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Breathable Stocking Foot Wader Accessories

If you have read my page on the benefits of breathable waders you will most likely be thinking about purchasing a pair. Waders are important, and accessories are available that make wearing them more comfortable. There are a few things that I would say are essential and others that just add to the experience. We

Simms Freestone Zip Stockingfoot Waders Review

Legends in the fly fishing industry are making anglers’ lives easier and fun. Outdoor activities are more interesting to engage in if you are donned in the right gear. The same you wouldn’t step out in summer all wrapped up in fur or heavy woolen attire is the same way you can’t fly fish in

Flat Boots for Boat Fishing

If you are a fly fisherman who has ventured out on the lake or lough in a boat you will know that from time to time you will get caught in a deluge of rain with little or no protection. This is why most experienced anglers will purchase good quality waterproof clothing. These can come as a

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