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Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line Review – Less Drag more Distance

When a company like Orvis that has been in business for over 150 years is still getting tons of positive reviews to date, it means that they are nothing but the BEST!

You could be wondering how this is possible. Orvis has purposed to work towards customer satisfaction that is why it is among the top manufacturers of fly fishing gear, equipment and other products.

It feels great to know that you are spending your money on high quality and durable products.

For instance, the Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line that is loved by many anglers for its efficiency and high performance.

The line is designed with very special technologies to maintain high floating abilities like it is meant to be.

Durability is not something to gamble with when you decide to purchase this fly line. With proper care and maintenance like regular cleaning, it can serve you for so many years.

Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line
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Main Features of the Orvis HD Trout Fly Line

Profile – The line is textured and ensures the casting action is smooth by greatly reducing friction. The fly line is great for long distance casting. HD Trout fly line is a true to size line which is a plus when it comes to influencing the casting distance.

Welded Loops – Welded loops are artistically designed, neatly folded and very durable and are only on the front part of the fly line. Leader attachment becomes a quick and easier affair because of the efficient energy transfer from the line. The result is a smooth and effortless turnover.

Value for Money Top End Product – Orvis priced this fly line as a high-end fly line. The cost isn’t high for no reason. Any angler who has used this fly line will confirm that its performance is unbeatable and despite the condition, it casts very well. The technologies used in designing the fly line have added to its durability and that makes it one of the best fly lines in the market.

Special Technologies – HD Texturing technology is used to design this Orvis fly line, the aggressiveness and high abilities of the technology to reduce false casts, reduce drag while fly fishing and greatly increase shoot ability is worth depending on. Orvis’s patented technology has been used on this fly line to give it extra slickness in the PVC layer. It makes the line well lubricated to ensure the performance is to its highest levels and increases the casting distance of the fly line. The slickness adds to its durability. On the tips of the line, Hy-Flote technology that uses Micro balloons maximizes the floating abilities of the line.

Beginner Fly Line – If you are an amateur in fly fishing, this trout fly line is among the best that you should invest in. it is fully designed to make the fly fishing experience effortless, smooth and fun. From the technologies it is engineered with, a novice doesn’t need to be directed on how to use the fly line. It does the job for you.

Line Specifications – Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line has a total length of 90 feet and is of the standard size. The head length is 45.5 feet and the middle part measures 30.5 feet. The total dimension of the running line is 44.0 feet.

Dimensions of the Orvis HD Trout Tip Fly Line

Line Aspect Result
Total Length 90 ft
Head Length 47.5 ft
Belly Length 18 ft
Running Line Length 42.5 ft
Taper Profile Long Head
Loops Front End 
Sizes Available WF3-8

Customer Thoughts on the Orvis HD Trout Fly Line

  • The line casts well for distance and the energy used is very minimal. However, the noise the line makes at the guides is irritating. It would have been made better.
  • Hydros fly line has well folded welded loop at the front part. It lasted only a month and it was destroyed.
  • There have been a few instances of the fly line having coil memory and needed stretching to cast properly. Otherwise, if this is looked into before releasing the new stock for sale, it would be one great fly line.
  • Hydros HD fly line is a great choice for wind and big water. It does much its purchase price.
  • The line is engraved with laser, totally smooth and will remain kink free off the reel. The upsides are some of the factors to consider for all those who intend to buy this fly line.
  • The line constantly stays on top of the water making it serve its floating purpose very well.
  • One of the line that shoots out smoothly and is an excellent choice if you love dry fly fishing.

Pros – Things we like about the HD Trout

  • True to size
  • An all-round fly line
  • Durable fly line
  • Excellent floating line
  • Great for dry flies

Cons – Things not so good

  • Performs averagely for nymphing
  • Doesn’t come with back loop

FAQ’s – Questions about the Orvis HD Trout Fly Line

Q) I have this line and I keep wondering why the first 10’ of its tip have more aggressive texture. Can you explain?
A) This is true and its purpose is to ensure better floating, a great turnover and good mending.

Q) What does the micro-replicated dimple texture on the other part of the line do? I have never known its benefit.
A) The texture is to reduce friction that occurs in the guides and by this increasing the casting distance.

Q) Is this a sinking or floating line? The info about the tip is confusing me.
A) The line is a floating line but the Hy-Flote tip is designed to sink a little during nymph and dry fly fishing.

Q) How many loops are on this one?
A) The HD Trout line has one welded loop on the front side for easy leader attachment.

Q) Is the line noisy when in action?
A) The line produces some noise as the line flies through the guides but it isn’t as loud.

Q) I hear that it can burn your fingers.
A) No need to be scared. Only if you are stripping streamer very quickly with them. Get protective gloves because it is still a gem.

Q) What are the weights available for this line?
A) The line is available in 3 to 8 wt.

Q) How is the line’s tolerance level in big water and wind?
A) Definitely, a guarantee that it will perform well because of its construction and the technologies used.

Q) What are the length of the line and its head length?
A) The line has a length of 90 feet and the head lengths differ with sizes but range between 45.5’ and 50.5’. As the size increases the head length increases with a difference of 1’ as you go up with size.

Final Verdict on the Orvis HD Trout Fly Line

Orvis has done it again with the HD Hydros Trout fly line. If you are keen at the special technologies used during designing this line, the manufacturer targeted durability and performance and that is what this fly line brags of.

It being a high-end fly line matches its abilities to last long and give the best experience with every cast.

You will love its ability to cast longer distances and the fact that it is perfect for use in big waters and can withstand winds makes it the best choice.

Its simplicity allows it to be perfectly used by novices trying to sharpen their fly fishing skills. It sure is value for your money.

Once you feel you can move to a technical fly line, you can pass it on to an amateur who would love to own one.

Orvis products are among the best in the market and sometimes when the demand of this Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line is high, most sellers run out of stock.

Do not feel discouraged because you can select from Rio Intouch Gold Fly Line, Rio Perception Fly Line Floating Accurate Angling Freshwater Fishing, and Cortland 444 Classic Weight Forward Floating Fly Line.

The performance of the alternative lines are great like that of the Trout fly line from Orvis. Price wise, they are in the same range and you do not have to dig deeper into your pocket to get one.

Orvis loves to give high-quality products and that is why this fly line will not disappoint.

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