Many tackle changes over the last thirty years!

barbless hooks for trout fishing

Fly fishing in general has undergone many changes over the last thirty years.

Tackle improves every year. Fly rods are much stronger and lighter, same with fly fishing reels. Fly lines are now made with poly-coated layers with braided cores and the terminal tackle, the flies, are now made with chemically sharpened points hooks. To top this off barbless trout flies now are more common.

The barb when first conceived was to hold the fish in place so it could not fall off the hook and escape. This was very important back when things got started as fishing was more of a necessity for feeding the family than a sport as it is today. (more…)

Cortland Indicator Nymph Fly Line Review 2021 – See the Take

Cortland’s dedication to providing anglers of all stripes with the best performing gear and equipment is on another level.

The company has some of the best fly lines and the Cortland Indicator Nymph Fly Line for trout is one of the bomb products currently available.

If you are a discerning fisherman, the company is a premium choice.

Coldwater trout, apart from bass and steelhead are fascinating to play with when the season sets in you can land more fish when you have the right gear for the right species.

With the nymphing competition rules, an angler understands the need to stay within the requirements to ensure that they can focus on the prize.

What is the Cortland Indicator Nymph like?

The line ensures that you can properly cast your indicator rigs. It beat most of the nymphing lines when it comes to distance, hooking a fish, and managing the line when on water.

The brand has another nymphing line that is 75 feet. This one is 100 feet and assurance of casting farther than the other lines in its category.

Cortland Indicator Nymph Fly Line


Simms Freestone Wading Jacket Review 2021 – Layer Protection

Simms has gained worldwide recognition for its unmatched dedication to the outdoorsman’s love for sports.

The angling side appreciates it even more because the company understands fishers’ needs and delivers just that.

Since 1980 in the hands of John Simms, the company has been flourishing and to date, its reputation is what draws more novices to it.

As winter approaches, the Montana-based firm purposes to keep every angler stepping out dry and warm. Made by anglers for fellow anglers, their products have proven to be high-quality and very dependable.

For Instance, the Simms Freestone Wading Jacket is a must consider for this season because its type of construction and performance suits it.

Best Winter Fly Fishing Jackets - Simms Freestone


Best Fly Fishing Kayaks 2021 – Stealth Angling

Among all the methods of fishing, fly fishing has been rated as one of the most exhilarating. Despite it allowing you to step outdoors and enjoy the tranquility of the water and other offerings of Mother Nature, it gives a sense of fulfillment to an angler whose sanity depends on the sport.

How you fly fish will determine your yields. Fishing from a kayak is highly recommended by top fly fishing guides as it gives the fly fisher greater access to areas and pockets that are unreachable when fly casting from the banks.

Assessing paddling sports, kayaks are rapidly growing, and fly anglers are a bigger contribution to this growth. After considering the pros of fly fishing from a kayak, you will agree that adding a good one to your collection will up your water game.

Also, if you can spend a few hours paddling even if you don’t land a fish, the enjoyment will be enough.

Best Fly Fishing Kayak

The primary problem comes about when an angler needs to choose the best fly fishing kayaks for their excursions.

Just as selecting the best fly fishing combos from the plethora available in the market can be daunting, so is the task to choose your kayak.

Kayaks allow you to access a larger territory and heightens your rates of success. You will have more access to more fish that are wandering beyond the range of your cast.

You are also likely to discover new hotspots and destinations that are yet to be spotted by other fishermen/women.


Best Flies for Brown Trout 2021 – Catch more Fish

Best Flies for Brown Trout – Fill your Fly Box up with the Best

What you put in your fly box will decide how many trout you catch. Keep reading to discover the different types of insect life there is for a trout to feed on and the different stages of their lifecycles so you are better informed for your next session.


Insect Life on the River from Larvae to Adult

You might have fumbled as you started your trout fly fishing journey. Probably, you solely relied on fly recommendations from other anglers or went with any you came by.

For you to be effective in trout fly fishing and hit the necessary spots without missing a catch, you need to understand the life stages of various aquatic flies for brown trout.

Best Flies for Brown Trout

Brownies are cold-blooded and likewise for most of what they feed on. When winter sets in and the temperatures further drop, brown trout become inactive.

