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Trout Flies Sale

When fly fishing you will need to build up over time a selection of trout flies.

There are many types, sizes and colors to choose from so it can become fairly expensive to build a large collection.

If you target different species of trout you will also have to buy specifically for those species some can crossover but many are designed solely for the trout they are made for.

This along with trout damaging them with their teeth and you losing them to bank-side vegetation can all add to the cost.

This is where it is beneficial to find a trout fly sale.

Olive George Trout Fly

Trout flies can be generally divided into two types dark and light after that lures and imitation then subdivided into categories of these are dry, wet, nymphs, sedges, mayflies, dabblers, klinkhammers, buzzers, daddies, hoppers, emergers, gold heads, and many more.

Building up a collection of all these types never mind the colors and sizes can really stretch the bank balance.

However, if you are savvy and buy in bulk you can save money and build up your collection for a fraction of the cost.

Cheaper by the dozen!

Woolly Bugger Trout Fly Fishing Streamer Assortment (Dozen Pack)
  • ✔ 12 PACK - 4 of each color in size #8 woolly bugger streamer fly fishing flies. Decades of fly fishing experience and over 6-years went into hand-selecting the colors for these streamers.
  • ✔ PREMIUM FLIES - Every year we get dozens of emails asking, "What fly would you recommend?" We've compiled years of answering that exact question with our favorites and go-to flies into one kit. Tested and approved by fly anglers across the USA, this 12-fly assortment featuring a variety of different premium patterns in varying colors has proven to catch trout and bass time and time again in a variety of streams, rivers, and lakes. We stand behind our quality with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • ✔ BIG FISH - Perfect for even the most novice beginner, looking to chase large trout, bass, or panfish on the fly. These flies are perfect for swinging through deep pools and riffles. Wooly buggers imitate distressed baitfish and leeches, which are a common food source.
  • ✔ USA PACKAGING - Packaged and assembled in Colorado, USA. Over 80% of our packaging is sourced from United States companies and local small businesses.
  • ✔ AMERICAN OWNED - Based out of Colorado, The Fly Crate commits 2% of all sales to disabled USA veterans via our partnership with Project Healing Waters, Inc. Since 2016, The Fly Crate has educated 10,000's of fly anglers across the world and has become a renowned place for all skill levels to learn and shop quality products.

This is where buying in dozens comes in.

Here you can buy trout flies by the dozen which may seem like a lot of flies but if you get together with your fishing buddies you can buy several packs and split them up so each gets a good selection of flies for a fraction of the costs of buying them individually.

However, I have seen me run out of flies when a certain pattern gets the trout taking steadily and they get trashed after a few takes.

Then you are searching for something that is close to the one that is working.

This is why I always try to carry a few of each pattern so I don’t get caught short.

Yellow Owl Trout Fly

Quality of the flies is not diminished either.

They are tied on great hooks with top-quality materials which are very strong.

We fish with them consistently and have had many trout without the hooks breaking or bending.

Many happy customers have already purchased these great flies and you can see the feedback here on their store.

So see for yourself check out the flies you will not be disappointed.

Already thousands of packets have been delivered to happy customers.

However, if a problem occurs feel free to contact them and we will do whatever they can to sort out the situation.

They intend to keep their customers happy as happy customers will shop with them again. So buy with confidence and tight lines.

Need help choosing patterns check these out!

For a bit of extra advice check out these pages on trout flies for brown trout and what flies should you take with you. These will give you more information when choosing flies to catch trout.

Any queries or comments drop us a line below or on the contact page. See you on the river bank! 🙂

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