Fishing with a Fly Fishing Rod – A Beginners Guide


When I was a young lad aged ten years old I was given my first fly rod for my birthday. I was so excited I had always wanted to learn to fly fish and now I had the chance. I took out all the pieces and put them together in the back garden very carefully and loaded the reel onto the rod. I made my way to the river that ran within a few hundred meters from our house with my dad. (more…)

How to Trout Fish with a Fly Rod – Part two, the rod.

So in the last post we talked in general about trout fishing and what equipment is required to start off as a beginner. Now we shall go into more depth in each area so you can better understand the sport. In this post we shall discuss the differences in makes and models of [easyazon_link identifier=”B0119FBLS4″ locale=”US” tag=”chuckingflu0b-20″]trout fly rods[/easyazon_link].

how to trout fish with a fly rod part two

First off each fly rod is stamped with a line rating on its butt section. This line rating is designed to allow you to match up the correct fly line and reel so the setup is balanced and suitable for casting properly.

“Best Fly Fishing Rods”


How to Choose a Fly Line

There are many fly fishing lines on the market today made by many different manufacturers. If you do a search on Google you will come up with hundreds if not thousands of lines. For a beginner this is an overload of information and can lead to the incorrect purchase. Here we will consider the options available and show you how to choose a fly line suited to your needs.

If you have not already purchased a single handed trout fly fishing rod then you would need to consider that first as the line needs to match the rod and reel setup. In that instance you can purchase a ready made kit from a reputable dealer which can include all the items required to start out.

These are all made to match and balance the setup and are ideal for someone on a low budget. However if you can afford a little more I would recommend buying the items individually as you can still get bargains but items with more strength and options than in a basic kit.

How to choose a fly line

The first important aspect is to match you line rating to the rod you have or are considering. Each rod now has a line rating stamped on the butt section usually above the cork handle on the first few inches of the rod itself.

This figure is put there by the rod manufacturer and is a guide as to which line the rod has been made to make it a balanced setup. (more…)

How to Fly Fish

Have you ever thought about learning how to fly fish?  It may be you have watched a fly fishing angler casting a trout rod across a river or lake and wondered could you do that. Well I can tell you that fly fishing is no harder to perform than lure fishing when you correctly buy well balanced equipment and take a few lessons. You could get to grips with it without the lessons but if you are a complete novice I would advise you get some as it will save you time and effort in the long run.

To begin with what is fly fishing?

Fly fishing is the sport where someone uses a fly rod to cast a fly line with flies across a river or lake and retrieves them in a number of manners to try and entice the target fish into taking. Flies are hooks tied up with feathers and materials to either look like natural insects or coloured in such a way to make an aggressive reaction from the fish.

These flies are tied to the fly line with a leader material and are cast using the rod and line. The basic fly cast is called the overhead cast and consists of the fly line being pulled through the air in front and behind the caster. The line is kept in the air in that it doesn’t touch the water or bank during the cast. The rod is loaded by the line to put energy into the cast so it can be accelerated and cast great distances in front on the fly fishing angler.

When optimum cast length is achieved the fly is allowed to land on the water and then retrieved in different manners to try and entice the trout or fish to grab the fly. At this point the hook is set and the fight begins. There are a vast array of permutations for fly fishing including rod length, fly line density, fly line weight, casting technique, leader length and pattern of flies to name the most common.How to Fly Fish

A little History on Fly Fishing (more…)

Airflo Airtec Nano Fly Rod

The Airflo Airtec Nano trout fly rod is a real winner in modern trout rod manufacturing. Nano technology is an equal balancing of the resin use to cover the carbon fibers. This balancing creates a rod of extra strength up to 25% stronger than conventional production methods. This not only gives it more power but also protects the rods from knocks and bumps as in when your gold head fly hits the tip when wind sends it off cast. It also produces a 50% flexural curve so you can feel every bite and knock on the rod when fishing your flies.

Airflo Airtec Nano

The casting action is suburb with the mid to tip action providing neat loops to get good distance on the cast. These rods are very light which is a real advantage when fishing for long periods and with the extra strength you can easily land trout 10lb plus with ease. The Airtec nano is not only a powerful rod but a beautiful looking rod with single leg chrome rings and high grade cork handle. It comes complete with cordura travel case. All rods in the range are three piece perfect to break down to fit into the car boot.


  • Single leg chrome rings
  • Lined stripper rings
  • Custom reel seat
  • Cordura Travel tube
  • High grade cork handle



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