Author: Mark

What Are the Dangers of Waders?

Waders are a vital part of an angler’s fishing gear – I am talking about the avid fly fisher who tests different waters and depths. Hence, a fly caster can own more than one pair. These are anglers often on the go. Some guides can attest to this because having this as a full-time profession

What Size Boots Should I Get With Waders?

The effects of boot pinching are far worse than wearing an extremely oversized pair. But again, both aren’t any better if we are looking at comfort and functionality, and overall longevity. So, what size boot should I get with waders? To make room for the stocking foot for men, the boot size that works best

What Is the Best Glue for Repairing Waders?

Even the toughest of waders get snagged eventually. Let no manufacturer convince you that their waders are 100% strong and tear-free (we are used to marketing gimmicks like this). At some point in time, you need to deal with a puncture, a tear, a gaped seam, or unraveled stitches, which are causes of wader leakage.

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