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Cortland Precision 15 Foot Ghost Tip Fly Line Review – Stealth and Precision

Cortland is a famous name among anglers because of its durable fly fishing gear and products. This company has been in this business since 1915 and seems to be growing stronger and bigger each year. What drives them into remaining focused is experience and passion. They develop the most advanced fly lines you can find in the market.

All fly lines from Cortland including the Cortland Precision 15 Ghost Tip Fly Line have been designed using the latest technology. Cortland developed the technologies to ensure fly lines are high performing, durable and exceed the user’s expectations.

Precision 15 comes in different sizes ranging from size 5 to size 9. You can choose your size and feel free to experiment with other sizes. If you live in an area with salty water, this Ghost Tip fly line is the ideal choice. It never fails in its floating function as a sub-surface fly line.

Cortland Ghost Tip Trout Fly Line
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Main Features of the Cortland Precision Ghost Tip Fly Line

Profile – This fly line is a longer version of the Precision Ghost 5 ft tip intermediate fly line and the sub-surface ghost tip gives anglers extra length between his fly and the mint green fly line translating to longer casting distances.

Welded Loops – Precision 15 Ghost Tip has neatly folded welded loops that are durable on both ends of the fly line-the front and back. This is more convenient and ensures that the energy transfer from the line to the leader is very efficient resulting in better turnovers.

Value for Money Top End Product – For its price, it is definitely a top end product that is worth every dime spent on it. From its engineering techniques to its durability, the fly line outdoes itself and can last many years. Spending this much on it is a worthy investment.

Special Technologies – Cortland designed this fly line with the Durasilk formulation. The technology adds to the durability of the line and improves its performance while in water.

General Fly Line – Precision fly lines from Cortland are designed for both amateurs and experts. With the advanced performance and simplicity of the line, there isn’t anything technical about handling it. They can use it for practice and experts for fly fishing contests.

Line Specifications – The line has a total dimension of 90 feet like other standard fly lines. The head has a measurement of 9 feet. The middle section measures 18 feet and the running line has a total length of 63 feet. Since it comes in different sizes, you can choose whichever is best for your fly fishing needs.

Sink Tip – 15 Ghost Tip fly line has a sink tip that is slow and clear.it ensures the floating line remains afloat. The colored line is visible from afar. The tip provides a sink rate of about 1.5 to 2 IPS.

Dimensions of the Ghost Tip Fly Line

Line AspectResult
Total Length90 ft
Head Length37 ft
Belly Length17 ft
Running Line Length53 ft
Taper ProfileFront Loading
LoopsBoth Ends 
Sizes AvailableWF5-10

Customer Thoughts on the Cortland Ghost Tip

  • The Cortland Precision 15 Ghost Tip Fly Line casted well for distance and the nymphing and dry fly fishing experiences are not worth comparing. It definitely is a performer.
  • Welded loops on it are neatly folded and durable. It has never been easier to attach leaders like when using this line. Even after using it for several months, the loops still look new and looks like they will last longer.
  • Like other lines have coil memory, this one doesn’t. There isn’t any need for stretching to cast properly. One of the best lines so far.
  • The performance of the fly line is worth its price. No complaints about spending more just to get a line that can serve you longer and with no issues at all.
  • The sink tip design is amazing and makes sure the fly line remains floating. Cortland did a great job on this line.
  • The fly line’s presentation in shallow salty water is great and stealthy. No much effort needed during fly fishing.
  • Getting an excellent fly line for salty water environments seemed difficult until Cortland released this gem. There is nothing better than knowing a fly fishing session is to start in a few minutes.
  • Generally, the line is made with high-quality microfilament core that adds to its durability.

Cortland Precision 15’ Ghost Tip Fly Line (WF10FI)
  • A clear, 15’ intermediate tip line that’s ideal for fishing lake depths from 5 to 15 feet.
  • Clear Tip / Mint Green
  • Tip Sink Rate: 1.25 – 1.75 IPS
  • 90’

Pros – Things we like about the Ghost Tip

  • Excellent line visibility
  • Well-folded welded loops on both ends
  • Durable construction
  • Standard length of the line
  • Casts well for distance
  • Great for streaming and nymphing
  • Floats very well
  • A saltwater fly line
  • Used by both beginners and experts

Cons – Things not so good

  • The fly line is designed with the Tropic plus Ghost Tip that limits it to shallow salty waters.

FAQ’s – Questions about the Cortland Precision 15 Ghost Tip Fly Line

Q) What is the tip sink rate of this fly line?
A) This fly line has a sink rate of 1.5-2.0 IPS at the tip.

Q) Since the tip sinks, is it’s a sinking or a floating line?
A) It is a floating line only that the 15-foot tip keeps the line far back from your leader.

Q) Can I use this fly line in saltwater?
A) Yes, the line is usable in saltwater.

Q) How many loops are on the fly line? How are they made?
A) The line has two loops- one on the front and the other at the back. The loops are welded.

Q) Is this line good for distance?
A) This fly line casts well for distance.

Q) Can nymph and dry fly fishing be done with this fly line?
A) Yes. The line performs well with nymphs and dry flies.

Q) Does the line have coil memory like a few I have used before?
A) No. There have been no instances of the line needing to be stretched for it to cast well.

Q) What depth can it go in saltwater?
A) The line is very shallow in saltwater because of the technology used in the tip called the Tropic Plus technology.

Q) Can the line hack fishing in extremely windy evenings?
A) There is no doubt here because its clear tip will allow you to cut back the leader to give the most accurate presentations while making sure you don’t spook the fish.

Q) What is the length of the fly line? Is it of the standard length?
A) The fly line measures 90 feet which is the standard length for fly lines.

Q) How is the fly line’s performance in Stillwater?
A) Undisputedly well and seems to be the best unlike in other waters.

Final Verdict on the Cortland Ghost Tip Fly Line

If you are an angler and have never tried this Ghost Tip fly line from Cortland, then you are missing out on some of the best things of life. The fly line is designed for saltwater environments thanks to the Tropic plus Ghost Tip that allows for functionality in shallow water.

If you love streaming and nymphing in rivers, streams and Stillwater, then this is the best fly line you should get. You will love its performance.

Cortland’s expertise in designing fly lines has made many anglers love it. Sometimes the products run out of stock in online shops and you might not get a chance to get any. Their demand is very high.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should drop the idea of shopping for a great fly line. There are a few alternative saltwater fly lines that you can select from that are within the price range of this one from Cortland.

If you spot Scientific Anglers Mastery Saltwater Taper Floating Weight Forward Fly Fishing Line, Rio General Purpose Saltwater Fly Line, or Cortland Precision Tropic plus All Purpose Taper Fly Line feel free to choose from any. Their performances are great just like that of the Cortland Precision 15 Ghost Tip Fly Line. You will get value for money with every cast you make.

Fly lines need good care and proper maintenance to make them last longer. Sometimes they may collect scum, oil, and sand and dirt particles and for floating lines, this might interfere with their floating functions. Making an effort to clean them after a good fly fishing session will do it better as it continues to be loyal and serve you.

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