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Redington RISE III Fly Fishing Reel Review

Red hot like burning charcoal balls, Redington a Korean based company is topping the list of reel manufacturers in the world. Incomparable enough, its main aim of spicing the ancient types of reels into a modernized super fishing part has seen the company witness tremendous growth and positive fame.

Leading in the manufacturing industry, Redington’s reels have a unique design unveiling the large arbor that is U-shaped. More to it, the effective drag system is compact enough and made of carbon fiber. Redington RISE III Fly Fishing Reel is light and is among one of the highlights of this reel. Added is its portability when outdoors. Carrying the reel is not exhausting. It can cost an arm and a leg to take part in fly fishing but with the Redington Rise reel, you have a sure bet of a long-lasting investment. Sticking on the first lane, this reel is classy yet very affordable than their rival companies.

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Main Features of the Redington Rise III Fly Reel

Distinctive Design – CNC machined reel features a completely anodized aluminum design having a push button very quick release spool. The drag knob is extra smooth preventing your hand from bruises. Semi-sealed nature of this drag system protects its interior from grit sand and moisture. Impressive porting and the unique U style arbor make for an eye pleasing fly fishing reel.

Exceptional Drag System – The drag system is unique-the cork and Teflon style-is compact and made of carbon fiber to enhance its durability. The drag creates a slip free and consistent pressure all through the adjustment range. Though small in size, the drag is smooth. It is not sealed however so frequent cleaning will be required to keep it in tip-top.

Large Arbor – The line retrieve is quicker and cleaner than any other reel type, thanks to the huge arbor. The reel frame tightly holds the spool to facilitate higher performance of the reel that is free from gaps or lateral slop that can interrupt winding of the line.

Drag Knob – an oversize drag knob allows for easy grip because of the reduced contours. Adjustment is made easier by its extra big size.

Ergonomic HandlesRedington RISE III Fly Fishing Reel minds the state of your hands. The handles are very soft to touch and prevent you from getting bruised while fly fishing. Twin mold aspect adds to its sturdiness and offer maximum strength.

Easy Retrieve Conversion – Allowing for easy change from left to right is easy and with no drama. The conversion process produces a bearable click sound when bringing in the line. Changing direction is fast and uninterrupted due to light resistance.

Reel Case Protector – transporting this fly reel boosts your confidence courtesy of the nylon reel case that protects the entire reel from contacting moisture in case the heavens open on you. Dirt, sand, dust and grit cannot land on the reel either.

Lifetime Warranty at a Cheap Fee – At only $30 the original owner is guaranteed a lifetime warranty covering all their repairs and replacements. Pretty awesome.

Other Aspects Materials and Treatment used

Materials and Treatment – Machined Aluminum is used in the manufacturing of this reel. The finish is later anodized.

Handles – The handles are twin molded to enhance strength during sporting. Soft to the hands, they do not cause bruises that make you uncomfortable during fly fishing.

Drag System – The Redington RISE Fly Fishing Reel features a Cork and Teflon drag system that has been tested to offer salmon stopping power. This drag system is compact enough and creates a consistent and non-slip pressure throughout the entire adjustment range. Two full turns of the knob bring it from off to full drag. The knob is large and easily adjusted on the go.

Capacity – This peculiar reel has a backing capacity of WF8F line with 200 yards. The line weight is 7/8.

• Weight – Generally the Redington RISE III Fly Fishing Reel 7/8 weighs 5.7 ounces inclusive of the backing or fly line. With the line excluded the reel weighs about 5.5 ounces. The 5/6 weights 4.6 oz and the 3/4 is 4oz.

What Customer Thought of the Redington Rise III

The price its worth is more affordable compared to similar reels from different manufacturers.

The variety of colors available is a plus to color sensitive sportsmen.

The general weight of the reel is low making it super light to carry along and work with.

A lifetime warranty at a low fee of $30 boosts your confidence knowing that your repairs are fully catered for.

Pros – What we like

• Huge arbor for quicker line pick up

• Stronger and durable due to aluminum material used

• Relatively cheaper price

• Light in weight

• Unique design

• Nylon reel case for protection during transporting

• Spool’s quick release

• Non-drift drag adjustment allowing you to work longer

• Lifetime warranty at a lower fee

• Adjustable retrieve mode-right or left

Cons – What we don’t like

• Heavier compared to some other reels in the same class

• Higher inertia levels from the drag system

• Some think the spool looks outdated and needs to be redesigned

• Not sealed drag so needs careful cleaning if using in salt or estuaries.

FAQ’s – Questions about the Redington Rise III Fly Fishing Reel

Q) Is the reel’s drag sealed?
A) The reel doesn’t have a sealed drag so after every session of fly fishing, remember to rinse it with fresh tap water to prolong its durability.

Q) Does the reel have a case or cover?
A) Redington provides a well-padded pouch for this reel and you can use it for storage purposes.

Q) How heavy is this reel?
A) The reel weighs 4.6 ounces when empty. This is for size 5/6. There are other lighter reels from Redington.

Q) What is the inertia level of the drag? I don’t want something terrible.
A) The inertia level is a little high making the drag a bit tricky for catching big fish and you cannot use light tippets on it without them breaking.

Q) Can I know the diameter of the reel?
A) The reel has a diameter of 3.2’’

Q) I am color choosy which ones are available to select from?
A) The reel is available in silver, black, amber, and olive.

Q) What type of warranty is available for this reel?
A) The reel comes with a lifetime warranty and at $30 which is lower compared to other brands. Your repairs can be done with ease.

Q) What is the size of the arbor? Is it large?
A) The reel has an ultra-large arbor for making line retrieval quick.

Q) Is the drag knob easily adjustable?
A) The drag knob is designed to be oversize and easily adjustable.

Q) What is the shape of the arbor?
A) The reel has a U-shaped arbor

Q) Are the handles easy on my hand or will I need fishing gloves to avoid getting bruised?
A) The handles are twin-molded, soft to touch and comfortable on your hands. Highly ergonomic and you don’t need any protection whatsoever.

Final Verdict on the Redington Rise III Fly Reel

Glory Glory Redington! The Redington RISE III Fly Fishing Reel is outstanding and has incomparable features that maximize its performance. Construction wise, the quality of the entire reel is top-notch and fully machined. The aesthetic feature from the anodized real will blow your mind away and push you to purchasing it which is a great deal.

Retrieval processes are distinctive with the drag appearing as smooth, consistent and uninterrupted. The semi sealed drag system is selective but doesn’t stop the interior parts from contacting moisture, grit and sand that can lead to screeching or reduced pressure.

Portability is something to brag about this reel. Weighing 5.5 ounces only for the 7/8 weight, this is light enough to carry and match up to most rods. Forget the exhaustion, strain and stress in case you need to trek to the shores.

The lower price is a feature that pulls buyers to it. You wouldn’t want to miss this offer. The money spent on this reel though less, you get value for every dime because Mr. RISE Fly will serve you till eternity. The lifetime warranty is excellent and leaves every customer’s heart knowing that all their repairs and replacements are catered for at a cheap fee of $30 only.

High demand due to its distinct features could make it get out of stock. Worry not. Redington Rise III 5/6 Fly Reel and Redington Rise 7/8 Silver Fly Fishing Reel are in the price range of this master reel. Don’t stop buying. To wrap it all, the unbeatable design, high performance, affordable price, unique physical aspects, incomparably high quality and easy use and maintenance should make you purchase Redington RISE III Fly Fishing Reel for your fly fishing sport. Go sporting like a pro with this chief reel.

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