NRS Chinook Fly Fishing Vest PFD Review 2019 – A Blend of Safety and Storage

‘’Drowning.’’ The thought of it makes many tremble in fear. What if you drown and there is nothing or no one to your rescue? Death. Advancement in technology has seen a few manufacturers producing safety jackets, life jackets, and PFDs like the NRS Chinook Fishing PFD. This personal flotation device is the single most vital piece of outdoor safety gear.

Especially when fly fishing or kayaking. As this one plays a major role in safety gear, with anglers in mind it doubles as a great fishing vest. Honing in on a good fly fishing PFD that is a blend of safety and storage can be daunting with the wide variety available in the market to choose from.

It is easy to get away with any PFD of your choice as long as it fits well and has certification by the US Coast Guard. You need to know that most of the personal flotation devices are majorly for recreational boating. Their downside is that their inactiveness and limit of freedom of movement. You know you need flexibility and maneuverability to cast a rod or paddle a kayak.

Investing in the right fly fishing PFD is well worth it, it doesn’t matter if you are a serious angler or not. Usually, there are five categories of PFDs and the Chinook falls under the ‘TYPE III PFD’. This means that the wearer gets a full range of motion when casting or paddling.