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Airflo Nymph Indicator Fly Line Review – Trout Heaven

AirfloUSA is among the go-to brands for many fly, switch, and spey anglers.

Also, while the majority of the other companies focus on building freshwater fly lines, this one has several for use in saline areas.

The company has however not been as popular among traditional trout anglers as it commenced the fly line manufacturing business.

What birthed its recent fame is the new generation of lines that the company coins as Super-DRI.

One being the AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line.

Its latest technologies are the reason the company had to address the issue of previous fly lines not floating high enough.

The Ridge category of lines has since been one of the best lines for casting for distance.

Some waters are far from the views of traditional trout fly anglers. You neither need four weights, microscopic dries nor fine tippets.

Most gear you will spot in these areas is heavily-weighted streamers, egg and flesh rigs, and mouse patterns.

These are not easy to cast with ordinary equipment.

Airflo Nymph Indicator Fly Line
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How then would this be possible?

Most of the trout-specific lines aren’t meant to work with these kinds of heavier rigs.

We are more excited to and our paws on this Super-Dri nymph line as a specialty fly line designed to work with heavy junk.

This is an incredible full floating nymph line. A weight-forward for that matter and designed for freshwater use only.

Get down to those pockets for lots of browns, brooks, and rainbows. The fly line models are available from size 4 to size 8.

The taper construction ensures that it can be successfully used in any Euro-nymphing.

Its head is 49.5 feet and a short front taper of about 3 feet. Usually, the front tapers of fly lines play a major role in line turnovers.

A short front taper ensures plenty of energy transfer from your fly line to your leader.

This means that there is energy remaining to manage bigger flies. That is exactly what this line does.

According to the manufacturer, this line tip diameter that is larger than average. It helps in turning over heavier rigs too.

Many might not understand how this works but once you use the line and see it in action, it confirms AirfloUSA’s claims.

Is it a Pass or a Fail in Casting?

When you pair this nymph line with the right Euro-nymphing rod, it performs as AirfloUSA advertises.

Anglers will not experience problems turning over anything they throw.

Regardless of whether it is a very reliable wind-resistant mouse fly or a flesh and egg rig. You will marvel at how well it casts for distance.

The long head allows a nympher to carry the line in the air as the taper allows for fly turnovers at farther distances than you expect.

We can say that the combination is deadly. The fly line lands very softly at the target points to ensure that you don’t spook alert trout.

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Key Features of the Airflo USA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line

Technologies: The Super-Dri technology is Airflo’s patented polymer that ensures that the fly line repels dirt, water, oil, scum, and any other material that will give the line any drag.

This, combined with the Nanomaterial technology gives the line more buoyancy and allows it to shoot better and farther.

The tip recovery speed is faster than most top brands because of the lower levels of specific gravity.

Ridge tech is responsible for the design of the line. This helps to lower the surface area of the line that is in contact with your rod guides.

The friction is well-controlled making the line very tough and durable.

Power Core gives the fly line a very supple core that allows line management to be breezy.

Airflo is honest enough to give the amount of possible stretch that the line can experience when in moderate to cold temperatures.

This is about 6% and it being on the minimal improves hook set, sensitivity, and casting control.

Ultra Supple is a climate control technology that greatly improves the overall performance of the fly line.

It is a low module coating that maintains your core’s suppleness as the conditions get colder. Your loops will remain sharp and reduce line memory.

Material: The lines are made from solvent-free polyurethane as the main base.

With its advanced coating, the line is stronger and lighter than most of the company’s competitors. The material resists DEET and can repel UV effects.

Loops: Airflo has been in the fly fishing industry for a long time and doesn’t depend on solvents to make the loops supple.

The Flexi loop is from polyurethane that has more flex and is known for its durability than any fly line material.

The technology uses the line’s core to create the loops with the company’s unique fusing method.

The resulting weld on the front loop is seamless and completely bulletproof.

Taper: The tip is thick and the front taper short yet aggressive to ensure better turnovers, make heavier presentations possible, and allow for long leaders.

A 30 feet belly is for casting for distance and helping you to achieve longer drifts.

Its rear taper is longer and allows an angler to aim and cast their flies straight to their targets.

The length of the taper ensures that you can mend and control the fly line properly to give a perfect drift.

Line Color: The fly line comes in a Lichen green/pale orange color. This helps with visibility, especially when casting further.

Detecting subtle strikes also doesn’t need to be much of a task.

Application: Besides using this line with heavily weighted nymphs, it is also great for throwing streamers and casting your big dry flies.

Some that you shouldn’t miss in your box are poppers, October caddis, hoppers, and salmon flies.

