Fly Fishing Quality Tackle

Here is a collection of tackle with build quality!

Fly Reels

Choosing a trout fly reel can be difficult if you are not experienced.  For more information check out what fly reel is best for trout here so you can make a better informed decision.

Vision Koma Trout Fly Reel

The Vision Koma Fly Reel

  • Lightweight Design
  • Anodised Titanium Finish
  • Quick Release Spool
  • Powerful Drag System
  • Supplied with a Spare Spool

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Orvis Clearwater®

  • Die Cast Aluminium
  • Large Arbor
  • Disc Drag System
  • Easy L to R Hand Change
  • Tough Build Quality
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Airflo V Lite

  • Extreme Lightweight
  • V Cut Spool Design
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Low rotation mass
  • Fully sealed drag

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Daiwa Lochmoor

  • Large arbor spools
  • Ultra smooth disc drag
  • Exposed spool rim for added control
  • Easy reversible
  • Anodized in champagne gold

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Fly Lines

Fly lines are a very important part of the setup I would put more of my budget into buying a quality fly line than the reel which is a container for the fly line. If you need a bit more info on what fly line to choose then check out this post.


  • Taper design cast flies #22 to #2
  • Great loop stability
  • Front taper from 5ft


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Cortland 444 SL Fly Line

  • Rocket Taper
  • Weight Forward
  • Stiffer core than 444
  • Long Belly – for easy mending

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