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RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line Review – Competition Ready

Forget the huge famous seaside city Rio de Janeiro. Well, the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches and other sight attractions are to behold but there is much more for anglers when they hear ‘RIO’.

We are at RIO PRODUCTS whose birthplace was the Idaho Mountains. The company dates back to the 1990s and are still in Idaho.

What has been the driving force behind the growth and success of this brand is what the company still holds onto-building exceptional fly fishing gear and equipment by anglers, for anglers.

Rio Euro Nymph Fly Line

FIPS Nymph Line Web Availability

Kitty and Jim Vincent have been the founding spirits and still are to date. RIO is famous for its freshwater fly lines that boast high levels of affordability, performance, and durability. Line development doesn’t take a fortnight or less. The results of what you buy are from dedication and commitment for months. RIO has proved that consistency is the core steering point of this game.

The Idaho Falls Facility is where this company manufactures the RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line. Next to the manufacturing plant is its premium testing ground. If you have been in Idaho or have fished the state, you are familiar with the South Fork and Henry’s Fork of the Snake. This is where the FIPS Euro Nymph and other gear and equipment are tested for functionality, higher performance, and longevity.

What goes on during the Manufacture of the RIO FIPS Euro Nymph?

Fly line production is not about purchasing a fly line machine and assembling materials to go through it. Before the FIPS became what you reel out and cast to your target area, it had to undergo critical steps. The Rio technicians dry out the core materials, mix all the primary coating ingredients, apply the coating to the line’s core, and cure the fly line (it is raw at this point).

The raw line is coiled into the individual coils, weld the loops on the line ends, print the RIO Easy ID line marks, and package them. Before packing the lines, all of them undergo quality control checks from one stage to the other until approval for sale.

Steve Parrot is a nymphing specialist and is part of the RIO Products team. He is the brain behind the RIO Euro Nymph Line, RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Line, and others. He saw the dire need to design and create a legal line for use in competitions. Both lines are versatile for all Euro-nymphing styles. The FIPS Euro Nymph is an upgrade of the Euro Nymph.

These lines share a few features. After production, the FIPS undergoes rigorous vetting before approvals by the FIPS Mouche for legality in fishing contests. FIPS Mouche also approves the RIO Easy ID line marks. This saves anglers time that would have been used for checking and verification.

Main Features of the FIPS Euro Nymph

The FIPS shares a few features with the Euro Nymph. The two lines both have ultra-thin diameters, reduced stretch, and very supple core for quicker hook sets and increased sensitivity. There are a few differentiating aspects that you will see below. For instance, the Euro Nymph comes in a single size while the FIPS is available in many sizes.


RIO keeps it minimal with the FIPS. This doesn’t mean that the resulting line is substandard. Extreme Slickness Technology is a patent by Rio and uses a chemical construction. The line undergoes a mixing process with the incorporation of this technology to give it the highest level of slickness. Some of the upsides of an ultra-slick line are the dirt repelling aspect and great reduction inline maintenance.

The scientists at RIO are fishermen and of course, will want the slickest lines. There was an upgrade from the old silicone or PVC formulas with the aid of this technology and the AgentX that bonds two coating layers to one fly line. This improves the line’s buoyancy and improves shooting ability. Other pros are reduced weight, incomparable accuracy, consistent performance, and longevity.

Sink Rate:

The FIPS is a floating fly line and so far, one of the most popular and highly versatile lines after the Euro Nymph. This line floats completely and doesn’t sink unless you weigh the line down.

Line Color:

On the product description the line is has a color combination of orange/sage/olive. The orange sections are where the tips begin and end on both sides of the fly lines.

Line Specifications:

With one size fitting all, the fly line is available in various line weights. RIO designs this fly line for fly rods of 2, 3, 4, and 5 weights.

Taper Profile:

In summary, the FIPS Euro Nymph fly line has a total length of 80 feet. The body which is at the central section is 49 feet. There is a forward taper at each end of this line and measures 21 feet with a tip of 6 feet. The tip is very visible with a different color for strike detection.


The core’s construction is exemplary. It has a very low stretch to highly improve strike detection. This is also necessary for hook setting.

Indicator Tip:

There is a length of six feet on each end of the fly line. To identify the sections, check for the orange-colored areas. These indicator tips are nice looking and very visible to ensure proper strike detection.


Rio designs this line with a front and a back welded loop. The two loops are bulletproof for optimum functionality and longevity. A front loop is for quicker rigging to your leader. The back loop is for faster rigging to the backing.

