12 Best Flies for Winter Stillwater Fly Fishing

As mentioned in a previous article stillwater winter fly fishing can prove to be challenging. To help assist us in getting more takes from trout that are feeding we need to incorporate some flies that are better suited to winter fly fishing. In this post we find out about those patterns that prove to be better during the winter months.

Winter stillwater flies how to present them.

In winter fly fishing trout will normally be swimming very slowly and not inclined to chase after lures or flies very well. In this instance we have to slow down the retrieve and how we present the flies to the fish. If you can see trout feeding or cruising try to cast in front of them and draw the fly past their path. This way you will induce more takes. Half the battle is getting the fly within a close distance to a cruising trout. Next we look at the best patterns to use. (more…)

Wet Trout Fly Patterns

There are only two types of trout fishing flies light and dark within these there are many sub categories and types including dries, nymphs, sedges, midges, daddies, bumbles, and many more. One of the main groups and the one we are interested here in is wet trout fly patterns.  

It would probably be accurate to say that wet fly fishing is the most practiced in the world. Beginners would normally start with these as they are easy to get used to and very attractive to fish so the catch rate is high. It would also be true to say that armed with only a few wet trout fly patterns can set you up for fishing a large number of species. (more…)

Fishing the Poodle – Stop and Go

​I came across a fly pattern a while back that I hadn’t seen for some time and it got me wondering. How many fly patterns have dipped below the radar because of new arrivals and new materials?

I mean those patterns used to work and would be instrumental for many a caught trout or fish so why are they not around today? Easy answer flies are set to catch the fishing anglers and not the fish.

When working in the tackle shop we would see arrivals of thousands of new different patterns and the fly fishing anglers coming in to purchase would have their favorites among them.

However you always had the twinkle in their eye looking at the new patterns and wondering if they would work. The answer is yes probably as feeding fish will attack anything really if they thinks its food.

As these new patterns arrived in the store the older ones were phased out or not tied by the suppliers anymore and it was only the old die hard anglers who would even look for some of them.  When we did get requests we could always rustle up a few flies for them as there were plenty of good fly tyers around and if not I could step up the vice if needed.

Poodle Trout Fly


Best Flies for Brown Trout

We all have our own idea what flies we think should be good to fish for wild brown trout but just because we think it doesn’t mean they will work. Here we will discuss some of the best flies for brown trout and ones you would be wise to carry with you on your next fishing adventure.

I have short listed seven flies that according to Pat O’Reilly in his book “Matching the Hatch” are called his magnificent seven. These flies when carried will give you an option for most every situation you will come across when fishing for wild brown trout.  Although we are talking about seven patterns in total we will need several sizes of some patterns to really cover all situations.

Darting and Stonefly Nymphs

Nymphs of pond and lake olives are agile darting creatures and can be found in any depth of water close to the surface, in the middle and at the bottom.  To represent these creatures the gold ribbed hares ear has become the anglers favourite.

Best flies for brown trout - gold ribbed hares ear

The tying pattern is not really that important but more the movement and size of the fly. When trying to get the pattern down deep a lead bodied fly has been developed as well as the gold head both of which are very successful. Letting the fly sink to the bottom then a quick lift of the rod to induce life into the fly will usually bring a take from a cruising trout. Sizes 14 and 16 work well with these.

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