Product Features


Wifi up to 100m, castable, mountable, fast transfer speed

Build Quality

Robust sphere will take a bit of rough treatment


There are many fish finders on the market for twice the price and not nearly as good.


Overall, we have to say this sonar is worth more than the actual price that we see it on sale for.

A bit about the Deeper Pro Plus

The manufacturers behind the Deeper Pro+ are none other than Deeper UAB which is a Lithuanian company that designs, develops and produces up to date electronic devices for sports and outdoor activities. The products that it manufactures are now retailed in over 50 countries globally.

Their first product was smart wireless sonar for anglers’ which is praised for revolutionizing fishing and consequently received various awards and prevalent applause from the angling community.

The Deeper fish finder manufacturers are also official members of American Sport fishing Association (ASA) and The European Fishing Tackle Trade Association (EFTTA).

They are regularly seen at numerous events and exhibitions such as China Fish, ICAST, CES and EFTEX .

Some of the important awards that the Deeper Manufacturer has won include the CES 2016 for the award of the Best of Innovation in Wireless Handset Accessory category, and also another award of AFTA which was the Best Fishing or Boating Accessory and Fish Alaska Editor’s Choice.

The manufacturer is also behind the Deeper Fish finder mobile app which has now become prevalent among numerous anglers globally and at present, it is the most prominent and sought after fish finder app with several hundred thousand downloads on Google Play and App Store.

What is Deeper Smart Sonar Pro Plus?

It is an intellectual sonar apparatus which is sphere-shaped. It is portable enough to fit in a back pocket and is also light by weight since it is approximately weighing 100 grams which makes it light enough to cast with most fishing rods.

It uses Wi-Fi connection to transmit much more precise data to a smartphone or tablet. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ also comprises of a GPS receiver which is exceedingly accurate and functions by facilitating the device to create bathymetric maps while fishing onshore and offshore as well.

This therefore makes the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ the sole existing castable echo sounder that lets the user get access to precise data and fish finding characteristics and features which were in the past, only accessible on the comforts of boat-mounted consoles that were quite costly.

It has superior scanning frequency proficiencies which in point of fact enable the device to capture faster moving objects and the scanning resolution measures smallest of objects.

Key Features

The Deeper Pro Plus has some really great features that actually make it stand out as an advanced fish finding piece of equipment. The key features of this tool include:

1. Wireless Wi-Fi connection

The wireless connectivity is beneficial whereby a Wi-Fi internet connection or mobile data at your fishing point will not be necessary since the Deeper device has an internal Wi-Fi access point that is meant to be connected to a smartphone or a tablet. Wi-Fi range reaches up to 330ft/100 m.

Furthermore, the Wi-Fi connection allows the user be able to make the most of both the distance between the Deeper Pro + and the device user and the accuracy of data transferred to the user’s tablet or smartphone device.

2. Higher Scanning Capabilities

PRO+ has extensive water clarity and it is complete with advanced scanning resolution and a protracted 8 times dynamic range that correspondingly enables the capture of smaller underwater components and allows a much more precise discovery of those matters. Moreover, it can also be used to track objects that are of extreme depth .

It has scanning capabilities of 2 feet by 0.5 meters up to 260 feet by 80 meters allowing the user to be able to fish in a variability of differently sized water areas. This makes it possible to use the Pro Plus in different types of water environment from the streams and ponds to large lakes.

3. Interior GPS Receiver

The Deeper PRO Plus comprises of a high precision interior GPS receiver that allows the user to be able to map the bottom most contour features in the water and the fishing areas by creating bathymetric maps while still fishing onshore.

This feature enables the user to be able to observe the environments beneath the water and also of the whole fishing site to decide the best prospect for the most favorable fish bite.

4. Bathymetric Mapping

With the Deeper Pro Plus, all the bathymetric mapping may be documented and retrieved at any particular time to expand the efficiency of choosing the fishing location, which then enables the user to create components of unrestricted information and development the user’s own considerably exact maps.

It can also be used for navigation when using a boat in a watery and wild topography. The offline maps are typically characterized by the underwater investigation and steering.

5. Color Mode

There is an assortment of colors to choose from gauging the best appropriate screen color mode consistent to the period and brightness of day. Generally, the color screen mode of the day and night encompasses heightened color palette intended precisely to surge target split up and cause the reduction of the und