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HARDY Ultralite MA Fly Fishing Reel – When you need extra capacity

England based company, Hardy, specifically located in Alnwick has been in existence since 1872. Starting up as a small shop, its engineering team has been able to manifest incomparable prowess in crafting its reels. Hard enough from its name HARDY’ translates to the durability of fishing tools and accessories by this company. Who wants to buy a brittle reel and later incur a loss? When we talk of value for every dime spent, we mean it after you purchase the HARDY Ultralite MA Reel.

Aesthetics go hand in hand with excellent performance that is why this titanium fly reel will keep you in style always. The finish makes its gloss last longer while still looking classy. With the rise of many reel manufacturing companies, so many products have flooded the current market leaving you spoilt for choice. Keep in mind that counterfeits aren’t history yet. Trust reels from HARDY to make your sporting experiences the best.

Hardy Ultralite Fly Fishing Reel

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Main Features and Specifications of the Hardy Ultralite

Environmental tolerance – Whether fresh, salt or warm water, HARDY Ultralite MA Fly Reel’s performance is at its best. In this HARDY Ultralite MA Fly Reel Review, you will conclude that this feature is made possible by the aluminum construction on this reel.

Drag system – The disc drag system is color-coded for easy precision settings and for faster recognition. Adjusting the drag strength is done according to the color. Good news is that you only need to adjust the drag a little and it only takes few clicks to determine if you drag is loose or tight unlike reels from other brands where you may have to turn completely 360 degrees or more.

Lightweight – Depending on the size you intend to purchase, all reels are very light in weight allowing you to cast quickly and make your experience less of a burden. Size 3/4/5 weighs 4.8 ounces, size 5/6/7 weighs 5.3 ounces, size 6/7/8 weighs 5.6 ounces, size 8/9/10 weighs 9 ounces and size 10/11/12 weighs 9.8 ounces.

Arbor design – Mid-arbor design employed on this reel allows for greater line and backing capacity. Unfortunately, reels with large arbors can’t accommodate a similar backing capacity. The mid arbor creates a perfect retrieval rate for the spool and changing direction from left to right or either way is smooth and uninhibited.

Two-tone anodizing – Double anodizing treatment on the aluminum is done with a titanium finish. This is for aesthetics and to enhance the durability of the reel. Anodizing prevents the reel from rusting and boosts its ability to withstand any waters – fresh, salty, cold or warm.

Material and design – Aluminum is the major metal used in crafting the HARDY Ultralite MA Fly Reel. The CADD industrial design used on it is beautiful and the unrelenting and precise bar stock 6061 aluminum construction with a double anodized reel with titanium finish makes it look executive.

Spool release – Designed for a captive spool release, you can easily change lines making it possible to switch in line density and make good use of the pool you are fishing.

Material and Treatment that make the Hardy Ultralite

Treatment – The material used on the entire reel is aluminum. Anodizing was done in two tones to ensure the reel remains strong and lasts longer. Titanium finish makes the reel look striking and able to withstand all environmental conditions you expose it to.

Drag system – Disc drag system is coded with color for quick recognition and precision when making adjustments. The color coding system allows you to determine if your drag is tight or lose within a couple of clicks.

Capacity – This reel type depending on the size and the line weight has a different backing capacity. For size 3/4/5 the capacity is DT4/55 yards, size 4/5/6 is DT6/85 yards, size 6/7/8 is DT7/140 yards, size 8/9/10 is DT9/150 yards and size 10/11/12 is DT11/160 yards.

Weight – Still light in weight compared to other brands, this reel has varied weights depending on the size. Size 3/4/5 weighs 4.8 ounces, size 5/6/7 weighs 5.3 ounces, size 6/7/8 weighs 5.6 ounces, size 8/9/10 weighs 9 ounces and size 10/11/12 weighs 9.8 ounces.

Customer Thoughts on the Hardy Ultralite Fly Reel

Just like its name Ultralite, this reel is extremely light in weight making casting less tiring and more fun.

Line retrieval is quick and uninhibited due to the mid-sized arbor.

You can use this reel when catching bigger fish especially the larger sizes great for Salmon Pike and Tarpon.

Its ergonomics are up to standard and the finish gives it an expensive look yet its price is affordable.

Some view the anodized titanium finish as too bright when fishing on sunny days because the intense brightness scares away fish.

Pros – Things we liked

  • Lightweight
  • Mid-sized arbor
  • Disc drag system that is color coded
  • Quick spool release
  • Faster retrieval rate
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Double tone anodization
  • Titanium finish

Cons – Things not so good

  • The titanium finish is intensely bright on sunny days and can scare away fish.

FAQ’s – Questions about the Hardy Ultralite MA Fly Fishing Reel

Q) Do the Ultralite MA fly reels have an anti-reverse feature?
A) No, the reels do not have anti-reverse features

Q) What is the size of the arbor?
A) This one has a mid-arbor design to ensure high line capacity

Q) What is the type of drag used on this reel?
A) Ultralite MA fly reels have color coded disc drag systems.

Q) Which is the size of the lightest reel and how much does it weigh?
A) The lightest reel size is 3/4/5 and weighs 4.80oz.

Q) Is the drag easily adjustable?
A) Yes, you can set the drag at any position you want very easily and you can do this by flipping the knob

Q) Which kinds of tapers can this reel host?
A) This reel can host different kinds of speciality tapers most of them being those designed for shooting the large flies to pike, steelhead and distant salmon.

Q) What is the gear ratio of this reel?
A) The gear ratio is 1:0:1

Q) How many turns does it take to adjust the drag?
A) Unlike other reels that need turns, this one doesn’t. It is adjustable by a couple of clicks.

Q) What are the line specifications for this reel?
A) The line needs to be between 3 and 12 weight

Q) What ranges in weight does the Ultralite MA reels come in?
A) The weight will depend on the size but generally range from 4.8oz for the smallest size to 9.8oz for the biggest size.

Q) What is the backing capacity for reel size 7?
A) Reel size 7/8 has a backing of 140yds 20lb

Q) What is the primary use of this fly reel? Can I use it for trout fishing?
A) The fly reel is an all-purpose one and is not limited to any style or technique, so yes you can use it for trout.

Final Verdict – Is the price tag worth the extra capacity?

Bragging of being very light in weight, HARDY Ultralite MA Fly Reel should be your all-time fishing partner. It is easier for you to switch out spools and change fly lines quickly. The disc drag system is coded with color for easy recognition and for precision during adjustment. The fact that determining the tension of your drag is done within a few clicks is a feature you will love.

Count on its durability because of the aluminum construction used in crafting the tool. It can last a millennium and over with good maintenance. Simply rinse off any dirt, sand, grit or mud with clean water and store it in a cool dry place. The double tone anodization process is a bonus to the aesthetics of this reel and to prolong its lifespan. With this done, the reel has a high environmental tolerance ability regardless of what temperatures and conditions you expose it to when outdoors.

We all love free things. HARDY is pleased to give you something for free. To the original owner of the reel, there is an unconditional lifetime warranty on the reel. In the event of any repairs or replacements, feel free to drop the reel at the manufacturers.

In our opinion the Hardy MADD Mid Arbor Disc Drag Fly Reel is worth every penny. Precision engineering with a price tag that will not break the bank.

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