Hats off to Dr. Bob Smith. Founder and owner of the Smith Optics, the ski bum who hails from Idaho together with his able team have seen the company among the top-rated sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers.

How did he get here?

His love for the outdoors saw him wanting to stay longer on their slopes even when the rest had left for their homes. It didn’t matter to him whether or not the weather conditions were ideal. All thrill seekers globally.

Over 50 years innovating excellent eye wear, Smith is greatly expanding into the realm of superb sunglasses with products like Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses.


The company manufactures sunglasses for all genders and ages.

Start choosing from the polarized feature. If it looks like the dark glasses we wear for fun while going on a stroll, don’t think twice if you are looking for fly fishing sunglasses. Smith has crossed the borders and seemingly is using some of the best and latest technologies here.

The ChromaPop polarization technology which ensures effective glare-cutting and new technology that filters two different wavelengths of light.

The clarity is unbelievable and the vision is clearer than other sunglasses. Combining two technologies does away with color confusion allowing you to see better and increasing the possibilities of anything.

If it has a coating, it will serve you better.

Smith uses the Techlite anti-reflective coating that is also oil and water resistant. More benefits are 100% UV protection. With a hat and a tube of high-grade sunscreen, you have nothing to worry about.

Scratch resistance is 12 times more than what is on polymer lenses. You are losing nothing.

Your vision may already have been affected before deciding to take on fly fishing. Do you stop at that? Even if the rocks appear blurry and a mogul appears to be farther than it really is, there is no need to sacrifice your freedom.

Smith stocks prescription sunglasses for your sport. Most of the time shopping online is traumatizing. It doesn’t have to. Smith Optics has all details streamlined to give you best-in-class shopping experience.

Main Features of the Guides Choice Sunglasses

Lens Material – Smith has the Guides Choice in glass lenses. The alignment of the finest polarized filters is precise.

Lenses are later finished with multi-layer mirror, an Anti-reflective, Hydroleophobic and anti-scratch lens coating. The lenses preserve color perception and have an optimized optical clarity regardless of the condition.

Lens Color – This review is of the copper mirror lens color which is versatile and can be used both offshore and onshore.

Other available lens colors are Blue Mirror, Low Light Ignitor, Ignitor, Green Mirror, Gray, Gray Green, Platinum and Brown.

Nose and Temple Pads – Hydrophilic Megol nose pads fit the wearer’s nose bridge comfortably. Temples are made from the same material as nose pads to give a snug fit behind your ears.

They keep the frames in place. Megol Hydrophilic absorbs moisture easily keeping the frames in their rightful place.

Hinges – Premium and durable hinges allow the temples of the Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses to hug your face gently and give a customized yet comfortable fit.

The internal springs are of World-class craftsmanship and carefully define the hinge mechanism which is well concealed in the temple and creates a broader fit range-medium to large. More is a flawless aesthetic feature that the wearer will love.

Coating – An anti-reflective coating is vacuum applied on the back of the lens to eliminate irritating sidelight reflections. Hydroleophobic coating repels grease, moisture and grime.

It creates a strong barrier between the lenses and the external aspects of nature. Water beads up and disperses without streaking. It is easy to wipe out smudges from fingerprints.

Polarization – Polarization is essential to cut glare off the horizontal surfaces such as water, snow, and asphalt decreasing the depth perception and reducing visual acuity that causes eye fatigue.

Smith aligns the polarized visual layer precisely inside the lenses to filter almost 100% of the visual static to give a finely tuned view of any action.

UV blockage – Smith’s Polarchromic technology works to cut off glare and greatly advanced polarization features have UV sensitivity.

The self-tint adjustment properties allow the lenses to adapt to the dynamic light conditions. You will always get the perfect tint for any amount of light hitting the sunglasses.

Frames – Evolve material frames are basically from a bio-renewable polymer and makes it fit the eco-design strategy of Smith Optics. It naturally offers durability, comfort, and classic design.

The frame sizing is as follows: lens width 61mm, bridge 16mm, temple length 120mm, and lens height is 42mm. available frame colors are Black, Havana, Howler Matte Tortoise, Matte Black and Matte Havana.

Accessories – Retainers aren’t costly but who wouldn’t mind a free or one at a subsidized cost? Smith includes a sunglasses leash in the package to secure the sunglasses to your face regardless of your head movements.

A hard carrying case for storage when the sunglasses aren’t in use. A soft cloth carrying case serves the same purpose as the hard case.

Fit – An 8-base lens curvature ensures that a larger area of your eyes covered and protected from the effects of extreme sunlight.

These frames fit persons of medium to slightly large heads. You can check on the sizing to be sure if it fits you.

Warranty – Smith Optics has built its company on performance and quality and they solely stand behind it. That is the reason for issuing a lifetime warranty on this pair of sunglasses.

In case of defects in workmanship, the manufacturer warrants the glasses and will replace or repair them at no charge. There is more on the repair and replacement policy on their website.

Customer Thoughts on the Guides Choice Sunglasses

Guides Choice are awesome. They are lighter, clearer and have an excellent coverage compared to most sunglasses out there that have a big part of the eye area exposed. If you fish on big freshwater lakes and rivers often, you will love the Smith Optics Guides Choice Sunglasses more.

Wearing these sunglasses takes you to another realm. The stock warranty that comes with this pair is by far better and makes most renowned brands that give lesser warranty duration a less attractive option.

It is a perfect lens for low light. The frames are comfortable if you are in the medium-large size range.

Don’t think about or look for any other option. The Guides Choice is perfect for offshore fishing and flats.

Awesome sunglasses for cloudy days. The polarized lenses cut glare off the water and provide the wearer with maximum eye protection.

The amount of tint is great. Glass lenses have high-quality optics and makes them perfect as an all-round pair if you live in certain areas. The side shielding is superb.

As an avid fly fisherman and a boater, the sunglasses leash comes in handy to keep them in place always. Combination of Photochromatic and polarization make them ideal for use even on snow.

Most sunglasses don’t compare to these ones. Lenses are flawless. You will greatly appreciate the vibrant colors that you see through them and at that price, it is for keeps.

The new style and design are fantastic than the earlier round lenses which didn’t have much coverage. Even if it has a great reception back in 2015, this one beats the former.

Pros – Things that Shine on the Guides Choice

  • Premium Italian spring hinges
  • Highly polarized Techlite lenses
  • Durable evolve frames
  • 8-base lens curvature for wide coverage
  • Medium-large fit
  • Hydroleophobic and anti-reflective lenses
  • Hydrophilic temple and nose pads
  • 100% UV protection
  • 13-20% light transmission
  • Unisex sunglasses


Cons – Things