The insects they feed on too burry themselves in the silts or rock beds. A rise in temperatures comes with more insect activity and so does the brown trout behavior change. (more…)

Simms Fleece Midlayer Top Review 2021 – Warmth Under

In fly fishing, very few gear and equipment are versatile. Not because manufacturers are mean, but because of how gear-specific the seasons and techniques are.

We are always lucky to try as many products as possible to determine their usage and the Simms Fleece Midlayer Top fell in the multipurpose list.

You can compare this one to a colored pencil that can work on many projects.

Winter is about to set in and any fisher who is active during this time knows what preparedness means to them.

Fly Fishing Apparel - Simms Fleece Midlayer Top

A new fleece Midlayer top will be a good way to kick out the cold from your uppers. It is lightweight yet all warm and cozy.

Diving into Simms’s specifications, we have examines that the fleece quality and weight are top-notch.

Of course, you wouldn’t expect less from a legendary brand like this. We advise anglers to keep an eye on descriptive words like heat retention, wind-resistance, and insulation.

However, checking the customers’ thoughts, pros, cons, and reviews will help you decide if the product is worth it or not. Let’s say the Midlayer Fleece Top from Simms didn’t disappoint.


Orvis Mens Pro Underwader Pants Review – Underlayering

Anglers who cut their fishing teeth chasing water life in the coldest regions while wading and constantly in deeper waters will agree that proper layering can save a life.

Water temperatures in the rivers, creeks, and lakes are single digit and the humidity isn’t something to speak about. However, avid fly anglers still step out to have time for themselves doing what they love.

All you need and all you would want is a pair of warm yet light underneath layers like the Orvis Men’s Pro Underwader Pants. Quick-drying pants protect your legs from the brutal conditions.

Most winter fly fishermen and women expand their angling horizons and sample delicate brookies, browns, and rainbows in tailwaters for the better part of winter.

And this means a perfect pair of underwader pants like the Men’s Pro will do. Waters flowing during these times are colder than iced tea and the air temperatures also fall lower. It won’t take long to freeze if you aren’t well-prepared.

Fly Fishing Apparel - Orvis Pro Underwader Pants


Simms Freestone Zip Stockingfoot Waders Review 2021

Legends in the fly fishing industry are making anglers’ lives easier and fun. Outdoor activities are more interesting to engage in if you are donned in the right gear.

The same you wouldn’t step out in summer all wrapped up in fur or heavy woolen attire is the same way you can’t fly fish in a vest only when it is winter.

Simms works extremely hard to handcraft superb gear to suit all seasons and for those bloody cold days, the Simms Freestone Z Stockingfoot Waders work excellently to protect you from the adverse effects of the weather.

You can fish more and go farther as long as your outerwear is proper and functional. The more the industry advances, the more Simms embraces new technologies to design top-notch waders.

Montana is a haven of fly fishing and this is where the Freestone Z waders were tested for performance and durability.


Simms Midweight Core Bottoms Review 2021 – Wicking and Warm

Winter is approaching and while the usual man chooses to remain indoors coiled up in a couch with a mug of hot coffee, the fervent angler is getting their arsenal together.

A good number of anglers are very active while winter fly fishing for trout.

These guys pack smartly to avoid being affected by the extremely low temperatures. How well you dress your extremities will determine the duration you will be able to fish.

An excellent product like the Simms Midweight Core Bottom will be a good underneath layer for warmth, comfort, and dryness.

Summers are hot and bubbly-some anglers love it this way. Winter on the other hand is gloomy-also another angler’s meat. In all the weather seasons, the body perspires.

This is the reason you should own a good pair of breathable bottoms to have under your wading pants or chest waders. Moisture-wicking is crucial as it prevents the accumulation of sweat and condensations from making your garments cold.

If your underneath layers are wet and cold, numbness could occur and affect dexterity.

Casting for brownies and salmon in the knee-deep rivers doesn’t have to be dreadful if you all well set. We know that waterproof and breathable outerwear is crucial.

However, a warm layer just below this is even more vital. Losing dexterity because of numbness is very easy. It needs slight exposure to very cold air and temperature and you are left immobile.

The other risks of extremely low temperatures can get detrimental which is why protecting yourself in the winter is mandatory.


Fly Fishing Apparel - Simms Midweight Core Pants


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