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What Should You Do if You Fall in Waders?

The life experiences of an angler are almost similar to those of a driver – you are in your lane this minute, and the other you are veering off the road for whichever reason. Or, your breaks work well until not enough friction is put on the wheels, then you experience failure. You see, as

What Happened to Bristol Bay Pebble Mine – People Power

A toast to these hard-fought efforts that have seen the U.S.A Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Biden’s Administration pass the Final Determination that prohibits the Pebble Mine and safeguarding fisheries, communities, and the economy in Bristol Bay. The announcement comes with backing from section 404c of the Clean Water Act. Upon finalization, the prohibition and

Is Fly Fishing Better Than Regular Fishing?

One of the most heated debates among fishermen is about the topic of fly fishing vs. regular fishing. Fly fishing is primarily characterized by its unique gear – fly rods and flies, which anglers use as bait. The whole concept of this sport is trying to match the hatch and lure them with your fly.

How to Stay Warm while Winter Fly Fishing for Trout

Winters in most states are brutal as temperatures drop to the negatives. While others are huddling next to fires inside because of mercury-bottomed thermo readings, some anglers take this chance to get the best the season offers in their favorite spots. Adventure in the cold is rewarding, and knowing how to stay warm winter fly

What is a Fly Fishing Rod?

Fly fishing rods are fishing poles specifically built for anglers who fish using flies; they are like any other fishing rod in most ways but also quite different. Its broad manufacturing principle is similar to those of other fishing rods; however, some aspects and features make it unique to its fishing style, techniques and methods.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tippets and Leaders

The fly fishing setup requires a fly rod, reel, line, and flies. These are considered primary pieces of gear but you need a leader and tippet material to connect the trout flies to the fly line before casting. In fly fishing, leaders and tippets offer almost invisible transitions from the anglers’ lines to their flies.

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