Pros – Things that Shine on the FIPS Euro Nymph

Bulletproof welded loops
Visible indicator tips
Low stretch and supple core
80 feet fly line
Available in various line models
Floating fly line
Low maintenance fly line
Casts for distance

Cons – Concerns but not Deal-breakers

This line is so far among the best ones for competition angling. Its length-80 feet might be shorter to other anglers since there are fly lines in its category that are 90 to 100 feet long.

Customer Thoughts on the RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line

If you are a nympher, the thin diameter of this fly line will be perfect for strike detection because of the reduced stretchability. Also, the minimal slack between your rod guides and the rod tip will give you a spectacular experience.

The supple core is to die for. I have fished this line always when I go for high-sticking and other nymphing styles and the line control is superb even when wet.

It might not be a choice for anglers who lover longer lines like 90 feet or 100 feet but it still does the job pretty well. If you can get it as a backup fly line, the better.

This is a fly line that will act like a leader but cast exceptionally like a fly line. You will love its sensitivity.

Anglers who need fly lines that will change the way they fish Euro-nymphing styles should think Rio. This isn’t your usual traditional double taper or weight forward line.

You can fish just below your fly rod’s tip or choose to fish 40 feet out using a long rod. These are different situations that this fly line can boldly handle.

The fly line will amaze you with its amount of stiffness. It does very well in shortline Euro-nymphing styles. They can also deliver your dry flies to wary rainbows or browns.

FAQ’S on the FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Lines

Q) Is the fly line for high-stick fly fishing only?
A) No. This is among the most versatile fly lines for Euro-nymphing. You can use it for all the Euro nymphing and tight-line fishing techniques-French, Czech, Spanish, and Polish styles.

Q) How do I know that I have a legit line?
A) RIO manufactures authentic FIPS Euro Lines. We advise that you purchase from an authorized dealer. To confirm the legitimacy of your fly line, check on the packaging box for a FIPS-certified sticker.

Q) How can you describe the drag of this line when on water?
A) The fly line has been designed by Steve Parrot to have very minimal drag when on the water. It easily slips through the guides on your fly fishing rod.

Q) Can I use this fly line in saltwater areas?
A) RIO Products specifies in manufacturing fly lines for freshwater use. Using this line in saltwater areas will compromise its functionality and durability. Salt can interfere with the coatings in the core giving your line a short lifespan.

Q) Should I clean my fly line?
A) The XT and AgentX technologies incorporated in this fly line during its manufacture make it very low maintenance because of the effective dirt repelling properties. RIO has a video on its website on how to clean this and other fly lines.

Q) Does this line experience twists, especially in bad weather?
A) No bad weather exists in angling-just bad gear and equipment. A good fly line will not have memory or twist. This one doesn’t have a history of twisting in moderate or cold weather.

Wrap Up to the RIO FIPS Nymphing Fly Line Review

Legends like RIO have their secrets of thriving in business. The brand has a team of anglers with different roles. Their decision to seek help from other expert anglers is unspeakable. Steve Parrot is a pro nympher and the designer of most of RIO Products’ nymphing lines.

The primary reason for this manufacturer to involve other brains is to create fly lines that will be legal in competitions and contests. It does just that.

Fly fishers who would like to have specialty fly lines for Euro-nymphing can purchase the RIO FIPS Euro Nymph fly lines. This is an excellent arsenal to add to your arsenal. If you are still a rookie, it will serve you best as it is designed to be very low maintenance.

Some anglers use their weight forward lines for tight-line, high-stick, and other Euro-nymphing techniques. Their downside is sliding back and forth through the rod guides. The FIPS saves you the stress of having to give your line in the guides more attention.

The line is a perfect alternative to mono rig setups and doesn’t retain any line memory. It gives smoother presentations than most of the other lines. Hands down, the quality is so on point. RIO mightn’t have gone overboard with the manufacturing technologies but the result shows that simple is best. The strength in the ultra-thin fly line is incomparable. Combining it with a perfect Euro set up will have you longing for the next session.

To buy or not to buy?

Choose not to buy it and you will regret this. The fly line is very affordable considering its performance, quality, and additional features. RIO deserves a pat on the back for availing a cheap line that is versatile for all Euro-nymphing techniques.

As the fishing season continues in various countries worldwide, you might miss this RIO FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line on the shelves. You can opt for Cortland Line Indicator Nymph, Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX, Orvis Hydros Nymph Line, or AirfloUSA Nymph Indicator Fly Line.

We have more informative pieces up on the blog about Euro-nymphing. If you haven’t tried this technique, you can start with a few posts and identify a set up that interests you. If the majority of anglers, experts, and guides nymph for their lives, you have no reason not to.

FIPS Nymph Line Web Availability




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