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Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel Review – A Lifetime Investment

Waterworks-Lamson, a US machine producing company that began in 1996 has consistently been in the limelight due to its top-notch products – reels, rods and accessories. Exquisite and classy, the reels produced are relatively cheaper hence tops the affordability list.

Reels are highly unswerving and brag of broadness in terms of diameter rendering the spool slimmer. These aspects in turn make the reel’s entire weight lesser.

Geometrically, the spool is up to date to unveil the porting that leads to a drastic reduction in weight and skyrockets retrieve proportions. Line drying is boosted and fully fits in the equalizer. Advancement in technology has seen Waterworks-Lamson emphasis on the reel’s structural steadiness by introducing a cross-section that is artistically curved.

Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel tops the market when it comes to the fishing world and its technical aspect. The reception by the current market is positive and thousands of reels have been purchased until now.

Waterworks Lamson Guru Series II Review
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Main Features of the Guru Series II Fly Reel

Extra smooth drag system – The drag system conical in shape and patented is uninterrupted due to the conical element used alongside it making the dragging process smooth enough during work.

Exquisite design – Made with a huge arbor, the reel can highly withstand the lengthiest run thanks to the speedy retrieval rate and regular drag rotation. Aesthetically the patented aluminum with steel make the reel classic and stand out. Remains in style always.

Durability – Aluminum is among the strongest metals in existence that is why Waterworks-Lamson chose it because of its immense strength and stability it offers. This aspect translates to its long-lasting nature. More, so the patent used on the reel makes it rust-free

Light weight – Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel is made in a signature arm design on its frame that is responsible for its super lightweight. Portability is a plus.

Intact leader and line – The spinning transmissions from the lash roller clutch Torrington zero do not shock the leader and line. Remaining intact means reduced chances of damages.

Bearable sound. Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel fully clicks in both directions it minds the health of your ears.

Easy to use – Although Guru offers a user manual, you need no prior experience to fix the reel. The spool is easy and quick to change because mechanically it is well machined.

Comfortable – Lengthy handles are flat and comfortable. No stress and strain on your back while using this reel.

Seal mechanism – Totally sealed, the drag system is fully protected from grit and sand particles and any moisture traps. This prevents chances of rusting and adds to its durability.

Stress free cleaning – No special attention is needed during cleaning and maintenance. Simply rinse after use. No detergent or cleanser is needed.

Other aspects of the Guru II

Material and treatment – Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel is made from Machined 6061 Aluminum and stainless steel. Finished with Type ii Anodize that is clear adds to a cleaner look.

Wood handles – The wooded handles are made flat enough and lengthier to offer maximum comfort while using and prevent you from straining and back pains. This aspect makes it usable for longer hours.

Drag systemGuru Fly reel has a perfect drag system that is conical and patented and uses conical elements that are matched. As a result, the drag system becomes smooth and uninterrupted. The drag system is fully protected and sealed preventing any grit or sand particles from getting into it. Moisture too can’t enter the system. All these make cleaning and maintenance easy. What’s needed is a clean rinse after use.

Capacity – The backing Capacity of this reel is 150 yards 20lb with a Fly line weight of 7WF

Weight – Having a weight of 5.08 ounces (Guru 3, 7 weight), this reel is relatively light making it easy and to carry around.

Customers’ thoughts on the Guru II

The seal mechanism is 100% guaranteed and offered more protection to the drag system. Despite the spool being easy to change, some of the ports are missing on this reel although some find this an artistic touch.

The drag knob is sometimes difficult to hold and adjust.

A lifetime warranty at a very low fee of $30 shipping and handling is among the best aspects of the Guru series reels.

Pros – Things that shine on the Guru II!

• Relatively cheap yet one gets value for money spent

• Extra smooth drag system

• Strong and durable

• Easy to change spool

• Fully sealed and protected seal mechanism on the drag system

• Light in weight

• Greatly reduces weight

• Lifetime warranty at reduced cost

Cons – Things that are not so cool!

• The finish is not as smooth as the higher priced reels

• Some ports are missing on this reel could reduce weight more

• Drag knob is difficult to hold and adjust at times

• Amount of start-up inertia is high

FAQ’s – Questions about the Waterworks-Lamson Guru Series II Fly Reel

Q) About the drag, what type is it and how can you explain its functionality?
A) Waterworks has a good conical shaped drag shape that makes it smooth and definitely fully functional.

Q) What size is the arbor on this reel?
A) The reel has a large arbor and this size is the commonest among so many brands.

Q) Tired of buying Rusty reels. Is this one among the ones that rust?
A) No. The engineering process of this reel is very delicate with the patent from Waterworks making it highly protected against any form of corrosion.

Q) Is the spool changeable?
A) Yes. The spool is very easy to change

Q) I want a sealed drag. Does this one have a sealed drag?
A) This reel has a completely sealed drag system that protects it from the effect of sand, grit and any other inhibitors saving you a lot on maintenance.

Q) I am concerned about the inertia levels. Can you clarify?
A) Unfortunately the inertia levels of this reel are a little high compared to other reels. Despite this, it works excellently.

Q) More on the warranty. How long does it cover my reel?
A) You get a lifetime warranty on the reel that will cater for repairs, servicing and replacement.

Q) I read that some ports are missing on this reel. Does it affect performance?
A) Yes, some ports are missing on this reel however, there are no complaints of it affecting the reel’s performance whatsoever.

Q) How much does this reel weigh? I. Looking for something lighter. Above 5 ounces but not past 6 ounces.
A) This reel is light in weight and is 5.08 ounces. Definitely within your range.

Q) What is the backing capacity of the reel and the fly line weight?
A) The reel has a backing of 150 yards 20 lbs. and a fly line weight of 7WF.

Alternative reels at a similar price bracket to the Guru II

In case you find this specific reel out of stock on your online shops some good alternatives are the Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel, the Orvis Hydros Sl Fly Reel or HARDY Ultralite MA Reel. They all work perfectly like this trout reel and you still get value for every buck spent.

Final verdict – Is the Guru II Fly Reel worth a second look?


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Fishing gets real fun with the Waterworks-Lamson Guru Fly Reel. The easy to change spool saves you time and stress leaving you energized for your outdoor adventures. Count on the durability of this reel since the mechanized aluminum used during manufacture offers it maximum strength and stability. The anodized patent makes it rust free so worry not if your nearest lake is saline.
The lifetime warranty upon purchase is attached to a $30 shipping and handling fee and gives you an assurance of repairs, servicing sessions and replacement. This feature of the Waterworks-Lamson Guru Fly Reel is to die for. Purchasing it means making a lifetime investment.

Guru did not fail on this one. Its design is on another level. The signature arm design is executive and stylish. If you are a lover of class and style, this is the perfect reel to spend your money on. Bet me your friends by the shore will get jealous.

Effective enough, the drag system is smooth to enhance reliability and convenience even in the longest runs. The seal mechanism used on it offers maximum protection to the system extending its lifespan. If you need the perfect reel that is always at your service, works efficiently and gives you value for your money, get yourself a Waterworks-Lamson Guru Fly Reel.

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