Which Fly Fishing Reels Are Best For Trout? Beginners Guide

When starting out in fly fishing finding good quality fly fishing tackle can be difficult. However, it really is all down to how much you want to spend on the tackle as your hobby can grow into a monster if you are not careful. That’s not a problem if you have the financial backing to cover this but if you are working on a basic living then stretching your self too much can be silly. So with this in mind let’s explore which fly fishing reels are best for trout.


What is the most important piece of equipment?

Of all of the items used for fly fishing, I would generally spend the most on the rod and line as the fly fishing reel is really a container and hence not that important, or is it? However with all things in life if you spend a bit more you will get extra features and be able to fish a little bit more comfortably than with a basic setup.

What do I mean then?  Well as you go up the price brackets the materials to make the reels can become very expensive as all sorts of alloys are being used. These are stronger and usually lighter than the basic reels. When fishing all day it can become very tiring with a heavy rod and reel and will end your day sooner. So buying a reel made from lite materials will let you fish for longer and increase your chances of getting more fish.  

So it all comes down to this really…… spend as much as you can possibly afford without overstretching. That way you will get the best you possibly can. As a newbie fly fishing angler, you will probably want to aim for something between $100-$150, this should get a reasonable reel for your hard-earned cash. There are lots of cheaper ones under $100 but they are not really built to last and as mentioned can be fairly heavy. However if just testing the water as to speak to see if fly fishing for you then these can do the trick. Alternatively, a fly fishing combo that has all the items in an outfit put together by the manufacturer in a neat package can be a better investment than buying the items individually. 


Fly Fishing Reels Explained – More than a Fly Line Container?

fly fishing reel

Fly fishing reels explained will show you that the reel is more than a container for your fly line to keep it off the ground when playing a fish. Unlike conventional bait rods the line will have to be retrieved in by hand to entice the trout to take your fly and as this happens the line will be increasingly lying at your feet unless you are using a fly line tray.

This is not so bad when you are on a sandy beach or clay bank side but if there is a lot of undergrowth then the line will get caught up on the vegetation and when that trout of a lifetime decides to take your fly you don’t want to be trying to pull the line free to play it in. Many a prize trout was lost this way believe me.

The reel is therefore to reel up the line before you try to play the trout. This can be done Fly fishing reelwith ease with a bit of practice as you hold the line tight to keep tension on the trout as you reel up the line with your other hand. This may sound difficult but it is not.

You can play a trout without reeling in first but this is only advisable when on a snag-free environment, even sitting in a boat is not the place as oars, bags, your partner can all get tangled up with your fly line very easily.

Once you have the line on the reel you can let the trout fight and take line and reel it back on with the knowledge that you are free to move in any direction it decides to go.


Sonik SK4 Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel Review

Sonik SK4 Fly Reel

The SK4 large Arbor fly reel is a great quality product from Sonik Sports who test their equipment to breaking point. Lite, Strong and Precision made!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Sonik SK4 Large Arbor Fly Reel


WHO WOULD BUY THIS: Any one who is looking to upgrade their fishing reel to a mid price ranged reel.

SCORE: 4 out of 5


The Sonik SK4 large arbor fly fishing reel is precision engineered from anodised light high grade aluminium and comes with its own neoprene case.


Sonik SK3 Cartridge Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel Review

Sonik SK3 Cartridge Fly Reel

The SK3 large Arbor fly reel cartridge is a great quality product from Sonik Sports who test their equipment to breaking point. Lite, Strong and Precision made!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Sonik SK3 Cartridge Large Arbor Fly Reel


WHO WOULD BUY THIS: Any one who is looking for a complete setup range to cover a lot of situations. The interchangeable spools of the Sonik Sk3 cartridge large arbor fly reel allow for great versatility.

SCORE: 3.5 out of 5

SK3 Sonik fly reel side profile


The Sonik SK3  cartridge fly fishing reel is another nice addition to the Sonik range. The reel comes complete with 4 spare spools and a neoprene case perfect for carrying a complete setup for most situations. Pop a full floater on one spool, an intermediate on the second, a medium sinker on the third and a fast sinking fly line on the forth and you will have most things covered.


How to Trout Fish with a Fly Rod – Part three, the Fly Reel

fly fishing reel

The next thing to consider in the building of our fly fishing kit is the fly fishing reel. This piece of equipment is required to hold the fly line. Truth be told we could fish without it but you would have a lot of fly line lying around your feet causing all sorts of mayhem with your casting so it is better to have the reel to contain the line and help us retrieve it without getting caught up in the vegetation along the riverside etc.

There are several options to think about when choosing the reel for your fly fishing. These include the size, the capacity, the material it’s made from, the tension mechanism, the color and spare spools. There are many reasons to pursue these features which we will go through in this post.

Best Fly Fishing Reels”   (more…)

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