Some Useful Knots for Fly Fishing

Mikael Frodin a top fly tyer, salmon angler, guide and instructor has done a series of knots for fly fishing. Mikael if you are not familiar with works for Guideline Fly Fishing testing and helping to design products. A master shooting head caster Mikael has helped develop the Double and Triple density fly lines in the Guideline range.


As part of his experience in fly fishing Mikael has tested and worked with many knots and has decided on these 6 to teach you. If you have spent any time on the river fishing you will have no doubt lost fish to weak knots. With this series of knots you should have any situation covered with knots that are easy to tie and strong. 

The Perfection Loop

A great knot to tie leader material to the loop at the end of your fly line when it doesn’t have build in loops.

Can also be used to tie flies to the end of your leader to give them more movement.

The Improved Albright

Second in the series a knot to attached [easyazon_link keywords=”leader material” locale=”US” tag=”chuckingflu0b-20″]leader material[/easyazon_link] to your fly line.

A bit fiddly to do on the bank side but a strong knot that shouldn’t let you down.

The Double Eight

A good knot for forming loops on the end of your hand made leader.

Great for joining loop to loop connections ad keeping it simple.

The Leader Knot

When building your own leaders attaching different strengths of material together makes them turn over better in the cast.

This knot makes it simple without getting tangled up when casting.

The Clinch Knot

Fishing tube flies is more and more common and this knot is great for attaching the hook to the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00M50P4QS” locale=”US” tag=”chuckingflu0b-20″]leader material[/easyazon_link].

The extra tucking of the tag end means it should not slip and loose you a fish.

The Steering Knot

A common problem with hook flies is most knots allow them to slip on the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0007PJQUS” locale=”US” tag=”chuckingflu0b-20″]leader material[/easyazon_link] so they don’t fish correctly.

This knot eliminates that problem and keeps the fly swimming properly throughout the cast.

Fishing Knots Illustrated

How good of a fishing angler are you? You have the gear, the rod, the reel, the flies the lures, and the rest of the tackle to complete your setup. You are able to setup your fly line and attach the leader or can you? This is where so many anglers fail.

The process of tying knots becomes difficult and when tested under proper fishing conditions the gear fails and you loose fish. Not a great thing to happen especially if its a fish of a lifetime. This is where fishing knots illustrated comes in. Here we have a simple waterproof card system with the most important knots included.

Fishing Knots Illustrated


How to Tie Fishing Knots

There is one thing that you need to master when it comes to fly fishing and that is how to tie fishing knots. It doesn’t make a difference if you have the best rod, reel and line along with the best selection of flies if your gear is not tied together with good quality fishing knots.

Hundreds of knots but which do I use?

If you do some research into fishing knots you will find there are hundreds to choose from but in my opinion this has come about from guys with nothing better to do but try new ways to join line together. Don’t get me wrong, there has been some nice innovation when it comes to knots and some are worth considering, but I feel to be competent at fly fishing, you really only need a handful.How to tie fishing knots

When a newbie comes to me to learn how to trout fish one of the first lessons I show them is how to tie fishing knots. Then tell them to go away and practice, practice and practice some more so they can nearly tie them blindfolded. (more…)

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