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Best Life Jackets for Fly Fishing

Let’s be honest: our primary intention for fly fishing is catching the fish, but the adventure is unpredictable. Anything could happen, and you could join the fish instead of catching them. What now? We love to be prepared and keep safe this side, and if you have been the bold type that over believes in

Orvis Men’s Ultralight Convertible Wader Review

A fair part of a backpacker angler’s life involves moving around with their luggage on their backs because their fishing lives depend on it. Packing extremely light will make your journeys less burdensome and more fun. But what you pack will determine your bag’s overall weight, your walking or trekking pace, and how much energy

Is Fly Fishing Better than Normal Fishing?

Are you a regular fisherman/woman or a fly angler? One of the most heated debates in sport fishing is fly fishing versus regular fishing. There are a lot of discussions surrounding the two, and if you have been in the fishing community for a while, you have gotten caught up in one of them. Most

Best Fly Fishing in Idaho – the Cutthroat Trout State

Idaho is famous for its all-year-round adventurous life. Especially with outdoor activities, naturally, the state has plenty to offer. Fly fishing is among them and in our findings, the sport is gaining popularity at a faster rate. It is becoming the new bird watching. When spring sets in, what most residents and non-residents have in

What Is in Fly Fishing? Basic Guidance

Fly fishing is a type of fishing where an angler uses an artificial lure to catch fish. These lures are often lightweight, and the style is referred to as fly fishing because the lures imitate real insects or flies. If you present the fly correctly, fish like trout will be fooled by the lure, thinking

Best Fly Fishing in Oregon – The Beaver State

There isn’t an angler who doesn’t care about new waters. While they’d move around looking for creeks and ponds, it is uncertain to find any nearer to where they are especially if they are new to the area. This makes them spend more time searching than fishing. If you’d take time to travel Oregon on

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