Redington Crosswater Breathable Chest Wader Review 2019 – Popular Entry-Level Choice

Do you know how it feels to step on red hot charcoal with bare feet? Excruciating, right? The reverse happens if you land your hands on Redington apparel, especially their selection of breathable waders. The experience is beyond expectation and keeps blowing you more surprises with each wading session.

Just like the Palix and Sonic Pro, the Redington Crosswater Wader is a perfect example of affordability, great workmanship, functionality, and durability. The Crosswater has strived to live up to the brand’s reputation hence the immense love from anglers from all corners.

No one objects to other types of weathers but breathable waders rank first on best fly fishing waders for comfort and performance. Whether you plan on angling in summer or winter, breathability is a crucial aspect to consider as you make your choice. Neoprene might serve you well but not better than what the likes of HDZ and Sonic Dry would.

Polyester as the main material used in construction results in very lightweight and packable waders. Surprisingly, they need very little room for storage. It is a bonus to you if you plan on combing bushes along the streams or hiking to your fishing hole. Above the 3-layer fabric construction, Redington uses the Durable Water Repellent finish (DWR) which is a fluoropolymer treatment that prevents the entry of moisture but allows has moisture-wicking properties to leave you cool, dry, and warm.


Flat Boots for Boat Fishing

If you are a fly fisherman who has ventured out on the lake or lough in a boat you will know that from time to time you will get caught in a deluge of rain with little or no protection. This is why most experienced anglers will purchase good quality waterproof clothing.

These can come as a bib and brace set, a waterproof jacket and a hat. Another addition to these items is the need for good quality footwear as getting about in a boat can be tricky especially if there is chop on the water. It is for this reason this post is written to talk about flat boots for boat fishing.

Breathable waders for boat fishing are you sure?

As part of the waterproof clothing setup a lot of fly fishermen have gone for wearing a pair of waders which are waterproof and can keep you comfortable during cold wet days.  There are many options in waders and a pair or breathable chest waders are ideal. The pros and cons for wearing breathable waders can be found here.

Flat Boots for Boat Fishing


Breathable Stocking Foot Wader Accessories

If you have read my page on the benefits of breathable waders you will most likely be thinking about purchasing a pair. Waders are important, and accessories are available that make wearing them more comfortable. There are a few things that I would say are essential and others that just add to the experience. We will discuss breathable stocking foot wader accessories and you can decide if you need them or not.

breathable chest wader

Wading boot are required for stocking foot breathable waders and come in various forms. The main type difference is the sole. Over the years different sole materials have been used to help the fly fishing angler keep grip on the wet mossy rocks on a river bed which can be ridiculously slippery. One of the earlier types was felt sole which worked very well but had the tendency to become detached from the boots after several months of wear.

Felt soles now banned, well almost!


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