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Breathable Stocking Foot Wader Accessories

If you have read my page on the benefits of breathable waders you will most likely be thinking about purchasing a pair. Waders are important, and accessories are available that make wearing them more comfortable. There are a few things that I would say are essential and others that just add to the experience. We

Does the Color of Waders Matter? Don’t Spook the Fish

Wader manufacturing has remained the same over the years. We aren’t seeing fancy colors like the ever-changing street fashion and Gen Z’s bubbly taste – there could be a reason behind the earthy colors across all producers. Anyway, does the color of waders matter? Sure! Wader colors matter to all fish – including your beloved

How Do You Keep Your Feet Warm in Waders?

The rewards are the sweetest for anglers who can brave the cold. Of course, you aren’t trying to warm your feet in the summer, we are targeting lower temperatures because you can’t step out in a pair of light socks in your boots and expect the giver of heat to bless you that day. How

Fly Fishing Illinois Where are the Best Places?

Many know it as Illinois but anglers have always called it the Great Lakes Region. Not because the name appeals to them. The area indeed has numerous lakes which makes it one of the best fly fishing destinations for traveling anglers. Your level of skill doesn’t matter. You definitely will find a favorable spot that

Favorite USA Destinations for Summer Fly Fishing

Fly fishing in the summer is like enjoying a chilled cola in the scorching sun. Many anglers who prefer casting in the heat prefer to step out in summer because winter can be testing and unbearable. Summer sees everything aligned for a fun day on the water – the hatches are plenty, no unpredictable weather,

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