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Orvis Encounter Fly Fishing Combo Review – Budget Friendly

When we talk of the crème de la crème in the fly fishing industry, Orvis remains a common name here. There are thousands of anglers who like spotting the Orvis label in almost every fly fishing equipment and gear like the one in this Orvis Encounter Fly Combo Review. What else does this mean if not a good reputation and high-quality products that are exceedingly performing? The family company began ten decades ago and from the look of things, it is unshakable to date. Full of zeal and determination to offer utmost satisfaction to all its customers.

The Encounter Fly Combo is an excellent combination that a novice in fly fishing can use to hone their skills to the expert level. Count on it for durability and greater performance. It works perfectly and even better than other outfit combos in its price category. Something every amateur should smile about. Right?

Orvis Encounter Fly Combo
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Main Features of the Orvis Encounter Fly Combo

The Orvis Encounter Fly Outfit comprises of fly rod blank with a graphite construction, an Encounter reel and a weight-forward trout fly fishing line with backing and leader that is professionally rigged and excellent to load flies. Read on to get more on this combo.

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Key Features

4 Piece Rod – The rod is at a full 9 feet length that is subdivided into 4 short pieces.

Protection – There is a cordura case with this rod but does not encase the reel and that is unfortunate but you can pick up one to carry your rod and reel combined which is the case with many combo on our list.

Material – Encounter Fly Rod is made of a graphite material which renders durable for fly fishing and makes the combo ideal for very powerful casts in big water bodies.

General Construction – The tip has plenty of flex and is more comfortable in almost everything from placing your dry flies to slinging heavy streamers.

Specification Range –  8,6ft 5, 9ft 5, 9ft 6, 9,6ft 6, 10ft 7, 9ft 8

Orvis Encounter Fly Reel Key Features

Drag System – the disc drag system is very powerful and provide utmost resistance to the revolving reel spool that slows the fly line’s speed as it is taken off the reel by the running fish.

Large Arbor – A large arbor on the reel is responsible for retrieving the line faster and helps in keeping the line free from memory coiling.

Drag Knob – The reel has a positive click drag knob which is necessary for consistent settings at all times. Conversions to the right or left hand are easy.

Orvis Encounter Fly Line Key Features

Weight Forward Line – Orvis Encounter WF line is designed to be heavier by a half size and makes loading the rod a very easy affair, you are guaranteed to cast large flies and can easily handle the wind.

Head Construction – The head is made to be compact and this makes energy transfer more efficient, loading the rod at a closer distance, throwing tighter loops and turning over flies.

Other Aspects of the Orvis Encounter Fly Combo

Main Materials – The fly rod is made of graphite material for durability and to allow for easy sectioning into the four pieces. You can be sure it’s soft to touch. Its reel seat is made from anodized aluminum to withstand the different environmental conditions.

Handles – The full wells handle has an excellent grip and has a very pleasing shape and the quality of the cork is very modest, some figuring and filling.

Rod Length – Quite a good length. The rod, depending on the combo type comes in different length but the one in this Orvis Encounter Fly Combo Review is a 9 feet 5 weight and is a punch for amateurs who want to scale to becoming pros. Do not turn down fishing sessions in saltwater environments just make sure to clean with fresh water afterwards.

Drag System – A disc drag system is a predominant style and is used by many manufacturers to make great reels. Disc drag systems have excellent resistance capabilities as the reel spool revolves and puts the fly line’s speed in check.

Capacity – This fly fishing combo has a capacity of 150 yards of WF5 Fly Line 20lb.

Weight – The Orvis Encounter Fly Combo has a weight of 117.4 grams which is very lightweight and makes your fly fishing sessions less tiring. You can go on for as long as you want.

Consumer Thoughts on Orvis Encounter Combo

A beginner’s favorite combo package that comes at an affordable price. However, its performance beats the price. Superb!

In areas with water that is salty, the reel seat might under-perform because not being anodized. Corrosion and rust are what you will notice if not completely cleaned after use.

The combo is very light in weight and you can find yourself overcasting which is not a bad thing as such.

A great combo for the beginner not wanting to spend a lot of money to get into the sport of fly fishing.  Will take a good deal of abuse without faltering.

A superb always ready for action, keep it in the truck setup for beginners or intermediates alike.

Plastic reel let the setup down, not everyone’s cup of tea.

Probably the best startup combo out there!

Pros- Things that shine on the Encounter Combo!

  • A budget fly fishing combo
  • Durable construction in any environment
  • Lightweight outfit
  • 4-piece set with reel, rod, line, leader, and backing

Cons- Things that are not so cool!

  • Doesn’t come with a combined case for the fly rod and reel
  • Fly reel is plastic and not cast aluminium
  • No warranty but replacements can be purchased separately if broken.

FAQ’s – Questions about the Encounter Combo

Q) What kind of warranty is on the Encounter combo?
A) There is no warranty as the combo is priced at a very competitive price warranty was not included. However spare parts are cheap enough to replace so if you break a section go back to Orvis for a replacement.

Q) How long is the broken down rod for transportation?
A) The rod length when broken down is just under 32 inches. Small enough to travel on an aircraft.

Q) What is the action of the rod and do you need to be a good caster to use?
A) The Encounter rods have a medium to fast action, perfect for all-rounder use especially nymphing and streamer fishing.

Q) What is the reel made from I hear plastic?
A) The reel is made from composite plastic and very strong, it will take loads of knocks without a problem. The drag is not sealed but metal disc drag so cannot be used on the coastal shoreline of saltwater unless completely cleaned after every use. Would be OK for freshwater though. Ideal for the beginner starting out.

Q) Does the reel come with a spare spool?
A) No there is no spare spools for the reel. You can get spare reels from Orvis if required but there are other higher quality reels on the market with spare spools which are much better for long life usage.

Q) What color is the fly fishing line?
A) The fly line is mint green.

Q) I prefer the reel to be right handed is it easily changeable?
A) The reel is easily changed for left to right by simply flipping the bearing however the line is already spooled on so it all needs to be wound off and re-spooled in the other direction to complete the change. If you want this down for you some of the sellers can do it or Orvis even have some set up for right handed reeling so make this point in your buying notes.

Q) What size is the rod case exactly?
A) Its 2 1/2″ in diameter and almost 32 ” long.

Final Verdict – A Combo for Beginners but is it worth the Price?

Fly fishing is a sport that you need to invest in to make your experiences better with every cast. Investing doesn’t have to scare you. Especially for amateurs, they are easily shaken by the high prices of fly combos. Here is a budget-friendly combo that is more than its worth. You will love how lightweight the combo is. From humping it to your fishing spot and to the actual sport. This is the main reason why anglers who own this combo spend more hours at the water.

It can get disappointing when you go shopping for the Orvis Encounter Outfit and find it out of stock. We have a few alternatives that are appealing and have good performance too. Check out the Orvis Clearwater 5wt 9ft Fly Rod Combo, Redington Path Fly Combo, Wild Waters Fly Fishing combo, and the Scientific Anglers 5-6 Trout Fly Fishing Outfit.

From this Orvis Encounter Fly Combo Review, you can agree that this outfit will be the perfect choice for any beginner looking to have an incomparable experience in fly fishing. Definitely more than value for money.

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