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Double Haul Fly Casting Instruction

In our last post we discovered how to perform the single haul which can be either in the back cast or forward cast to improve casting distance or help in difficult windy conditions. Now we are going to take it one step further and put the two hauls into one cast to create double haul

Single Haul Fly Casting

Once you have mastered the basic fly overhead cast and the roll cast the next stage in the process is to learn how to add a haul to the cast to give it extra distance. This haul can be added in the back cast or the front cast, both will give extra load and line

Roll Cast Fly Fishing

Once you have gotten used to the basic overhead fly fishing cast the next one to work on is the roll cast. The roll cast has been a favorite of river anglers for many years as it allows you to cast out your flies without the need to perform the backward cast before hand. This

Fly Fishing Casting Basics

When people look at a skilled fly fishing angler they are usually amazed at how they are able to manipulate the fly line into tight loops and cast flies across a stretch of water to feeding fish. Most are put off learning the sport for fear of it being too hard to learn, others are

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