We find the AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line one of the versatile nymphing lines for use with other flies.

Line Models: The nymph indicator is available from WF4 to WF8 allowing anglers to choose line weights that are suitable for their Euro-nymphing outfits.

Line dimensions of the head, tip, front taper, belly, rear taper, and running line are the same for all the line weights.

The difference is in the head weight and the AFTMA standard weight that increases with an increase in line weight. Overall, all the lines are 90 feet.

Pros – Things that shine on the Airflo Nymph Indicator Fly Line

  • Seamlessly welded and bullet-proof front loop
  • Available in a wide variety of fly line weights
  • Lighter and stronger construction
  • Supple core for better hook setting, cast control, and sensitivity
  • Low maintenance fly line due to dirt and water-repelling properties
  • Casts for distance and gives longer drifts
  • Perfect for streamers, heavy nymphs, and big dry flies

Cons – The Concerns though not Deal-breakers

  • We wouldn’t fault this fly line for anything. It has been in the market for a long time and trials by guides and reviewers are yet to give leads to any concerns. We will give updates if any.

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Customer Thoughts on the AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Fly Line​

I love a fly line that can journey with me for a few seasons before I can toss it.

This one seems to be doing it even better as it hasn’t broken down even with frequent use.

It has and still is withstanding the higher temperatures on my end and doesn’t show any signs of wear.

Targeting rainbows with a weight forward nymphing line with higher floating abilities is fun than reeling these chaps out of their homes.

I feel like Airflo tried so much to improve this line. So far, I give it a thumbs up.

The ridges seemed like aesthetics to me and the boys. Little did we know that it helped with better shooting and handling.

This one performs better like the Ridge Tropical and Bonefish Ridge lines from the Airflo-saltwater category.

Giving a nympher an option to use streamers and dry flies on it makes the line one of the best and seemingly all-round fly lines that can manage all the Euro-nymphing techniques.

Fast flowing waters help to make your nymphing experience better. However, with the wrong gear, it is depressing.

This one has proven that such scenarios are beatable and can handle heavier flies with ease and give longer drifts.

FAQ’s – Questions about the AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line

Q) What are the temperature limits that this line can operate in to avoid damage?
A) The line has the ultra-supple climate control technology that allows for use within 23 to 78 degrees F. staying within this temperature bracket will prevent your fly line from getting line memory which will need frequent stretching.

Q) Can I cast with this fly line in mid ranges?
A) Yes. The AirfloUSA Super-Dri Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line has a longer head with an aggressive front taper to allow you to make heavier presentations. Also, your casting range will be from mid to long distances. This is evident in Airflo’s nymphing line matrix.

Q) Can I use this fly line for catching steelhead?
A) As a freshwater nymphing line, you can use it for steelhead, trout species, and other fish that thrive in these environs.

Q) Does this fly line have two or one loops?
A) Airflo has this line with one welded bullet-proof loop at the front section.

Q) Can I use the AirfloUSA Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line for roll casting?
A) Yes. Some anglers go roll casting with this line. You can get a 10ft 7weight nymphing setup including a Super-Dri nymph line for steelhead. The turnovers are better than most of the competitor brands.

Q) Will testing the line in summer be a good option to taste the distance coverage and line coil?
A) Sure. The fly line works well in moderate to cold temperatures because of its construction.

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Wrap Up on the Airflo Nymph Fly Fishing Line

It is legit that polyurethane fly lines boast a reputation of low maintenance than the PVC cousins.

Airflo’s claims on the features of the Super-Dri technology become facts. Even if you treat your line like crap, it remains faithful.

If you have fished the Ridge lines from this manufacturer in filthy bass waters or for other species, the line comes out clean.

Saves time, energy, and a few bucks-right?

Supple lines are what any nymphing angler would want for an escalated experience.

This one offers so much fun and efficiency. If you are trying to make a haul for longer casts, you can experience hinging in most lines.

The AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator is the bomb in countering this.

There is more suppleness towards the front of your line and a stiffer coating in the section of the line that will receive the load as you cast for distance with haul casts.

The loading zone is like that of a good bonefish line and the line shoots and casts pretty well.

What if it is time to hit the waters but you don’t have the AirfloUSA Super-Dri Kelly Galloup’s Nymph Indicator Fly Line?

There are equal substitutes that you can choose from like Cortland Line Indicator Nymph, Rio FIPS Euro Nymph, Orvis Hydros Nymph, and Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX fly lines.

Their performances are on the same rating so are the prices. Share with us your casting experiences with this fly line.

Any questions? Let’s help in the comment section.

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